Whether you are planning to safeguard cloud infrastructure, network, endpoints or the whole IT environment, our around-the-clock monitored and managed security services uncover the vulnerabilities, fix it and maintain deployed security solutions to avoid historic recurrence.

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Why should you consider managed security services?

Businesses busy in achieving targets cannot identify and prioritize security risks. Team members accessing business data and applications from multiple devices and locations are also opening many doors for intruders. In the case of an even casual cyberattack, businesses suffer a big loss as they lack the incident response expertise and mitigation techniques. Experts not only identify the threats and deploy security solutions, but manage and control the activities of in-house and remote teams to minimize the aftermath of their riskier online behaviour.

Managed Security Services Offerings

By bringing all deciding security services under one roof, we are building a military-rank IT defence system so that you can cope with the newly emerging threats.

Next-Generation Firewall & IPS

Deploy firewall to impose content filtering, limit user & guest access, guarantee security based on IP address. For enhanced security, integrate IPS with firewall to leverage Unified Threat Management technology.

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Identity & Access Management

Curb the network, data & apps access based on identity. Enforce policies and technologies to ensure that authorized users have appropriate access to online resources. Defining access rights is linked to security.

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Network Visibility & Security

Harness network monitoring and analytics tools to monitor user activities, data usage, source of threats, and affected networks. It gives you the ultimate freedom to know how data is collected, aggregated & distributed.

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Security Assessment

Carry out the assessment to yield, quantify and prioritize the vulnerabilities. This practice not only eliminates the loopholes but helps you discover lacking compliance and required security solutions.

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Email & Web Security

Protect email communication and website access from spam and viruses. Advanced email security solutions filter emails before it hits the network and enterprise web security solutions block spyware and viruses.

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Endpoint Device Security

Support BYOD policies by defending access points of the enterprise network from where end-users access the network with laptops, mobile devices, desktops. This is crucial as endpoints were the cause of 70% breaches.

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Security Awareness Training

Educate staff members to follow cyber hygiene to work safely with IT. Training includes basic security terms, attack type, clean desk policy, password & authentication, personal data & compliance, scam identification etc.

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Work From Home Security

Install encrypted and personal communication channels with VPN to coordinate securely with a remote workforce. Enabling 2FA on the company system to avoid unauthorized remote user entry is another preferred tactic.

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Our Technology Partners

We form a results-oriented partnership with industry leaders such as Cisco Meraki and Fortinet. Our versatile partnership model enables our clients to deploy both premium and affordable security solutions while meeting their budget requirements.

Reasons to Count on Us

We understand the security pain. Thus our offerings in managed security services are extensive. We do not compete with our competitors. But we definitely amplify your security standards so that you can maximize the use of IT resources and seize the rarest market opportunities.

Multiple supported solutions


You will have an opportunity to choose your preferred security solutions vendor as we have tied up with several solution providers.

Dedicated team


From the consultation to solution deployment and support, a dedicated team will be working ceaselessly for you.

Customizable solutions


We accommodate developers and engineers who can customize security solutions to meet your exclusive needs.

Strategic consulting


In addition to security solutions deployment, we consult you to leverage the security solutions and get a competitive edge.


Cybersecurity protects your company’s IT infrastructure against worms, viruses, spyware and other unwanted programs. It also provides protection from data theft and protects the system from hacking.

If the small and medium-sized enterprise is using the internet to communicate and save & share data, they should invest in cybersecurity. That is the only criteria.

Every network is vulnerable unless you employ security solutions. The vulnerable network has many easy entry points from where intruders can get into your network and steal confidential information.

After security assessment, when we come to know vulnerabilities your IT system has, we evaluate them and find the most suitable security solutions. If necessary, we go the extra mile and customize the security solutions.

No, you only have to pay the fixed amount for our cybersecurity services which include consultation, security assessment, security solutions deployment and ongoing maintenance or support.

We assign a dedicated support team for you. You only need to contact this team in case of any error.

Yes, we can make your IT infrastructure unhackable with proven techniques and groundbreaking technologies. However, you are required to follow the guideline provided by the vendor.

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