About Us

With an ambition to endow the businesses with leading-edge yet cost-effective technologies
to address modern business challenges, SyS Creations has created a universe of ease for
businesses in the last six years.

Germinated with the credence of seeding growth for all.

SyS Creations Has Created A Universe Of Ease For Businesses In The Last 6 Years.

Founder Parth Patel moved to Canada in 2011 at the age of 17 to follow his passion for business and soon started working with Canadian entrepreneurs on a contract basis. He admires entrepreneurs, recognizes the need for innovation and welcomes change as an opportunity to do things differently. Parth has worked in the space of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and is a firm believer in leveraging technology. This led him to the foundation of SyS Creations in June 2015.

Profound experience and flaming passion translated into an urge to uplifting the practices which were ages old and calling for new approaches. When the intention is right invention is on the other side, A locus classicus of smooth functioning business module derived for the futuristic approach with minimum oversights in the process.

Business methods and approaches have an evolving history. Many geniuses contributed to achieving this height, still, many oversights are unanswered, eventually eating out the progress. SyS Creations has developed an internal prototype that successfully eliminates these slips. It also empowers services to add work (and not worry) for the customers!

SyS Creations is also open for the business of IT services in Health Care, Manufacturing and Real Estate sectors when Canadian businessman and politician serving as the 26th wpremier of Ontario, Doug Ford is planning to change Ontario licence plate to ‘Open For Business’.

Healthcare is the immediate focus of the company, and tremendous work and energy have been invested by the company to uplift what has been ignored and waiting for ages to get the life in the new technological era. This heavy-duty work is our commitment to the resurgence of the sector in the Ontario region.

Economical methods and proven strategies cut shorts the extra loads of expenses that translate to the business profit. Thus every deserving gets the piece of the pie, and a mutual progress programme takes care of everyone.


Slips and misses in the services have offered us great scope to jump in and create something which can facilitate all.

By defining a winning strategy, mastered by the practice of workflow management and skill of planning IT architecture with economical methods, we satisfy all of your business requirements, goals and even dreams in the best possible ways without delays and hidden costs.



Over the years, our clientele has broadened our spectrum of knowledge and accumulated data has enhanced our expertise to the local value-added-reseller (VAR) beyond the competition.

Our partnership with the world's top OEM adds another feather to our services by giving the early access of BETA features of new services which gives advance access to our customers for their business.

Our founder has received an award for "Technology Achievement of the year 2018" by Hon. Immigration Minister of Canada.


Establishment of our headquarter in Burlington, ON and other four virtual offices throughout Canada spread our reach to your office doors.

At present, over 110 tech and business enthusiasts who look forward to crafting complete IT solutions for your business.


Meet The Team


Parth Patel

100% serial entrepreneur to help society and creating new heights through business ventures.


Prachi Jaiswal

Courageous and risk-taker, always optimistic about any situation. She is an IT Support & Business Analyst.


Nicole Ross

IT financial expert and having exemplary skills for the budget and planning.


Ashish Patel

A strong backbone of the company, expert in handling network operations regardless of the difficulty level.


Hemangi Patel

Customer experience expert, very well versed in handling the customers.


Tej Sodi

Has acquired an unsurpassable knowledge in managing information technology and computer systems. He is an IT manager.