How Does a Travel Company Manage Business Calls From Office 365?

VoIP is undoubtedly the best technology for integrated voice communication. However, the VoIP system setup is complex and costly. It also requires expertise to integrate VoIP solutions with other business apps to enhance the complete workflow. Thus, SMEs having a strict budget cannot accommodate a VoIP system. Here is where the need for a VoIP alternative emerges.

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The Project

A Mississauga-based client who serves in the Canadian tourism industry approached us back in 2019 to employ a VoIP solution to streamline business telephony. They had a very simple requirement - deploy an easy and affordable business calling system without making them shoulder the additional financial burden. Their requirements could be addressed with a VoIP alternative. So, we offered them the cloud-based Microsoft PBX.


: Tourism


: Mississauga, Canada


: 15-25


: 2019


: VoIP and Collaboration

Objectives & Problem Statements

  • The business telephony solution should be as affordable as possible.
  • Users should be able to easily share screens, videos, and messages among teammates and external stakeholders.
  • Users should be able to make, receive, and transfer calls by using a laptop or a smartphone.
  • The business telephony solution should be connected to Office 365.

The Action Plan

  • We understood the requirements of the client.
  • We started looking for an affordable alternative to VoIP by keeping the budget of the client in mind.
  • We came up with 3 VoIP solutions that justified the client’s needs.
  • We made the client familiar with the benefits of each solution.
  • We mutually decided to deploy Microsoft Cloud PBX as it is the most affordable and value-for-money business telephony solution.
  • We took the backup of the client’s existing Office 365.
  • We chose the calling plan and bought calling plan licences.
  • We got phone numbers for users from the Teams admin center.
  • We also got service phone numbers for audio conferencing, auto attendants, and call queues.
  • We set up calling plans, audio conferencing, cloud call queue, and call auto-attendant.
  • We finally assigned a service number to each service. For example, we assigned a dedicated number for audio conferencing.

The Outcome

  • Workability: The client has been making, receiving and routing calls, even through computer and smartphone.
  • Extensibility: The client has been managing the calls right from Office 365.
  • Affordability: The client has been saving $500+ on business telephony every month.
  • Reliability: Since Microsoft PBX lives in the cloud, the client does not have to worry about repairs and downtime.

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