Whether you are planning to deploy pharmacy software like TELUS Health Kroll, a cloud-based fax system or develop an online pharmacy like PocketPills and LTC pharmacy portal, we address your requirements with our 30 years of combined experience as healthcare technology specialists. Robotic Process Automation is our ultimate potency that automates time-consuming workflows in accounting, customer support, data entry and dispensing departments.

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Why should you consider Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions?

Dealing with medication is a serious profession. Even a small error can cost a life. Canadian long-term care pharmacies are operating under tremendous pressure and very high regulations. Due to high demand and manual processes, they struggle to meet healthcare accuracy standards unless it is a technology-driven LTC pharmacy. The technology eliminates the need for direct human interaction which ultimately reduces transcription errors. In fact, it automates the time-consuming workflows and aborts the large workforce requirement. Operation visibility, data accessibility, and streamlined prescription processing, delivery & reporting are additional advantages.

Featured Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions from SyS Creations

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Robotic Process Automation

Enhance operability and accuracy and reduce operating costs, time and manpower with an AI-enabled custom program working on RPA technology. It totally automates prescription, invoice processing and reporting.

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Pharmacy Software

Experience the advantages of automated dispensing workflow with TELUS Health Kroll. It reduces the potential for dispensing errors and provides ultimate freedom of customization. We’ve mastered Kroll API integration.

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Cloud-Based Fax System

Send and receive faxes online without investing huge on hardware devices. It keeps your faxes organized and gives you the ability to search through faxes & sign documents electronically. Automated fax routing doubles the benefits.

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Networking & Support

Ensure high business continuity with an uninterrupted wired or wireless Internet connection. An enterprise network requires a constant watch and rapid response to errors. Security issues can be addressed with firewall & IPS.

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Server Support

Install and configure scalable EMR/PMS server with private, cloud or hybrid models and attain visibility and data accessibility goals. To avoid server downtime or errors, we even manage it with a rapid response team.

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IT Consulting & Support

Solve deep-rooted challenges with IT consulting from industry experts. Keeping your budget in mind, we suggest you best-fit solutions and technologies. Proactive support enables you to leverage the deployed solutions.

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Online Pharmacy App

Tap into the billion-dollar market opportunity with an online pharmacy app. Hassle-free prescription ordering and refilling is the major value proposition. The online pharmacy market is growing at 17.5%.

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Long-Term Care Pharmacy Portal

Ease administrative pains such as monthly reports, audits and electronic medication incidents reporting with the personalized portal. It can also support different ways to convey information with different healthcare entities.

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Who can get benefited from our custom Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions?

Our earned knowledge does not restrict ourselves. We serve long-term care pharmacy as well as healthcare or pharmacy startups with custom solutions as the duplication does not entertain outcomes, especially in healthcare.


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Long-Term Care Startups


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Pharmacy Startups

Long-Term Care and Retail Pharmacy Solutions Trends

Our business experts keep an eagle eye on the market and carry out online user behaviour analytics (UBA) regularly to take the pulse of the market.

Online Pharmacy Services

Pharmacies are going online to let patients order or refill prescriptions from the comfort of their homes. PocketPills and PillPack are top online pharmacies.

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Integration with e-Prescribing Software

Seamless integration between pharmacy software and the e-prescribing software of LTC homes guarantees instant prescription delivery to LTC pharmacy.

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We have been serving multiple Canada-based LTC pharmacies. The major IT services and solutions we’ve been offering them are IT consulting, IT infrastructure, IT development, IT support. Our mastership in robotic process automation facilitates them to automate resource-sensitive workflows and save hundreds of productivity hours.

Through our network of vendors, we install, configure and maintain the hardware devices such as desktops, tablets, printers, IP phones etc.

We employ networking devices such as routers and switches for a wired network. To actualize wireless Internet connectivity, we deploy access points along with routers and switches near calculated spots of the site to let you access wireless Internet at a uniform speed.

We form a dedicated support team. You can anytime contact this support team to get remote or on-premises support.

We accommodate a team of healthcare compliance experts who can guide your development team to meet HIPAA/PHIPA requirements. To know more, you can visit our dedicated web page.

Any healthcare organization that stores and shares the ePHI should adhere to government regulations to ensure data protection. We understand the gravity of ePHI protection and thus, we make sure to follow all government regulations.

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