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We believe we are part of something larger than ourselves. It broadens our vision and lets us look at the world in a more dynamic and less self-centred way.

Where Do We Exercise Our Minds?

We help businesses make more business through IT simplification and enhance digital growth exposure by a data-driven team.

Managed IT Services

Put off the extra IT burdens and only manage the business which you have mastered. We deliver what we have mastered - IT services that reduce IT costs & burdens on IT staff and improve business outcomes with security, collaboration, and monitoring solutions.

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Cloud Managed Services

Build and maintain an infrastructure strong enough to support new technologies. Set out a cloud to store, collaborate, and access data & apps securely and remotely rather than exercising legacy drives which increases the unnecessary efforts and data-loss risk.

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Managed Security Services

Avoid creating a paradise for intruders. Let our dedicated security specialists discover loopholes within your IT infrastructure and apply solutions such as next-gen firewall and IPS for protection and response, even on the work-from-home IT environment.

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VoIP and Collaboration

Do not let loosely-coupled and old-fashioned communication methods influence productivity. Talk to your business stakeholders and teammates uninterrupted with the VoIP system and reduce fax discovery time by routing incoming faxes with a digital fax solution.

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Healthcare Technology

Test the market with MVP or launch the app with full force. We develop HIPAA/PHIPA compliant apps armed with the latest AR/VR technology. EMR technology & support, point of care, eMAR, and digital fax systems to streamline patient care are within our skill set.

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Robotic Process Automation

Build a collaborative work environment of humans and software robots that fully or partially automate the intensive part of the job. Cognitive RPA is the pro version of RPA which gives the ultimate ability to software bot to think intelligently before an act like a human.

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Why are we your Next Action for profit?

On-Demand IT Assistance

Hire IT experts for either a short or a long period of time and pay a nominal fee individually for every time you need assistance.

Dedicated Team

Get a dedicated team of IT experts 24/7 available for you for remote or on-site IT assistance and pay a one-time fixed amount.

Instant help

Receive instant on-site or remote assistance for any IT challenges and pay only for the done work - once it is done.

Rescuing Businesses from IT Gray Area


  • 01. Sign an NDA
  • 02. Team Allocation
  • 03. Project Execution
  • 04. Payment


  • 01. Costly Talent Acquisition
  • 02. IT Solutions Excessing Budget
  • 03. Delayed IT Deployment
  • 04. Exhausting Vendor Management

Boosting Canadian Economy

We’ve worked with many SMEs and large enterprises contributing to Canadian GDP to help them achieve high productivity, automate time-consuming tasks, and enrich customer experience.

Case study
Rich communication experience defines productivity, especially when there are multiple office locations. VoIP is the best technology for integrated voice communication. It connects multiple offices of a company and lets team members place calls internally or externally. VoIP solutions support manual or automatic call routing which is useful to utilize each agent as efficiently as possible.
Case study
VoIP is undoubtedly the best technology for integrated voice communication. However, the VoIP system setup is complex and costly. It also requires expertise to integrate VoIP solutions with other business apps to enhance the complete workflow. Thus, SMEs having a strict budget cannot accommodate a VoIP system. Here is where the need for a VoIP alternative emerges.
Case study
An uninterrupted internet connection is the most basic requirement, especially in a healthcare entity to bring administrative processes online and save time. However, deploying a network in the medium-large scale organization isn’t as easy as a home network as it involves many complex networking devices that require custom configuration.
Case study
A healthcare app or any other digital healthcare product stores and shares many crucial PHI of patients and their family members. To ensure the security of ePHI, federal and state governments have imposed many laws and regulations which should be adhered to. These regulations require expertise for implementation.
Case study
According to the survey carried out by Canadian Medical Association (CMA), 47 percent of Canadians have used virtual care during the pandemic. Of these, 91 percent said they were very satisfied with the experience.
Case study
PIA is the method that helps companies in recognizing the privacy risks popping out of new projects, technologies, software, initiatives, systems, and models. Once privacy risks are known, organizations can easily mitigate them at the organization-level.
Case study
Building the best app and building a market-ready app are two different things. The best app has everything best, whereas the market-ready app has every best thing working perfectly!

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