Managed IT Services

IT Infrastructure, Operations, Support, Security
End-to-end DevOps Services, Near zero downtime
Trusted by Healthcare Organisations

Our data-driven and customer-centric IT infrastructure design and implementation
teams actualize the straightforward blueprint for businesses to create & nourish
solutions, save supervising and sustaining cost and enable faster collaboration
& deliverables.

  • Insightful Consultation
  • Winnable Strategy
  • Validated Infrastructure
  • Sophisticated Operation
  • Consistent Maintenance

IT Ops Enterprise Management

With our mastership in delivering and maintaining services, applications, and the technologies, implement, adopt, and manage network infrastructure, computer operations, help desk, server, and devices, economically.

We Defend Your Following Positions:

  • Installing and maintaining internal and external networks
  • Security and regulatory compliance
  • Data Center management
  • Internal help desk management
  • Licensing and managing software for internal use
  • Setting up and maintaining desktop and mobile devices with pioneering MDM (Mobile Device Management) software
  • Storage management
  • Configuring and maintaining network infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

You can build a high building on a strong foundation. We not only assess and architect IT infrastructure, but we make a foundation with a combined strong association of hardware, software, networks, development, test, backup, disaster recovery, monitor, control, and support.


Proactive IT Consultation

Every business is unique, and so do business challenges. On the Internet, you don’t get personalized solutions to your problems. Our experts are qualified to solve any complexity while keeping your budget and characteristics of your business in mind.


On-demand IT service

Let us serve you on-demand. If you have a single or even multiple IT requirements for a limited period of time, hire our dedicated team with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This model satisfies all your IT requirements more quickly, precisely, effectively and fairly than the jack of all trades, master of none!


IT Budget & Strategy Planning

Don’t be restricted to only IT budget planning. But find out the business and technical areas where you can cut costs without affecting the overall business performance and customer satisfaction. Also, get the exact estimation of the resources you have to assign for each business process to obtain more results and not waste a single resource.


Managed IT Support Specialist

IT systems are complex. They can anytime start behaving unexpectedly and affecting business workflows very severely which causes downtime. A sudden maneuver is crucial in such a scenario. Our Support Specialists understand the gravity of the goof-up and offer either remote support or fly to your location for on-premises support. We also provide long-term IT support.

Our Managed IT Support Specialists Include:

Network Specialists

Server Specialists

Security Specialists

VoIP Specialists

Cloud Specialists

Database Specialists

When you choose our Managed IT services

You enjoy reliable IT services which are maintained by us, industry experts. It is our role, and we know how to perform it proficiently.

You are always in a stress-free state as security of the whole IT infrastructure is ensured by a cabinet of Security Experts with the military-grade multi-layer security mechanisms.

You are more focused on the company’s strategic projects, as trusted executives manage other IT services.

Since we update the skill-set of all connected systems of IT infrastructure with every new technology, your stakeholders are always communicating with latest and feature-packed systems.

We are always on standby in case of any mishap. We aim to solve it before it starts influencing day-to-day operations negatively.

When you are on your own

Overburdened staff cannot maintain IT services properly, which often results in unstable IT operations and delayed deliveries.

Intruders are living somewhere in your network and accessing some of the very crucial company information. They can infect the whole network with trojans and ransomware within minutes which can drag your organization towards the dead end.

You are investing money and efforts to hire staff and train them to do what SyS Creations can do economically and more authentically.

One of the reasons why you are still far away from your business goals is the old-fashioned systems, working on old school technologies.

You do not have support engineers who can respond quickly and so, many day-to-day operations of your organizations can come to standstill in case of any mishap.


I am looking for an IT Consultant for my hospital, clinic, and pharmacy. How would I get it?

By directly contacting us, you can hire our dedicated IT consultant. However, to serve you with the most suitable consultant, we encourage you to share more about your requirements and goals. We accommodate many IT consultants with diverse backgrounds and experience.

How can you secure my network?

Our security specialists scan your network and find out the vulnerabilities. They later eliminate these vulnerabilities with the multi-layer security mechanism.

What are the future trends in the Healthcare IT Industry?

Big data, cloud technology, secure collaboration, IoT devices, AR & VR technology, paperless process and telemedicine are the future trends in the Healthcare IT industry.

How can I save as much as 25% with the IT Support Service?

Rather than hiring people for each different support service, you have SyS Creations for all your IT support needs. A proven technique, helping many organizations to save more than 25% on their network, server, VoIP settings and database bugs.

How will you deliver solutions?

Depending on your requirements, we either solve your queries on the phone or even fly to your door. For instance, we fly to your place if your need is installing and maintaining internal & external networks, and we assist you on the phone if you want to troubleshoot network error.

Whom should I contact if I encounter any trouble in the future?

We take responsibility for our work. We even take responsibility for the work our partnered vendors have done for you. Meaning, you have to contact us for any support you want.

How can you secure my network from ransomware?

We keep server, virus definitions, and client OS up-to-date and only install enterprise-class Antivirus in all systems. We allow only corporate provided devices to connect to the network. Personal devices should be on the segmented network with restricted access. Personal devices, even with restricted access, must have some sort of Antivirus installed to connect to your network.

Can you help us to obtain loss data?

Have a backup of all systems and keep it offsite and connect to the network only when doing the backup and then disconnect from any network access from locally or remotely. Yes, we do this in our organization.

What precautions would you suggest to not have any ransomware on our enterprise servers?

Disable RDP port to access the server directly. It should be accessible through client VPN to network and then use the RDP connection to the server.

  • Disable not required services on the server.
  • Follow best practices by Vendor.
  • Since Windows 7 now only gets limited support and security updates, move to Windows 10 as soon as you can.
  • Keep Network Firewall software up-to-date.
  • If the Intrusion Prevention System has a built-in firewall, keep its signature definitions up-to-date.
  • Keep windows firewall on with updated Antivirus and OS.
I own a lot of data. Can I host it on the cloud?

Yes, the data storage capacity of the cloud is beyond the data you have.