An Ontario-based long-term care facility contacted SyS Creations before the COVID-19 period. They had a few challenging yet most common requirements - eliminate most of the paper-based processes, enrich prescription order management, and reduce administrative burdens. To satisfy the LTC home’s requirements, SyS Creations tied up with a virtual healthcare solution provider - Writi which is our prominent client. Soon, the SyS Creations team and the Writi team started working on the transition calendar, collaboratively. Though the COVID-19 affected our transition calendar severely, our teams stayed on course and even provided 24/7 on-site support. As an upshot, one of the end results the client has been experiencing is a 63% reduction in administrative burdens that helps them to put more time for resident care.


: Healthcare (LTC Pharmacy)


: Ontario, Canada


: 200-250


: 2020


: Long-Term Care Home Solutions

  • 01
    Streamline LTC Operations
  • 02
    Rapid & Quality Care
  • 03
    Telehealth Software

Objectives & Problem Statements

  • Streamline most of the LTC operations using technology and minimize transcription errors, so do the medication incidents.
  • Create more time for resident care by reducing the time spent on paperwork, Actualize rapid care and quality care and Reduce administrative burdens.
  • However, the unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19 multiplied the objectives as an LTC is accommodating the most vulnerable age group to coronavirus. Continuity of care, Timely access to care, Virtual visits between physicians and residents & Telephonic prescription orders.

The Action Plan

  • Our hardware engineers visited the client's LTC home and assessed which hardware is required. They prepared an extensive hardware deployment plan which included type and number of hardware devices, right placement of tablets or tablet mounts, styluses and ways to follow LTC hardware hygiene policy. Our trusted vendors shipped the tablets, tablet mounts, tablet arms, and styluses to the LTC homes. Hardware implementation team installed the hardware equipment followed by configuration.
  • IT assessment team of Writi validated ways Writi could solve the client’s challenges. According to the report submitted by the IT assessment team, the IT development team of Writi customized a few features of Writi to better solve the client’s challenges. Later, the implementation team installed the Writi solution on each deployed tablet.
  • A team of Support Engineers gave a live demo of Writi to healthcare professionals working in LTC home.
  • Support Engineers provided 24/7 on-site support for 4 days after deployment of Writi.

  • 01
    Hardware Solution
  • 02
    Software Solution
  • 03
    IT Support
  • 04
    24*7 Ongoing Support
  • 01
    RN, RPN Productivity
  • 02
    Physician Accessibility
  • 03
    DOC Management

The Outcome

  • Reduced paperwork by 55% and minimized transcription errors by 57%.
  • Physicians can prescribe residents 3x faster. Diagnose an average of 10 more residents in one round.
  • Validate senior care task performed by frontline workers 2x faster as well as maintain high standard of care with 60% more effectiveness.

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