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Provide Home-Like Environment & Support Seniors’ Medical Needs

Retirement home staff busy in paperwork due to manual workflows fail to attain high service quality standards. Poor technology adoption restricts their ability to provide rapid care and streamline administrative workflows. We amplify the IT reach of retirement homes to provide a safe, comfortable, home-like environment with high-quality standards, less manpower.

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Whether you are looking for eMAR support or a telehealth software deployment with telehealth hardware devices support, we excellently address your IT consulting, deployment and support needs through our extensive vendor network and our expertise in healthcare hardware and software. Your most essential requirements such as networking and structured cabling are also within our easy reach.

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Why should you consider Retirement Home Solutions?


Senior care in retirement homes includes many time-consuming services that are set out in the Retirement Homes Act. In addition to these mandatory services, retirement homes should go the extra mile to offer a home-like environment to the seniors. But a retirement home promoting manual administrative and senior care operations struggles with monitoring, management and engagement challenges. Retirement home IT solutions can facilitate them to monitor real-time health & care delivery status online, manage billing, government reporting & purchasing workflows effortlessly and engage staff, seniors and their families.

Featured Retirement Home Solutions from SyS Creations

We cover it so well that none of your questions or requirements will go unanswered!

eMAR Support

Automate the process of distributing, tracking, and re-ordering medications. eMAR reduces possibilities of medication errors and lets you exchange health information electronically. We bundle it with consultation and eMAR support.


Gain the ability to manage MAR & TAR online with sustained Internet access. Security solutions such as firewall & IPS and network support & monitoring teams make the network secure, uninterrupted and resilient.

Hardware Solutions

Offload hardware installation, configuration and maintenance burdens to experts. Addressing hardware requirements for devices like eMAR tablets, computers & printers from one source can save time & cost.

Telehealth Devices

Maximize the outcome of a deployed telehealth or virtual healthcare tool with medical-grade telehealth hardware devices such as tablets, mounts, arms, styluses. Addressing hardware hygiene policy is an important practice.

Structured Cabling

Bind all PCs, phones and other devices used within retirement homes together with an organized cabling system. Simplicity, adaptability, and manageability are its advantages over Point-to-Point cabling.

MED e-care Support

Deploy fully integrated eMAR and mobile Point of Care to ease care planning, delivery, quality monitoring and management. To ensure care continuity, proactive support in the case of query or system error is crucial.


Eliminate the use of handwritten or faxed notes of prescriptions with e-prescribing. It enables you to digitally transmit prescriptions to pharmacies by following OCP regulations. Such a system reduces transcription errors.

Telehealth and Virtual Healthcare

Actualize rapid care by letting physicians treat seniors remotely. The built-in digital care toolkit offers in-house experience and quality care. Hardware & software support and staff training are major challenges.

Who can get benefited from our custom Retirement Home Solutions?

Our earned knowledge does not restrict ourselves. We serve retirement homes, retirement home startups, pharmacy stores and online pharmacy startups with custom solutions as the duplication does not entertain outcomes, especially in healthcare.

Retirement Homes

Retirement Homes Startups

Long-Term Care Homes

Pharmacy Stores and Startups

Retirement Home Solutions Trends

Our business experts keep an eagle eye on the market and carry out online user behaviour analytics (UBA) regularly to take the pulse of the market.

Medical-Alert Systems

The medical-alert system which alerts the guardian in the event of a fall or accident is gaining popularity among seniors living independently.

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Telemedicine is the fastest growing senior care technology. It allows remote monitoring and videoconferencing between seniors and doctors.

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How effective are your IT solutions for a retirement home in Ontario, Canada?
We have engineered the solutions for retirement homes by keeping the challenges of healthcare professionals, seniors and retirement home staff in mind. Because of this, our solutions solve their problems and let them enrich retirement home administrative and senior care operations dramatically.
I want a consultation to address my IT challenges in the retirement home. Can you help me?
Yes, we provide an insightful and goal-centric consultation where we make you familiar with the possible solutions for the challenge you are facing and which solution is the best for you.
Who provides us with your IT solutions?
Through our trusted vendors, our team itself provides you with our retirement home IT solutions. Meaning, You don’t have to deal with different solution providers for different solutions.
Whom should we contact if we encounter any error?
We form a dedicated support team for you. You can anytime contact the support team if you encounter an error. Support engineers will solve your errors remotely or fly to your location for on-premises support.
I want to set up Wi-Fi at my retirement home. Can you help me with it?
We know the basic need of every organization. Thus, we have included the service to set up Internet connectivity in our core solutions. To make the Internet connection secure, we even offer managed security services.
What is the eMAR software?
eMAR (Electronic Medical Records) software is an alternative to paper-based MAR charts. It modernizes different medication administration processes such as documentation, reporting, time management, and restocking medication inventory.
Is there any scope for customization in the solutions you deploy?
We accommodate a team of app developers and software engineers who can customize IT solutions to address your unique requirements.
Do I need to follow any kind of regulations to use retirement home IT solutions?
The federal government and state governments have imposed many laws to ensure the security of ePHI. Thus, when you are using any digital technology or storing seniors’ data, you should adhere to the regulations.

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