An Ontario-based healthcare startup - strives to make healthcare accessible, reliable, and affordable - contacted us during the 1st wave of the pandemic. From business/technical/legal consulting to app development and support, we’ve been helping them to reimagine healthcare with a compliant & secure telemedicine app.


: Healthcare


: Ontario, Canada


: 2-10


: 2020


: Mobile App Development

  • 01
    Local App Development Agency
  • 02
    HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA Compliant App
  • 03
    Insurance-Covered Televisits
  • 04
    Agile Project Management Approach

Objectives & Problem Statements

  • The startup was looking for only a Canada-based technology partner who knows the Canadian healthcare system and healthcare laws exceptionally well.
  • To ensure ePHI security & privacy and to adhere to government requirements at the provincial and federal level, the startup was aiming only for a compliant app.
  • All users covered under OHIP in Ontario, AHCIP in Alberta, and MSP Card in B.C. should be able to have virtual visits with physicians without paying anything.
  • The app agency should divide the entire project into smaller parts and the duration & scope of each part should be defined in advance to reduce the risk.

The Action Plan

  • We signed an NDA on our mutual understanding to not release or divulge any sort of business, payment, and operational information.
  • We gathered information such as requirements of the client, current & future market scenario, potential users, their behaviour & expectations, our client’s competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.
  • We drafted a BRD that included the business goals, project deliverables, full description & methods of our service delivery models, all about app features, technology stack, and its compliance requirements.
  • We provided the startup with basic and advanced knowledge of the Canadian telemedicine market, top-performing apps, business models, best practices for a successful product launch, high ROI strategies, expansion models, etc.
  • We made the startup aware of the applicable healthcare privacy laws. We also shared the several technical and operational requirements imposed under each law.
  • Our UI/UX experts defined the user journeys - how users interact with the app. Based on the user journeys, they prepared the design of each app screen.
  • The app development team developed two different apps - an app for patients & an app for physicians - and also an admin panel for admin while meeting all technical requirements of the applicable healthcare laws.
  • The QA team validated the seamless working of each app feature, function, and UI elements on several devices and on several scenarios.
  • The legal team with the help of developers carried out a compliance audit along with PIA and TRA to identify the possible security vulnerabilities and assure compliance readiness.
  • We submitted the app on Google App Store and Apple App Store for approval. The app got approved and launched within 24 hours.
  • We collected the feedback from early users and later analyzed it to bring new features or update the existing features of the app.
  • Based on the feedback collected from several sources and market needs, we either add new features or update existing features into the app of users and physicians.

  • 01
    Sign an NDA
  • 02
    Requirement Gathering
  • 03
    Business Requirements Document
  • 04
    Business Consulting (Complimentary)
  • 05
    Legal Consulting (Complimentary)
  • 06
    UI/UX Designing
  • 07
    App Development
  • 08
    Quality Assurance
  • 09
    Compliance Audit
  • 010
    App Delivery & Launch
  • 011
    Feedback Gathering & Analysis
  • 012
    Ongoing App Updates
  • 01
    A Most Secure Telemedicine App
  • 02
    A Compliant App
  • 03
    Free & Affordable Care
  • 04
    24/7 Access to Practitioners
  • 05
    Coverage for 70% of Healthcare Services
  • 06
    ePrescription and Prescription Delivery

The Outcome

  • Thanks to TRA and PIA, we identified and solved all security vulnerabilities prior to app launch. This results in the most secure telemedicine app.
  • The app collects, uses, and shares the personal health information of the patients according to the healthcare laws imposed by the federal and state government.
  • The app connects physicians who want to serve free to the financially-incapable patients. The app also supports free televisits covered by the health card.
  • The patients are now able to schedule online appointments with physicians anytime from anywhere.
  • The app facilitates patients to have a virtual meeting with different healthcare specialties to solve skin issues, earache, allergies, asthma, cold & flu, body aches, obesity, sexual health issues, acne, eye infections, and fever.
  • The physicians can write ePrescription which gets stored under each patient profile. The patients have an option to select the prescription delivery to get drugs delivered at their doorsteps from the pharmacy.

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