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‘Digitization’ is the lesson healthcare entities learn from the 2020 health crisis. But they struggle to navigate complex technologies. Healthcare startups also fail to meet compliance. We help healthcare entities and startups deploy, manage and capitalize technologies & solutions for staff, patients, and communities.

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Whether you are planning to modernize your healthcare centre by deploying healthcare technologies and tools such as EMR, digital fax system, mobile computing, virtual care or planning to develop AR/VR enabled HIPAA/PHIPA compliant healthcare apps, we act as one-stop solution for deployment, development, consulting, support.

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Why should you consider healthcare technology?


Gone are the days when people used to visit hospitals for general ailments and medications. Healthcare entities utilizing the same legacy infrastructure cannot deal effectively with this changing patient behaviour. Entrepreneurs are helping healthcare centres to meet exact market demands by developing digital tools. However, entrepreneurs fizzle out due to compliance. Only a technology partner can fix the broken link between entrepreneurs, healthcare entities, patients, compliance and technologies.

SyS Creations Healthcare Technology Service Offerings

To solve deep-rooted healthcare challenges, mutual collaboration between healthcare entities and entrepreneurs is crucial. But both have different limitations. We aim to eliminate these limitations with our expertise in health-tech.

Healthcare App Development

Identify real problems and develop a HIPAA/PHIPA compliant healthcare app. Telehealth, senior care, online pharmacy, mental health, are few trending healthcare app categories. Start with MVP & then gradually scale up.

Healthcare Web Development

Streamline internal team coordination, data accessibility, user engagement and medication error reporting with custom web application. It gives you visibility over your staff, data, patients, revenue.

AR and VR Development

Enable rich and interactive experiences that show medical devices and treatments in virtual action. Expert teams can remotely guide their field force to interact with medical tools and even bodies.

Compliance Consulting

Address healthcare regulations imposed under HIPAA, PHIPA and PIPEDA to not only avoid violation fines but to protect ePHI. Ability to discover the breach and post-breach strategy are few of HIPAA requirements.

EMR Technology and Application Support

Improve diagnosis and treatment by employing top EMR from Allscripts, PointClickCare, TELUS Health. Due to complexity, EMR technical support and training is crucial to practice healthcare smoothly.

Point of Care and eMAR

Deploy eMAR to manage the administration of individual patient’s medication effortlessly. For ultimate outcome, the complete setup of medical cart, tablet, tablet arm, stylus, and eMAR is required.

Mobile Computing

Share, access and record patient data in real-time at the point-of-care using mobile devices, wirelessly. It dramatically increases healthcare access time, promotes flawless data sharing and reduces staff time.

Digital Fax Solution

Upgrade your legacy fax system to send and receive important medical documents and prescriptions securely over the Internet. Cloud hosting saves infrastructure costs and fax routing enables high productivity.

Our Technology Partners

We form a results-oriented partnership with industry leaders such as TELUS Health, PointClickCare. Our versatile partnership model enables our clients to deploy both premium and affordable healthcare solutions while meeting their budget requirements.

Reasons to Count on Us

We understand healthcare IT pain. Thus, our offerings in Healthcare Technology service are extensive. We do not compete with our competitors. But we definitely amplify your healthcare IT reach so you can get a competitive edge and seize rarest business opportunities.

Healthcare Specialist

We have expertise to turn any healthcare app idea into an app and solve any healthcare challenge you are facing.

24/7 Support

We form a dedicated team for you that solves your queries & deployed system errors within a matter of minutes.

Scope of Customization

We customize the solutions according to your needs before deploying it to address your exclusive requirements.

Extensive Vendor Network

You will have the choice to deploy your preferred solution as we have tied up with multiple vendors.


What is compliance in healthcare?
To protect important patient data, federal and state governments have imposed many laws. Healthcare compliance is nothing but the process of following rules and regulations governments have imposed under laws.
What is the difference between HIPAA and PHIPA?
Both are healthcare privacy laws. However, HIPAA is applicable in the USA while PHIPA is applicable in Ontario, Canada.
Is it compulsory to follow HIPAA/PHIPA rules?
HIPAA and PHIPA are laws and in the case of violation, you can be liable to pay a hefty penalty. Most importantly, it gives a feeling of insecurity to users that their personal data is not secure on your platform.
How can you help us to develop a healthcare app?
We accommodate both healthcare compliance experts and healthcare app developers who work parallel to develop a HIPAA/PHIPA compliant healthcare app.
Can you help us only with healthcare compliance as we already have an app development team?
Yes, we guide healthcare startups as well as app development companies to discover the security gaps in their digital products and address HIPAA/PHIPA regulations.
Do you provide LTC homes, hospitals and clinics with hardware support?
Yes, we deploy, configure and maintain the hardware devices such as desktops, printers, tablets, laptops, IP phones.
How can you help my healthcare centre to leverage the EHR solution?
We not only install the EHR solution, but we customize it if you have unique needs and provide technical EHR support as well as staff training to work effectively with the new system.
How can you help us to streamline team communication and coordination?
We’ve tied up with Microsoft, Google and Cisco for their communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber. We deploy these tools to your facility and provide on-site and remote support.

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