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Telemedicine App Solutions To Leverage Virtual Care Surge

Due to concern over COVID-19, patients no longer prefer to visit hospitals. They are finding virtual visits with doctors safer, faster and more affordable. However, telemedicine involves complexities related to technology, security and laws. Our dedicated teams of app developers and healthcare compliance consultants turn your app idea into HIPAA/PHIPA compliant telemedicine app with HL7 and RESTful API integrations with top EHR providers.

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Whether you are a startup, development firm or healthcare provider and finding it difficult to develop a telemedicine app while meeting all HIPAA/PHIPA requirements and integrating top EHR, our dedicated healthcare app developers and HIPAA consultants can cleverly develop the MVP version or full-fledged telemedicine app.

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Why should you consider the Telemedicine App Development solutions?


COVID-19 has caused a dramatic change in consumer behaviour across the healthcare industry. Patients now do not opt for an in-house appointment with doctors. Long waiting queue, transportation cost, and waste of time are other reasons why patients are now simply avoiding hospital visits. Instead, they are using telemedicine apps to instantly talk to registered doctors and get themselves treated from the comfort of their homes. However, there are many challenges associated with telemedicine app development. The team of healthcare app experts aim to solve all challenges to deliver you a future-ready app that fits your current as well as future business needs while meeting all healthcare laws.

Featured Telemedicine App Development Solutions from SyS Creations

In the last 6 years, we’ve discovered many useful telemedicine apps working on different technologies. To let you derive maximum benefits, we turn your any kind of telemedicine app ideas into reality within your budget.


Telemedicine App development

UI/UX Designing

App Development

EHR Integration

ePHI Security


MVP for Telemedicine App

Market Analysis

App Prototyping

Basic Features Integration

User Feedback Collection


Innovative Healthcare Apps

IoT-Based Healthcare App

AI-Based Healthcare App

Voice-Assisted Healthcare App

VR/AR-Enabled Healthcare App


HIPAA/PHIPA Consultation

Healthcare App Gap Analysis

ePHI Security Solutions

Asset & Device Audit


Best Telemedicine Apps Work on These Features

User App Features


Log In or Sign Up

Taxi booking




Push notifications

Appointment Booking

Ride History

Appointment History

Fare Calculator


Fare Calculator


Driver's review and rating

Rating & Review

Physician App Features


Healthcare Worker’s Profile

Taxi booking



Task Scheduling

Push notifications


Ride History

Call Recording

Fare Calculator

EHR Review

Driver's review and rating

Medical Prescription

Driver's review and rating

Dashboard and Analytics

Telemedicine App Development Challenges

A telemedicine app falls under the healthcare app category and developing a healthcare app is a daunting task due to the characteristics of the users and the working environment of the app.

Mobile App UI

The top user group of the telemedicine app is patients. Their goal is to have direct access to healthcare services without wasting time. Thus, it is vitally important to design the telemedicine app in such a way that a patient can navigate it easily, freely.


A telemedicine app should be able to collect, store and share patient data very precisely, in real-time. To achieve so, the app integration with top EHR is needed. However, it requires expertise to integrate EHR with the telemedicine app in a workable manner.

Healthcare Laws

A telemedicine app stores and shares crucial patient data in the electronic form (called ePHI). To ensure ePHI security, federal and state governments have imposed many healthcare laws. You need to address regulatory requirements to avoid violation charges.

Doctors Onboarding

You simply cannot offer telemedicine services to the users without the doctors. Thus, it is very important to bring licensed doctors on-board and train them to use the telemedicine solution effectively. It is also a challenge to manage doctor availability for instant care.


What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine is defined as the delivery of healthcare services using telecommunication technologies such as voice calls and video calls.
What are the top telemedicine apps available in Canada?
There are multiple telemedicine apps available in Canada. Some of them are Maple, Babylon by TELUS Health, and Akira. Read our dedicated blog to know the pros and cons of each of these apps.
What are the medication conditions that can be treated with the telemedicine app?
Primary Healthcare: Acne, Allergies, Constipation, Cough, Ear Problems, Fever, Flu, Headache, Rash, Respiratory Problems, Urinary Problems Mental Healthcare: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorder, Grief & Loss, Life Changes, Parenting Issues, Stress, Relationship Issues
How to make money with the telemedicine app?
  • Charge users based on per-visit
  • Charge users based on per-visit and goal of the visit
  • Charge users a higher amount for visits on weekends and night time during weekdays
  • Allow a user to buy a monthly subscription package
  • Allow a user to buy a monthly subscription package for multiple users (their family members)
  • Tie up with businesses to offer telemedicine medical services to their employees
Which healthcare laws are applicable to the telemedicine app?
The healthcare law which applies to your telemedicine app largely depends on the country and state you want to launch your app. For instance, PHIPA law applies to your telemedicine app if you want to deploy your telemedicine app in Ontario, Canada. In the case of the USA, there are multiple laws that can be applied to your telemedicine app. Read this blog to know USA healthcare laws.
What are some trending telemedicine app ideas?
Have you recently developed a telemedicine app?
We’ve recently developed a telemedicine platform for LTC homes named Writi that has been officially added in the list of best Ontario-based innovative tech companies by the fastest growing tech conference of North America – Collision.
I do have an in-house development team but finding it difficult to understand and implement healthcare laws. Can you help us through?
We accommodate a team of healthcare compliance experts who can help you carry out a gap analysis to find security issues with the app and solve those security issues to develop a HIPAA/PHIPA compliant app. You can read the case study here which talks about the way we helped a development firm to fill 47 security gaps.

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