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How do we create best ROI opportunities for you with healthcare app solutions?

We’re driven by madness. Yes, we have an extreme level of madness over healthcare. It is so extreme that we chose to be a healthcare-specific IT company. But madness alone is not enough. The perfect fusion of madness, passion and our healthcare IT expertise empowers us with the superpower to understand healthcare from within and deliver outstanding healthcare app solutions that convert into the best ROI opportunities for clients.

Featured Healthcare App Solutions from SyS Creations

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Cannabis App

Take your medical cannabis business online with an ordering and delivery app. It adds up many revenue streams and offers you visibility over your business. Cannabis in Canada is legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

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Online Pharmacy App

Build a pharmacy app to ease management and ordering, integrating with top Pharmacy Management Solution (PMS) - TELUS Health Kroll. Interoperability, compliance, remarkable UI, and complex workflow are major challenges we solve.

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Long-Term Care Portal App

Reduce efforts and time invested in monthly reports, audits and medication incident reporting with an integrated long-term care portal app. Dramatic reduction in transcription errors and rapid care delivery are its major advantages.

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Home Healthcare eCommerce App

Enable people to buy permitted medical supplies including medical furniture, home testing kits and wellness & fitness devices from the comfort of their home. B2C and B2B are major business models of healthcare eCommerce.

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Custom App Development

Solve the deep-rooted challenges in healthcare with a custom app as common solutions don’t fit everywhere. You can develop MVP to test the market with fewer resources. Strategic planning is crucial in the case of a custom app.

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Mental Health App

Help an affected community of our society combat different mental health issues with a mobile app. It effectively enhances their mental health with features like self-monitoring, goal tracking and therapist connection.

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EMR & EHR Software

Address top challenges associated with EMR & EHR software such as implementation, migration upgrade, support, and training. HL7 & RESTful API integrations as well as medical speech recognition are our exclusive abilities.

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The list of problems you can solve with our healthcare app solutions

Our earned knowledge does not restrict ourselves. We serve different healthcare organizations and startups with custom solutions as the duplication does not entertain outcomes, especially in healthcare.


Appointment booking


Virtual care


Patient data management


Patient onboarding


Patient engagement


Patient meal management


Hospital inventory management


Medication order management


Medical staff management


Medical document management


Online prescription


Patient referral management


Senior care


Dementia care at home


Lab patient portal


Clinical collaboration


Medical billing


Healthcare messaging

Our Hand-picked Healthcare App Solutions

Being a healthcare IT company, we anticipate that telemedicine is here to stay and healthcare eCommerce will reach its peak market valuation.

Women's Health eCommerce like For Hers

Start a women's health eCommerce store (web/mobile app) to offer both prescription and non-prescription women's wellness products with subscription plans.

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White-label Telemedicine App Solution

Acquire a world-class telemedicine platform that is compliant with HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA, built by Canadian developers for Canadian providers.

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The global mHealth Apps market size was estimated at USD 40.2 billion in 2021 and it is predicted to reach USD 340.5 billion by 2030 and is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.79% during the forecast period 2022 to 2030.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), VR and AR are robust technologies that are widely used in healthcare app development in 2022.

Telemedicine app, mental health app, medication tracker app, symptom checker app, women wellness app, remote patient monitoring app, ePrescription app, fitness tracker app, and healthcare monitoring app are the most popular healthcare app ideas in 2023.

Why not! We have a dedicated team of healthcare compliance experts who have extensive experience in making healthcare apps compliant. Our team will briefly assess and guide your development team to develop HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA-compliant apps.

Yes. Our healthcare-specific app development consultants will help you identify the market and scope of your idea, app functionalities and features, robust technology stack and profitable monetization strategy. Once it's done, we’ll develop the app and provide ongoing support after the deployment.

Yes. We have ultimate expertise in streamlining time-consuming costlier healthcare workflows for pharmacies, LTC homes, TCU and other healthcare organizations. For that, we employ powerful technologies like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), AI, ML and DL.

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