PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant virtual healthcare solution in Canada to bring about digitalized long-term care homes

Truly modernize the long-term care homes by storing resident data online, letting
clinicians (DOC, RN, RPN, physicians) access that data, sending prescriptions
automatically to pharmacies, and connecting residents with doctors remotely
through a single virtual healthcare solution.

To change the output, we change the way clinicians perform LTC operations.

Our virtual healthcare solution, Writi - Experience ‘quality care’ and ‘connected care’, at the same time

We have engineered Writi with an ambition to let you experience quality care and connected care - the two basic criteria to evaluate how cutting-edge your healthcare facility is!

We have targeted the challenges of every healthcare professional working in long-term care homes by accommodating groundbreaking features for each of them.

These features enable them to put an end to time-consuming paper-based processes and look after residents digitally and more efficiently.

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Forming a result-oriented alliance with industry-leaders

Groundbreaking features of our virtual healthcare solution

Though our virtual healthcare solution -Writi- has all features of telemedicine app, it isn’t the telemedicine app. Writi is beyond it. It streamlines all LTC operations and not only a remote patient care like a telemedicine app.


Easy sign-in and sign-up options to let users use the app by adding the least possible details.


A multi-factor authentication feature keeps unauthorized users away from getting access to the app even if they know the password.

Residents’ medical history

A feature-packed home screen from where nurses and physicians can access the list of residents, medical & other information of each resident, and arrange the televisit.

Online prescription

Physicians can write the e-prescription. Nurses can also write the prescription but not without the instructions of physician. The system automatically saves prescription in the digital bundle and also sends it to pharmacy through eFax.


Nurses can schedule a televisit of the patients with physicians.

Note during televisit

Physicians can write notes during the televisit.

Televisit history

Nurses can view all past and upcoming televisits of the residents. They can reschedule it or cancel it with a single click.

Up-market features - ‘rare’ in others, ‘common’ in ours!

There isn’t ‘cost-cutting’ when it comes to the life of the people! Regardless of the complexity, we have integrated all features in our virtual healthcare solution which are rare in others but very common in ours.

Residents’ medical history

Imagine how effectively a physician can write the prescription of the resident if he has easy access to all historic prescriptions and historic medical data of that resident!

Work report of nurses

In Writi, DOC can track all tasks or to-do performed by nurses from the single dashboard. Without this feature, DOC’s most easy job - surveillance - becomes the most challenging one!

OHIP billing codes

Our solution supports OHIP billing codes and so, physicians can easily submit the claim with the appropriate "Fee Schedule Code" along with the patient's information.

Expect the unexpected! The end results would be

At the end of the day, the thing which matters the most is the end results. Since our virtual healthcare solution is result-oriented, getting desirable results is a cakewalk!

High productivity

By eliminating the paper-based processes, storing data online, and accessing that data painlessly, healthcare professionals working in long-term care homes can complete a healthcare operation in record-breaking time with the same effectiveness.

Fewer human errors

Human errors in healthcare can cost many lives. But with a virtual healthcare solution that partially or fully automates many LTC operations, you can bring human errors to the bottleneck.

Effective care

Patient’s past influences patient’s future! Thus, we make physicians and nurses accessible to resident’s past medical data which results in effective prescription and effective care.

We uniquely deliver our unique virtual healthcare solution

We put a total of 4 teams to work to make sure we deliver a virtual healthcare solution without causing you to suffer delays and financial loss. These 4 teams are the consultation team, technical team, delivery team, and support team. All teams work parallel and each team executes many purposeful tasks.

Writi is impactful. Because survival without impact doesn’t matter!

We continue doing what we are doing. Because our customers love Writi!

The system has helped improve communication and order compliance and we would certainly recommend Writi to all Long- Term Care Homes in Canada!

- Holland Christian Homes

The speed and efficiency of order communication has increased, we have been able to reduce paperwork and administrative burdens on our front-line staff.

- Lanark Heights

FAQs about our virtual healthcare solution in Canada

What types of devices can your virtual healthcare solution support?

Our virtual healthcare solution is flexible. You can use it through mobile phones, tablets, or even computers.

Do both nurses and physicians have the same app?

No. We deliver two different apps. One for nurses and one for physicians. And for DOC, we give them access to a web dashboard.

Can I use your virtual healthcare tool without an Internet connection?

You can only access a few functionalities of the tool without an Internet connection. To get full-access, you must have an Internet connection.

What if I encounter errors in a virtual healthcare tool after you deploy it?

We form a dedicated support team. You can anytime contact this team if our deployed tool shows any error. This team will solve the problem.

How does your virtual healthcare tool save a patient’s medical history?

As soon as the physician writes the prescription for a resident, our solution saves the prescription under that resident’s profile in the digital bundle.

Will you be able to customize the solution to meet my unique needs?

Yes, we accommodate a team of developers and designers who can customize the solution to meet your unique needs.

How successful is your virtual healthcare tool?

75+ physicians and 700+ users have already been registered on Writi. It has also processed 10K+ prescriptions. Top Canada-based pharmacies and other healthcare organizations have been using Writi.