If you are planning to develop an AR, VR, or MR-enabled real estate portal & app to make it available publicly or use it exclusively to streamline your workflow, we can develop it with remarkable UI and technologies. For those looking for ready-to-go solutions, we customize, deploy and maintain the popular real estate management software or apps.

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Why should you consider Real Estate Solutions?

In the real estate industry, a wrong move causes more havoc as it involves costly assets. Prioritizing the investment opportunities and identifying the areas with the largest return on investment are the most common challenges. Technology here helps businesses to make long-term data-driven decisions that save millions of dollars. Collaborative floor plan designing and intensive labour management are also not possible without harnessing technologies. 3D virtual property experience which can be achieved with AR technology is the game-changing buyer acquisition feature that takes buying experience to the next level.

Featured Real Estate Solutions from SyS Creations

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Real Estate App & Portal

De-escalate efforts put on broker, property and portfolio management with higher visibility, accessibility and control through mobile app or portal. This also makes legal document storing and sharing tasks easy and secure.

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AR Based Real Estate Sales

Drive more business by letting buyers get a rich buying experience of a house/condo with an AR-enabled 3D virtual tour. It enables them to place digital furniture objects and get an idea of how their furnished condo/house will look like.

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AR for Architects

Simplify floor planning with AR-enabled design tools that allow architects to digitally visualize the final design outcome before confirming it. It also facilitates more than one architect to collaborate on a project remotely.

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Remote Inspection

Eliminate the need for property managers to go on-site by letting them validate quality requirements accurately and remotely. The tenant attaches the property photographs and the property manager gets a full report of the property.

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Who can get benefited from our custom Real Estate Solutions?

Our earned knowledge does not restrict ourselves. We serve real estate organizations as well as real estate startups with a large array of technologies and with the scope of customization & ongoing IT support.


Real Estate Construction Companies


Real Estate Sales and Marketing Companies


Real Estate Startups


Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Solutions Trends

Our business experts keep an eagle eye on the market and carry out online user behaviour analytics (UBA) regularly to take the pulse of the market.

Big Data

The ability to extract patterns out of big data helps businesses design new market-entry strategies and decide property prices.

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Smart or Connected Home

Connected or next-gen homes provide one-touch monitoring capabilities. It controls the energy utilization smartly and increases home security.

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Adoption of groundbreaking technologies like AI, predictive analysis, blockchain, cloud, AR, and IoT will define the success of real estate companies in Canada.

We allocate a dedicated support team for you. You can contact this team anytime when you encounter any error.

Regardless of the business scale, we provide our all-purpose IT solutions to all real estate businesses.

Through our trusted vendors, we, SyS Creations, provide you with our real estate IT solutions.

Only IT solutions can enable real estate business owners to store and share crucial business data, customer data, and property data securely. This data can help business owners to define winning strategies and save millions. Business owners can also manage the labour, agents, and buyers very effectively, thanks to IT solutions.

By implementing AR technology, you can offer the virtual 3D experience to buyers. This technology lets buyers explore your property without visiting your site. But to deliver the virtual 3D experience to users, you need a digital medium such as a mobile app that supports AR technology.

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