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With an ambition to endow the businesses with leading-edge yet cost-effective technologies to address modern business challenges, SyS Creations has created a universe of ease for businesses in the last six years. Healthcare is the immediate focus of the company, and tremendous work and energy have been invested by the company to uplift what has been ignored and waiting for ages to get the life in the new technological era.

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By defining a winning strategy, mastered by the practice of workflow management and skill of planning IT architecture with economical methods, we satisfy all of your business requirements, goals and even dreams in the best possible ways without delays and hidden costs.


Our founder has received an award for "Technology Achievement of the year 2018" by Hon. Immigration Minister of Canada. We have facilitated many organizations to reduce operating costs by more than 50%. We even helped LTC homes to survive the pandemic with technologies.


Establishment of our headquarter in Burlington, ON and other four virtual offices throughout Canada spread our reach to your office doors. At present, over 110 tech and business enthusiasts who look forward to crafting complete IT solutions for your business.

What makes us a Tropical Forest amid Dry Market Terrain?

When the market was falling due to COVID-19, our customers were experiencing more fruitful results than ever. It's because of IT adaptability we offered them.

Experienced People

We are real people with real knowledge of what we are doing. We promote the right technology, leverage it and let clients and users derive real benefits. We work for industries, for people, for communities.

Dedicated Experts

We don’t like to be overburdened. Working in an easygoing environment, we aim to master a few skills rather than many. We perform better as each of us has dedicated responsibilities and skills.

Hand-Picked Technologies

We don’t build castles in the air. Our every step is evaluated. We deploy tested and trusted technologies to not waste our customers’ time and money. Hand-picked technologies ensure high ROI.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Every customer has different requirements & budget. We’ve mastered premium and affordable solutions to meet different customer requirements within their budget. The Pay-as-you-go model also helps here.

Meet the Team


Parth Patel

100% serial entrepreneur, helping society and creating new heights through business ventures.


Prachi Jaiswal

Courageous and risk-taker, always optimistic about any situation. She is an IT Support & Business Analyst.


Krina Patel

Sure-handed and clever identity with the expertise of a system analyst and a computer programmer.


Nicole Ross

IT financial expert and having exemplary skills for the budget and planning.


Ashish Patel

A strong backbone of the company, expert in handling network operations regardless of the difficulty level.


Connor St. Louis

Far-sighted with analytical mindset, mixing programming skills and business knowledge to create solutions.


Hemangi Patel

Customer experience expert, very well versed in handling the customers and maintaining strong customer relations.


Tej Sodi

Tej has acquired an unsurpassable knowledge in managing information technology and computer systems. He is an IT manager.

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