How an LTC Pharmacy - Silver Fox Pharmacy - Reduced Transcription Errors Significantly?

Due to the increasing number of elderly who may require assistance and coronavirus outbreak, the Canadian long-term care pharmacies are operating at full capacity. LTC pharmacy staff busy in manual workflows take more time to complete a task. LTC pharmacy solutions automate workflows and enable the highest ever productivity with fewer transcription errors.

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The Project

Silver Fox Pharmacy, one of our most prominent clients, serving in the Canadian Healthcare industry as long-term care pharmacy, contacted SyS Creations back in 2016. When they contacted us, they had the vision to be a leader in clinical and operational innovation in the long-term care industry. And for that, Silver Fox Pharmacy required a robust IT infrastructure that connects their stakeholders, promotes automation, saves productivity hours, IT costs and minimizes the downtime to provide the best resident care. This is our ongoing project and we are still serving them.


: Healthcare (Long-Term Care Pharmacy)


: Burlington, Ontario, Canada


: 51-200


: 2016


: Healthcare Technology, Managed IT Services, Robotic Process Automation

Objectives & Problem Statements

  • Plan and set up the whole IT infrastructure which consists of building data centre, EMR/PMS server, secure networking and hardware devices such as computers, printers, IP phones.
  • Get prescription orders from long-term care homes to the pharmacy order management system, automatically.
  • Filter faxes coming from another site or long-term care homes, based on timing, agenda, department or dedicated work personnel.
  • Develop a portal for document management, medication incident, audit, reports and long-term care education.
  • Proactive network monitoring and hardware support to minimize the downtime by 99%.

The Action Plan

The objective was more than one, so we employed multiple solutions to better help Silver Fox Pharmacy with many of SyS Creations’ services.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting service was centred around Silver Fox Pharmacy’s future growth model, so they don’t need to reinvest on IT infrastructure once they grow in the future.

  • Our team of experts visited their site, studied their requirements, prepared the IT infrastructure plan, workflow plan, and advised them how best to use technologies.
  • Our data centre design plan included the right placement of servers and other hardware devices such as firewalls, switches, computers, printers in the site.
  • We also analyzed, planned, designed, and implemented the VoIP and FoIP solution to boost productively.
  • We later estimated TCO & ROI and calculated steps to achieve ROI rapidly and keep TCO minimum.

IT Infrastructure

  • Our trusted vendors shipped hardware devices to the Silver Fox Pharmacy site.
  • We placed those in the right place followed by configuration and installation.
  • After the initial assessment and installation planning, our server engineers set up a PMS server.
  • Network Engineering team initiated the setup of the network and established secure wireless and wired Internet connection between devices.
  • We then designed and deployed the VoIP and custom FoIP solutions
    • VoIP solution to make, receive and route the calls.
    • Custom FoIP solution to receive and filter prescription orders from LTC homes according to timing, agenda, site, department, and dedicated work personnel.
  • Our team also utilized the virtual healthcare solution - Writi - in a way that Silver Fox Pharmacy automatically receives the prescription orders on its pharmacy management software from those LTC homes which are using Writi in real-time.

IT Development

  • We developed a portal for Silver Fox Pharmacy to satisfy more than one purpose.
    • Stakeholders including team members can access necessary forms and perform audits.
    • LTC pharmacy can provide education to LTC homes, virtually.
    • Team members can generate a comprehensive medication incident report if there is an error caused by healthcare professionals or dispensing machines.

IT Support

We formed support teams for network monitoring, hardware and software support.

  • The network monitoring team monitors the networking components like routers, switches, firewalls, and servers for fault & performance. If errors emerge, they act quickly and resolve it.
  • Hardware and software support team always remains on standby to solve any problems Silver Fox Pharmacy encounters in Computer, VoIP, FoIP hardware, software, email.

The Outcome

  • Uninterrupted Internet:Team members of Silver Fox Pharmacy have been experiencing uninterrupted Internet and no lag between their sites.
  • Prescription management:They have been getting prescription orders straight into pharmacy management software from LTC homes which are using Writi.
  • Easy fax discovery:For prescription orders which LTC homes send via Fax, the custom FoIP solution has been filtering the prescription orders and routing it according to timing, agenda, site, department, and dedicated personnel.
  • Connectivity:They have been making and receiving calls to and from anywhere in the world. They have also been automatically or manually routing the calls to the concerned person, sitting anywhere in the world using enterprise call technology.
  • Medication incident reporting:From the portal, team members can quickly generate the medication incident report and stakeholders can access important forms.
  • Minimum downtime:Silver Fox Pharmacy has been witnessing minimum downtime as our support teams maintain the IT infrastructure and solve the error quickly if it pops us.

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