Robotic Process Automation

Automate Any Business Work. Do Not Make Talent, a Labour.

Repetitive tasks like data-entry and invoicing eat up productive business time & talents. We are here with revolutionary automation, which will bring down your days' long job to hours without human intervention.

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If your teams fail to deliver accuracy and achieve productivity, a software bot can perform work the same as your teams - but automatically, with high accuracy and in less time.

Make your people more productive by reducing repetitive work.


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Some of the Automation Possibilities for Your Work Automation


Invoice Processing

Taxi booking

Convert Bank Statement to Excel


Extract Data from PDF

Push notifications

Purchase Order

Ride History

Convert PDF Files to Excels

Fare Calculator

Data Entry

Fare Calculator

Payroll Processing

Driver's review and rating

Email Communication


Periodic Report Preparation

Taxi booking

Resolving Customer Issues


Software Installations

Push notifications

Employment History Verification

Ride History

Hiring & Onboarding

Fare Calculator

Server Monitoring

Driver's review and rating

Vendor Management

Driver's review and rating

Product Categorization

Why should you consider Automation?


We are not replacing humans, but we are replacing tedious processes that will produce time for humans to make more innovation in their work hours. Using robotic process automation (RPA) technology, our engineers build software bots that are profitable for businesses with fixed input/output processes and predefined decision trees (steps).

SyS Creations Robotic Process Automation Service Offerings

To address the different automation requirements, approaches and goals of the organizations, we utilize our skill set in the most rewarding way with multiple offerings.

Attended Automation

Let teams manage the labour intensive part of their job with the software bots. Attended bots require human intervention. It is executed by human actions or commands.

Unattended Automation

Fully automate a task or complete workflow. Unattended bots can be triggered by events or on a fixed time. It is very purposeful in task-heavy back-office environments.

Hybrid Automation

Create a collaborative work environment for humans and robots. In such a scenario, humans and robots pass tasks to each other to attain maximum productivity.

RPA Consultation & Use Case

Know ways to implement and capitalize on automation. Our RPA consultants also help you identify the scope of automation for a process and build productive workflows.

Our Technology Partners

Great innovations in businesses can never be done by one person. We’re always extending results-oriented partnerships with industry leaders to help businesses embrace new innovations, every time.

Our Mastership in RPA development is Industry-Independent. Meaning, we serve all industries, brilliantly!



Taxi booking



Real Estate

Push notifications


Ride History


Fare Calculator


Fare Calculator


Fare Calculator


Fare Calculator


Driver's review and rating


The Most Qualified Automation Imposition Journey

Every business journey ends in a rewarding position. You can reach there one step at a time. We experienced our all clients reaching automation goals 2X faster with this 4-step journey.

Proof of Value

The first step lets you justify automation, and puts emphasis on deciding the implementation model, building a team and a framework for deployment, communication and governance.


The technology partner applies automation to process and runs it for the first time with defined requirements. The performance & output are monitored and all stakeholders give feedback.


The step-up phase involves management optimization of a newly deployed software bot, best practice establishment and automation adoption for additional business processes.


The final step revolves around activities such as creating disaster recovery & business continuity plans and promoting process improvement with six sigma to leverage the automation solution.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while on Automation Journey

You make a mistake that downgrades team productivity, delays deliveries and fails customers. It is the same as the butterfly effect - a butterfly’s move creates turbulence & it crashes the plane!

Wrong Automation Vendor Selection

Amid multiple automation vendors, it is crucial to consider their offerings in terms of software bot type, licencing costs and web or windows-based automation before selecting one.

Automating Variable Processes

Don’t automate processes having variable input/output with software bots not working on AI & ML technology. A software bot lacking intelligence can work with fixed input/output processes.

Lack of Monitoring Capabilities

Like you do with employees, monitor software bots to administrate them, validate system performance and get process statistics. It also facilitates the early discovery of a security threat.

Automating Inefficient Processes

“Automation applied to efficient processes will magnify the efficiency and automation applied to inefficient processes will magnify the inefficiency.” - Bill Gates

Our Way of Doing Automation with RPA Development

We learnt from our mistakes. Thus, over time, our approach to work with clients evolved so greatly and reached its peak where there is no scope for failure.


Requirements Gathering

Business experts understand your requirements, discuss market trends, and sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Scope Identification

The technical team finds out the scope of the automation and estimates the cost.


RPA Development

RPA developers prepare the workflow and once you approve it, they develop the software bot based on the workflow.


Software Bot Testing

A dedicated testing team aggressively tests the software bot in various scenarios and measures its performance.



RPA developers run the software bot for the first time on your computer to identify the real impact.



A software bot is now working at full potential and automating the processes it is designed for.

Resources Required to Run Automated Operations

Being a transparent RPA service provider in Ontario, Canada, we never intend to hide significant yet ‘hidden’ resources that influence both capital and operating costs.


Like an employee, a software bot requires a computer to run tasks. If you don’t want to host software bots on your computers, we can host in on our computers at our data centre under our hardware-as-a-service model.

Know Monthly Fees

Bot Maintenance Team

The bot maintenance team aims to maximize the uptime of the bot. If you don’t have an in-house bot maintenance team, you can hire our well-versed bot maintenance engineers with a pay-as-you-go model.

Know Monthly Fees

Factors Affecting Robotic Process Automation Cost

It is just a myth that automation is expensive. In reality, it is 60-70% more affordable than the amount you are currently paying to your staff.

Type of Software Bot

Unattended and attended are the major two types of Software bots. An unattended bot that can fully automate a process costs you much higher than an attended bot.

Automation Tool

Automation tools charge differently with respect to their feature set. Thus, software bot developed in UIPath costs you much higher than the Winautomation bot.

Development Hours

A software bot is the result of RPA development. RPA developers charge on an hourly basis, regardless of the process complexity and the type of software bot.

Company or Freelancer

Freelancer RPA Developers and a company charge differently as both follow different SOP, approaches and also guarantee different long-term outcome and support.


What is robotic process automation?
Robotic process automation (RPA) is nothing but the use of software bots to fully or partially automate a business process or a task that is usually performed by employees.
What are the use cases of RPA?
Data migration and entry, data updates, data validation, extracting data from PDFs, periodic report preparation, generating mass emails, creating and delivering invoices, updating CRM are the most common use cases of RPA.
What are the advantages of RPA?
The major advantages of RPA are cost-saving, improved productivity, improved quality, improved customer service and improved compliance.
Why do RPA projects fail?
An RPA project fails in two scenarios - either the business process on which the RPA solution is being implemented is not as robotic as previously thought or the deployed RPA solutions run on the more dynamic environment.
Have you previously ever deployed an RPA solution?
We have been working with many healthcare organizations, specifically pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy stores to automate their labour-intensive processes such as invoicing, reporting, prescription processing.
Can you help us to automate invoicing with PDF data extraction?
We employ OCR technology along with machine learning and AI capabilities to extract data from PDF, create individual files, store it in the desired location and send individual files to the respected customer or stakeholder, automatically.
What are some RPA security risks to be aware of?
RPA isn’t completely secure. One can disclose, steal, destroy or modify sensitive data an RPA solution is working with. Abuse of privileged access, disclosure of important data, security vulnerabilities in organizations’ network and DOS (Denial of Service) are major RPA security risks.
What measures should businesses put in place to mitigate RPA security risks?
To secure the RPA ecosystem, the organization should consider technical, process and human elements of the RPA ecosystem. An organization should also acquire Integrity, traceability, confidentiality, and control over the RPA ecosystem. Integrity ensures the accuracy and consistency of data, traceability ensures the threat discovery, confidentiality ensures the sensitive data protection, and control ensures the protection of the privileged accounts.
Can I utilize a single software robot for more than one task?
Yes, you can run a software robot for 24/7 for unlimited tasks. However, it is worth mentioning that you can utilize a robot for a single task at a given time.
Is it possible to automate windows-based processes?
Both windows-based and web-based processes can be automated. However, we generally use different automation tools for windows-based and web-based automation as a single automation tool doesn’t work perfectly in all scenarios.

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