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Hyper-converged and cloud infrastructure are crucial to achieving scalability and mobility. But migrating unified communications and data to the cloud is the major challenge. We help you along the cloud journey by integrating modern technologies like hybrid cloud models, designed to grow with you.

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Whether you are planning to build new cloud infrastructure or upgrade your existing one, we offload your burdens and simplify the cloud deployment, migration, operation, and maintenance with the suite of cloud solutions and tested actions to manage your growing IT needs.

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Why should you consider managed cloud services?


Many organizations are struggling to employ and navigate new technologies as they lack resources, expertise, and time needed to plan, design, and deploy the infrastructure to support new technologies. The cloud can be a cost-effective and workable solution for this limitation. However, understanding the number of products, services, and cloud providers can be discouraging. Complex migration of data and applications are also challenging. Here is where we put our expertise to good use.

SyS Creations Cloud Managed Services Offerings

We have curated the cloud managed services after understanding the cloud complexities of 100+ organizations serving in different industries and optimized it with client experience and success.

Cloud Infrastructure

Support computing requirements with cloud infrastructure which includes hardware and software components (network, virtualization software, servers & storage). We practice IaaS, PaaS, SaaS cloud delivery models.

Cloud Networking

Easily scale, customize, and access networking resources on-demand. It includes virtual routers, firewalls, bandwidth, and network management software. The outcome would be seamless big data transfer and low latency.

Cloud Deployment Services

Build cloud architecture, host data, and migrate existing databases to the cloud. AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure are the preferred cloud platforms, and public, private, and hybrid are top deployment models.

Enterprise Application Management

Precisely track and manage several enterprise applications through the multicloud environment. This practice gives the ultimate freedom to monitor, track, survey, and control software solutions and hardware mechanisms.

Cloud Backup

Build a secondary server or storage system to keep a copy of the database to survive data-loss events. Accurately deployed advanced backup systems capture changes in data and user systems nearly in real-time.

Cloud Migration

Transfer databases, applications, and IT processes to the cloud or from one cloud to another cloud. The aim should be a secure, custom, and scalable migration path. It increases agility and time to market.

Hybrid Cloud

Customize the private end of the hybrid cloud model to retain control over cloud infrastructure. The use of private end to host sensitive workloads and a public end for less-critical resources is a perfect strategy.

Cloud Security

Defend apps, services, and data stored online on cloud platforms from breaches, leakage and deletion. Cloud security tactics consist of next-gen firewall, VPN, tokenization, penetration testing, and obfuscation.

Our Technology Partners

We form a results-oriented partnership with Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Our versatile partnership model enables our clients to deploy both premium and affordable cloud solutions while meeting their budget requirements.

Reasons to Count on Us

We understand cloud complexities. Thus, our offerings in managed cloud services are extensive. We do not compete with our competitors. But we definitely amplify your cloud capabilities so that you can get a competitive edge and seize the rarest market opportunities.

Support for all major clouds

We support the world’s broadest cloud provider ecosystem including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

Custom cloud experience

We’ve mastered all cloud delivery models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and deployment models (public, private, hybrid).

Instant SaaS applications access

We provide SMEs with instant access to SaaS applications such as Office 365, Google Apps along with staff training.

Strategic partner

We do not only provide cloud managed services but also provide strategic advice to maximize benefits out of the cloud.


What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?
Cost-cutting, high speed, back-up & restore data, automatic software integration, reliability, mobility, and unlimited storage capacity are the benefits of the cloud.
What are the factors should I consider before selecting a cloud service provider?
Customization, security, scalability, compatibility, data recovery, and automatic upgrades are the major factors you should consider before selecting a cloud service provider.
What do I get in your Cloud Architect service?
You will get Cloud planning, migration, deployment, training, security and maintenance services through our single Cloud Architect service.
Who will be providing us with your cloud services?
We’ve tied up with many notable cloud service providers. Through these vendors, we will provide you with our cloud services.
Whom should I contact in case of any error?
We’ll assign a support team exclusively for you. You can anytime contact this support team in case of any error.
Can someone hack my cloud?
We host your services and data on reliable cloud networks that are unhackable. However, you have to follow the guideline provided by the vendor.
We are using many Microsoft applications. Can you migrate these to the cloud?
Yes, we can easily migrate Microsoft applications like Skype, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams to cloud. With this, you can access MS Office and other Microsoft applications in the web browser.
While migrating to the cloud, will I lose my current data?
No, we understand the importance of the data. And so, we take a backup of your current data and put it on the cloud very precisely.
What kind of data can be stored on the Cloud?
You can store business applications, songs, images, client's data, videos, backups, websites, content, and almost everything on the cloud.
I own a lot of data. Can I host it on the cloud?
Yes, the data storage capacity of the cloud is beyond the data you have.

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