How a Pharmacy Handled Growing VoIP Demand Without Extending VoIP Budget?

Rich communication experience defines productivity, especially when there are multiple office locations. VoIP is the best technology for integrated voice communication. It connects multiple offices of a company and lets team members place calls internally or externally. VoIP solutions support manual or automatic call routing which is useful to utilize each agent as efficiently as possible.

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The Project

The client who serves in the Canadian healthcare industry as the Pharmaceutical company approached us back in 2016 with an ambition to streamline their business calling within the budget. They had a very unpuzzled requirement - deploy an affordable, scalable, and centralized VoIP solution that connects their all sites. We met their requirement and they are still paying the same amount for VoIP, even after expanding business from 16 employees to 100+ employees.


: Healthcare (Pharmaceutical)


: Burlington, Ontario, Canada


: 100-150


: 2016


: VoIP and Collaboration

Objectives & Problem Statements

  • A centralized VoIP solution for more than four sites, distributed across Canada.
  • A solution should be affordable and support more people if they expand in the future.
  • Office hours-based and concerned person-based routing for quick delivery of service.

The Action Plan

  • We understood the requirements of the client precisely.
  • We sent our team to different sites of the client to collect real data, which is always purposeful to prepare an execution strategy.
  • We drafted a floor plan according to the number of users, conventional telephones, IP phones, and required PRI or SIP lines.
  • We developed 5 different execution strategies and discussed with the client to mutually select the most suitable one.
  • We selected the most suitable strategy. To cut the cost, we decided to deploy 1 PRI line which can enable the user to make 23 calls at the given moment.
  • To actualize office hours-based and concerned person-based call routing, we first created an activity diagram to get a better understanding of call routing during office hours, after office hours and holidays.
  • Based on this activity diagram, we configured the call queue, voice mails & routing in the VoIP solution and deployed it.

The Outcome

  • Scalability: The client has been paying the same amount for a VoIP solution, even after expanding business from 16 people to 100+ people.
  • Security: The client has been making calls to stakeholders securely.
  • Flexibility: The client has been manually or even automatically routing the calls from one site to another site and from one user to another user.

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