Simplification of your IT Processes

IT Suite for Healthcare

Strategy, Compliance, Planning, Consulting, Management
Infrastructure, Cloud Architecture

If someone can do all these for you in a modest way possible, it's easier for you to
focus on real business opportunities and unload the extra worries which will
eventually let you generate more dollar revenue.

Simplifying business structural complexities with an
orchestration of Managed Services. Based in Burlington,
Ontario, SyS Creations is making it easy to architect the
entire business by sharing the load and making all
business processes hassle-free through

Easing Senior Care with ‘COVID-19 Toolkit’

Providing tech-enabled help to long-term care homes to support residents’ mental and physical health. Virtual healthcare solution and IT services to modernize LTC facilities and look after every resident effectively during this healthcare crisis.

Cloud Architect

Data is the most priced asset of yours. We bring cloud design, plans, monitoring and management, all under one roof via our cloud Architect service..

VOIP Happiness

Design a reliable VOIP solution to delivering your voice and data happiness that reduces costs and improves business productivity.

Managed IT Services

Save your time and money with an umbrella of managed services which include IT operations, infrastructure, on-demand web & app developers or consulting for budgeting and strategy.


The Internet is a free space for all, but trespassing is not allowed here. Peeking into others’ space is a common threat to businesses. SECaaS creates strong security cloud walls that can’t be intruded.


Send and receive faxes through the internet directly on your device even without using fax machines. With FoIP, your organization can expect all the advantages, reliability, and security of a traditional fax server solution.

Network Engineering

Create a secure, agile, durable, and reliable network to put an end to inaccessible files, slow application response, poor VoIP quality, and network congestion. Our Network Engineering standard service includes 6 vitally important sub-services for your business. Whereas, advanced networking service includes 3 sub-services which actualize revolutionary modern networking technologies.

Forming a result-oriented alliance with industry-leaders


Your Most Productive Move In 2020 To IT & Cloud Solutions

A few groundbreaking technologies like IoT to AR and VR are enabling a new wave of healthcare services and manufacturing productivity in the Canadian market

Deliverance with the expertise of skilled professionals, toe to toe updated with technology, real-time helping hands, immortal support system, and invincible security walls create a perfect business atmosphere

Profound experience around the hood provided us with a fortune to partner with trustworthy and dedicated professional leaders. SyS Creations accelerate innovation by leveraging technology and a set of simple yet powerful processes.
As fortune favours the bravery, throw us in the pool of your challenges.

The SyS Creations Delivery Approach

We Assess

Top Certified professional experts do the IT Assessment of your needs and current environment to check the pulse of your business.

We Design

Based on the assessment done by our experts, we organize, communicate and design multi-vendor solution systems.

We Deploy

Evaluated custom made designs are delivering happiness and scalable implementation with trained support.

We Manage

Our relation never ends as we are committed to proactively manage your on-premises or cloud-based infrastructure.

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