How Did We Build Network Infrastructure Remotely in 3 Days During COVID-19?

An uninterrupted internet connection is the most basic requirement, especially in a healthcare entity to bring administrative processes online and save time. However, deploying a network in the medium-large scale organization isn’t as easy as a home network as it involves many complex networking devices that require custom configuration.

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The Project

An Ontario-based LTC home reached out to SyS Creations during COVID-19. They were using the legacy Wi-Fi system and experiencing many network issues and glitches which often resulted in a poor connection. Extensive downtime became routine for them. Eventually, they had to go paper-based and use their MAR and TAR completely manually.

The client had a very straightforward requirement: plan, design, deploy and maintain a robust network infrastructure so that they can eliminate paperwork and resume online senior care processes without any interruptions.


: Healthcare (Long-Term Care Home)


: Burlington, Ontario, Canada


: 200-250


: 2020


: Managed IT Services (Networking)

Objectives & Problem Statements

  • Staff members, residents, and guests should be able to access high-speed Internet anywhere in the LTC facility and retirement home.
  • Internet speed should be uniform at every bed or room of residents.
  • Any network error should be reported and solved immediately with trigger-based mechanisms.
  • Ability to monitor the network parameters such as network events, connections, coverage, and traffic in real-time.

The Action Plan

Networking Hardware Assessment

  • Our IT infrastructure team and network engineering team assessed which hardware is required for current problem and future growth.
  • Network Engineers prepared the extensive network infrastructure plan which included the number & type of networking hardware, connection method, and right placement.

Networking Hardware Acquisition

  • According to the network infrastructure plan, we ordered the networking devices through our distribution network.
  • Our trusted vendors - Cisco Meraki & Ubiquiti - shipped the networking devices to our location.

Networking Hardware Configuration

  • Our Network Engineers configured 5 Managed Switches and 27 Access Points.
  • Later, our Network Engineers tested it and shipped it to the client's location.

Networking Hardware Deployment

We formed support teams for network monitoring, hardware and software support.

  • Since our deployment team could not visit the client's LTC home due to COVID-19, the client had to install and deploy pre-configured networking devices on their own. However, our deployment team helped them deploy networking hardware by using a groundbreaking technology - AR-based Remote Assistance Technology.
  • We assisted them to place the right networking device to the right location in the LTC facility.

Networking Support

  • A dedicated support team always remains on standby to solve network errors as well as the client’s queries immediately.

The Outcome

Accessibility: Staff members, residents, and guests can easily access high-speed Internet from any corner of LTC home.

Availability: Because of the uninterrupted Internet, physicians and family members of residents can seamlessly talk to residents online and help them to gather mental strength during challenging times.

Productivity: The client has achieved an 81% reduction in downtime as the network support team monitors and maintains the network proactively.

Flexibility: The client can monitor the network parameters such as network events, connections, coverage, traffic and control each access point from the single dashboard.


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