If you are an Industry 4.0 compliant manufacturing company or operating a business with conventional machines, but planning to minimize money spending on troubleshooting, training and assistance, we help you achieve your financial as well well operational goals with custom AR-based solutions deployment, configuration and support.

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Why should you consider Manufacturing Solutions?

Rising industry demand creates opportunities and challenges both. Machine throughput, remote support, rapid troubleshooting, and coping with new technological advances are major challenges. Manufacturing businesses busy in solving these challenges with narrow approaches misfire the opportunities. The aftermath of their failure to address challenges is the disordered manufacturing life cycle which triggers delayed product delivery and poor customer experience. IT solutions rescue businesses from such a costly butterfly effect.

Featured Manufacturing Solutions from SyS Creations

We cover it so well that none of your questions or requirements will go unanswered!

AR-Based Remote Assistance

Enable product experts to visually guide and collaborate with customers and field technicians. It uses the fusion of video streaming and AR technology. OEMs can enhance customer experience by providing instant support.

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AR-Based Virtual Notes

Increase the productivity and ease the task distribution with AR-based virtual notes. It allows a user to tag notes in the forms of text, images, videos to a fixed machine object in the real environment.

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AR-Based Education Training

Increase training outcome 5-fold by letting staff or customers visualize or digitally interact with different machine parts with AR. The same can be utilized to remotely inspect the produced product.

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AR-Based Troubleshooting

Reduce Mean Time to Repair by letting technicians troubleshoot a machine remotely. It eliminates the need for technicians to visit the site which reduces the troubleshooting time and costs dramatically.

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Who can get benefited from our custom Manufacturing Solutions?

Our earned knowledge does not restrict ourselves. We serve different sizes of manufacturing companies and startups with custom solutions as the duplication does not confirm the desired outcome delivery.


Small Manufacturing Units


Large-Scale Manufacturing Companies


Product Marketing Companies



Manufacturing Solutions Trends

Our business experts keep an eagle eye on the market and carry out online user behaviour analytics (UBA) regularly to take the pulse of the market.

Remote MRO

Manufacturers prefer to carry out remote MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) to increase efficiency and save costs.

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Industrial IoT Technology

Deployment of a network of sensors that collect and then share data over Internet streamlines development cycles and warehouse management.

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Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

Industry 4.0 puts emphasis on data, connected machines, and smart manufacturing. To actualize this, you first need different software and hardware working on IoT and machine learning technology. And to work with software and hardware, you need proper IT infrastructure which includes cloud, network, and cybersecurity.

Regardless of the business size, SyS Creations modernizes all manufacturing businesses.

Through our trusted vendors, a team of SyS Creations will provide you with IT solutions for manufacturing companies.

We form a dedicated support team. You can anytime contact this team if the system encounters an error.

Connected machines, machine intelligence, real-time data, and remote & smart diagnosis are the top trends of the manufacturing industry.

We install, configure and maintain the hardware devices such as desktops, tablets, fax machines, printers, IP phones etc.

The use of AR solutions is very straightforward. But to maximize the outcomes out of AR solutions, your team should get advanced training to navigate new technology productively.

It is both possible and feasible to use AR solutions on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The feature set of AR solutions includes top features like drawing on screen from both sides, arrows for pin-pointing, call history, chat module and contact listing.

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