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Unbelievable fatality due to COVID-19 in LTC homes is eye-opening. To not repeat history, the Canadian government is changing the policy and promoting the use of technology. However, at ground level, the struggle is real with technology implementation, utilization, and maintenance. We turn struggle into strength by shouldering IT burdens on behalf of LTC homes.

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Whether you are looking for eMAR and telehealth hardware support or install a virtual healthcare solution along with wireless network connectivity to ensure continuity of care, we act as a one-stop solution for hardware & software deployment, configuration, maintenance and training.

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Why should you consider Long-Term Care Home Solutions?


In the absence of a centralized tracking and monitoring system, LTC home staff cannot attain greater control over care processes and outcomes. Administrative burdens eat up their time which they should invest in senior care. Physicians cannot treat residents remotely to avoid direct contact and treat more residents in a given time. They cannot also access the medical history of a resident to write an effective prescription. Unfortunately, we didn’t think about these consequences of giving cold shoulder to technology until COVID-19 hit LTC homes and claimed many innocent lives!

Featured Long-Term Care Home Solutions from SyS Creations

We cover it so well that none of your questions or requirements will go unanswered!

eMAR Support

Gain the ability to exchange health information electronically and automate the process of distributing, tracking, and re-ordering medications by installing the eMAR system. For better outcomes, we bundle it with consultation and eMAR support.


Manage MAR & TAR online with uninterrupted wired or wireless Internet access. Constant watch on network infrastructure and security solutions make the network secure and resilient. ‘Guest Access’ should also be addressed.

Hardware Solutions

Address your time-consuming hardware requirements with simplified vendor management. Installation, configuration and management of hardware devices like eMAR tablets, computers, & printers from one source save cost & time.

Telehealth & Virtual Healthcare

Bring DOC, nurses, physicians, specialty pharmacy under one roof, virtually. It allows physicians to treat residents remotely. The outcome would be quality care. But hardware & software support and staff training are major challenges.

Telehealth Devices

Leverage telehealth or virtual care software with medical-grade telehealth hardware devices such as tablets, mounts, arms, styluses. LTC hardware hygiene policy should be considered while installing and using these devices.

PointClickCare Support

Deploy PointClickCare EHR solution to ensure quality and compliance or integrate PointClickCare APIs with your app or any digital solution to utilize resident data in real-time. It is the largest EHR in Canadian long-term care.

MED e-care Support

Achieve excellence in care planning, delivery, quality monitoring and management with fully integrated eMAR and mobile Point of Care. App or digital health product integration with MED e-care system is within our easy reach.


Enter prescription information into a computer device and securely transmit the prescription to pharmacies by following OCP regulations. Such a system creates & stores medical history in a digital bundle, frees up staff & reduces transcription errors.

Who can get benefited from our custom Long-Term Care Home Solutions?

Our earned knowledge does not restrict ourselves. We serve different healthcare organizations and startups with custom solutions as the duplication does not entertain outcomes, especially in healthcare.

Long-Term Care Homes

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Long-Term Care Home IT Solutions Trends

Our business experts keep an eagle eye on the market and carry out online user behaviour analytics (UBA) regularly to take the pulse of the market.

Microsoft Teams to Enhance Collaboration

LTC homes are putting emphasis on collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams to keep all departments and team members in the loop, effectively.

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Virtual Healthcare Solution

LTC homes are deploying virtual healthcare solutions to fight real senior care challenges that emerged with the coronavirus outbreak.

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Tech-Enabled Mental Health Support

LTC homes are relying on technology and online sources to track the mental state of residents and improve it with personalized care.

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How effective your IT solutions are for a long-term care home in Ontario, Canada?
We have engineered the solutions for long-term care homes by keeping the challenges of healthcare professionals working in long -term care homes in mind. Because of this, our solutions solve their problems and let them enrich LTC operations dramatically.
I want a consultation to address my IT challenges in the long-term care home. Can you help me?
Yes, we provide an insightful and goal-centric consultation where we make you familiar with the possible solutions for the challenge you are facing and which solution is the best for you.
Who provides us with your IT solutions?
Through our trusted vendors, our team itself provides you with our LTC home IT solutions. Meaning, You don’t have to deal with different solution providers for different solutions.
Whom should we contact if we encounter any error?
We form a dedicated support team for you. You can anytime contact the support team if you encounter an error. Support engineers will solve your errors remotely or fly to your location for on-premises support.
I want to set up Wi-Fi at my long-term care home. Can you help me with it?
We know the basic need of every organization. Thus, we have included the service to set up Internet connectivity in our core solutions. To make the Internet connection secure, we even offer managed security services.
What is the eMAR software?
eMAR (Electronic Medical Records) software is an alternative to paper-based MAR charts. It modernizes different medication administration processes such as documentation, reporting, time management, and restocking medication inventory.
Is there any scope for customization in the solutions you deploy?
We accommodate a team of app developers and software engineers who can customize IT solutions to address your unique requirements.
Do I need to follow any kind of regulations to use LTC home IT solutions?
The federal government and state governments have imposed many laws to ensure the security of ePHI. Thus, when you are using any digital technology or storing resident data, you should adhere to the regulations.

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