IT solutions for long-term care homes to ease LTC operations, collaboratively performed by DOC, physicians, nurses, pharmacies

Refine the way you treat residents, store their medical history, and utilize it to actualize
‘quality care’. Empower DOC, physicians, nurses, RN, RPN, and pharmacies with a
virtual healthcare solution to reduce time, avoid human errors, save patient’s data,
and look after them productively.

We’ve got you covered for every single IT requirement you have!

End-user devices to add & access patient data and be in the loop

Virtual healthcare Software to optimize and standardize LTC cycle

IT services to set up secure storage and Internet infrastructure

IT consultation to address specific IT challenges with right technologies

24/7 managed IT support services to avoid system downtime

Forming a result-oriented alliance with industry-leaders

Technologizing the long-term care homes to set paper-based processes free and to deliver in-house digitalized care

By keeping challenges long-term care homes and healthcare professionals such as DOC, physicians, nurses, RN, RPN, and pharmacies are facing, we’ve curated a set of IT services and engineered an IT solution.

IT solution for long-term care homes and clinicians working in it with residents

Writi, a revolutionary product for virtual healthcare, optimizes the workflow of clinicians. With its groundbreaking features such as online prescription, patient listing, patients’ medical history, automatic eFax of prescription to pharmacies, and digital bundle, clinicians can track each resident, his medical history, and prescriptions to standardize and enrich the senior care.

IT services to support IT solution in long-term care homes

Our mastership in purposeful IT services enables long-term care homes to give secure storage and Internet access to clinicians working in it. Without secure storage and Internet access, any IT solution you employ does not let clinicians derive maximum benefits.

Cloud set up and maintenance

Store and access patient and business data securely. In case of data loss, recover the lost data within minutes.

Requirement check


Create VPN to connect your more than one facility securely. Deploy router and firewall to access fast and safe Internet and put an end to slow application response rate. To avoid downtime, we actively monitor the deployed IT infrastructure. Following are some other IT pains we look after, brilliantly.

  • Desktop style Server
  • Separate wiring for computers and IP phone system
  • Set up VLANs
  • Data Migration
Planning and Designing


Deploy zero-trust-security model with IT security tools to isolate the crucial data and your network from unauthorized users.

Front end Development

IT support services to never cutoff digitalized LTC operations

We make sure our deployed IT solutions and IT services work around-the-clock. And if they encounter any error, we ensure to solve it within hours. We also train your staff to get everything out of our deployed IT solution and IT services.

IT consultation service to guide you on IT solutions and IT technologies

Solve every query you have regarding the most suitable IT solutions and IT technologies to modernize your long-term care home. Our consultation team having many years of experience addresses your query with a goal-centric approach and drafts the road map to help you achieve your goals.

Enhancing long-term care tenfold by providing at least two features to top 5 stakeholders involved in LTC

It is simple math. If we provide at least 2 features to the top 5 stakeholders and they utilize these features perfectly, the LTC output can automatically be improved tenfold.

DOC (Director of Care)

From the single dashboard, the Director of Care can view all tasks or to-do performed by nurses and physicians. The Director Of Care can also contact nurses or physicians to get more information on ongoing or completed long-term care operations.


Nurses can view the prescription and medical history of each patient. They can also add the resident or patient in the list.


Physicians can arrange a televisit with patients through nurses. They can also write the prescription after checking the medical history of the patients.


Pharmacies get eFax of prescription written by the physicians. They can any time call long-term care homes from the virtual healthcare solution itself to get further information if needed.

Long-term care home (itself)

Long-term care homes can enable other stakeholders involved in LTC to access secure Internet and add data at a safe place.

FAQs related our healthcare IT solution for long-term care homes in Canada

How effective is your IT solution for a long-term care home in Canada?

We have engineered the solution for long-term care homes by keeping the challenges of healthcare professionals working in long -term care homes in mind. Because of this, our solution solves their problems and lets them enrich the LTC operations dramatically.

What are the differences between your healthcare IT solution and healthcare IT services?

Both are different things. Healthcare IT solution which actualizes virtual healthcare is the mobile app that runs on your mobile phone or tablet. Whereas, healthcare IT services which include networking, cloud and security services that let you run the app and store data securely, without any interruption.

I want a consultation to address my IT challenges in the long-term care home. Can you provide it to me?

Yes, we provide an insightful and goal-centric consultation where we make you familiar with the possible solutions for the challenge you are facing and which solution is the best one for you.

Who provides us with your IT services?

Through our trusted vendors, we, SyS Creations, provide you with our IT services.

Whom should we contact if we encounter any error?

We form a dedicated support team for you. You can anytime contact this team if you encounter an error.

I want to set up the Internet connectivity at my long-term care home. Can you help me with it?

We know the basic need of every organization. Thus, we have included the service to set up Internet connectivity in our core services. To make the Internet connection secure, we even offer security services.