Success Stories Which Inspire Canadian Businesses

Our clients are serving in different flourishing Canadian industries. We enable them to bring the breakthrough in the entire industry by solving challenges at every level of the company. Our unique and transparent development, delivery, and maintenance approaches set the business goals of our clients in motion. You will feel confident about our services after reading the success stories of our clients.

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How a pharmacy handled growing VoIP demand fairly?

The requirement was an affordable, scalable, and centralized VoIP solution deployment. Even with expansion, the client is paying the same for VoIP.

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Industry: Healthcare (Pharmaceutical)

How does a travel company manage calls from Office 365?

The requirement was an easy and affordable business calling system deployment. The client is able to manage calls right from Microsoft Office 365.

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Industry: Tourism

How an LTC pharmacy reduced transcription errors by 80%?

The requirement was robust IT infrastructure deployment. An 80% reduction in transcription errors is one of the outcomes.

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Industry: Healthcare (Long-Term Care Pharmacy)

How an LTC home reduced administrative burdens by 63%?

The requirement was the elimination of paper-based processes. 63% of reduction in administrative burdens is one of the outcomes.

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Industry: Healthcare (Long-Term Care Homes)

How did we set up the network remotely during COVID-19?

The requirements were to plan, design, deploy and maintain network infrastructure. We delivered it in 3 days remotely during COVID-19.

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Industry: Healthcare (Long-Term Care Homes)

How a development firm decoded HIPAA requirements for mobile app?

The requirements were gap analysis & ePHI security measures implementation scope. A HIPAA/PHIPA compliant app was an outcome.

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Industry: Healthcare

First 30 Hours From First Contact Define Your Business Success

We aim to respond quickly. From the moment we receive your query, a dedicated team drives your journey from consultation, delivery and support.

Hours 1-5

We understand your requirements, your budget, your goals and your business characteristics.

Hours 5-20

We employ teams to get personalized solutions, create a master delivery plan, and contact vendors.

Hours 20-30

We validate the master plan with you, remodel it if needed and start working on customization, configuration and delivery.

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