The client was serving the North American healthcare market with a telemedicine app. To ensure the highest level of customer delight, he wanted to have a dedicated QA team and expertise. We helped him in achieving all the quality goals he had set for his online doctor consulting app.


: Healthcare


: Ontario, Canada


: 11-20


: 2020


: Healthcare app QA testing

  • 01
    Dedicated QA Team
  • 02
    Continuous Release
  • 03
    Whole QA Package
  • 04
    App Security and VAPT
  • 05
    Automated QA Testing

Objectives & Problem Statements

  • The client was extremely concerned about the quality of the app. The top-most priority for him was to have a specialized team of QA engineers who have been dealing with healthcare app testing and can take ownership of QA and releases.
  • The client was looking for a QA team that can seamlessly manage the continuous release which is generally integrated into the software delivery pipeline and DevOps toolchain.
  • The QA team must be able to perform all necessary types of telemedicine app QA tests so that client did not have to hire multiple teams which would naturally have increased the cost.
  • The QA team must be equipped with HIPAA compliance knowledge and have a mastership in carrying out VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing).
  • To save cost & time and achieve continuous release, the QA team must apply automated QA testing.

The Action Plan

  • Through a series of virtual calls with the client, we understood and documented every micro requirement of the client.
  • Based on the requirements, we formed a dedicated team. The team included 2 functional QA testers, 2 automated QA experts and 1 security and VAPT expert.
  • After aggressively studying the client’s software requirement specification, we defined test cases. To be precise, we defined 260 test cases for a web app and 120 test cases for mobile app.
  • We created test scripts in Java (TestNG framework). For mobile app automated testing, we used Appium and for a web app, we used Selenium. For continuous integration and delivery, we used Jenkins.
  • We carried out functional QA, load testing, integration testing, security & VAPT testing and tested a wide variety of features such as a listing of doctors, doctor search, appointment booking, data access etc while ensuring continuous release.
  • We offered a free 3 weeks of support to the client.

  • 01
    Requirement Assessment
  • 02
    Team Building
  • 03
    Defining Test Cases
  • 04
    Creating Automated Test Scripts
  • 05
    Telemedicine App QA Testing
  • 06
  • 01
    5X Faster Delivery
  • 02
    30 to 40% of Cost-Saving
  • 03
    A Secure & HIPAA Compliant App
  • 04
    Unmatched App Quality
  • 05
    Peace of Mind

The Outcome

  • Due to automated telemedicine app testing, we managed to achieve the highest ever delivery speed while not affecting the quality of deliverables.
  • We required 2 fewer resources as we adopted automated testing which enabled the client to save almost 30 to 40% in overall healthcare app QA cost.
  • The client now owns a very secure app with no privacy vulnerability. Most importantly, the app is now HIPAA compliant.
  • Due to a dedicated and specialized QA team that was independent too, the entire testing practice went unbiased, resulting in unmatched app quality.
  • The client got everything in one place. He also did not need to get involved much in the project as we looked after everything professionally while following the strict project timeline.

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