Whether you want on-site IT support or remote support, our team takes control over your IT infrastructure and manages it thoroughly. If you’re starting from scratch, we design, build, deploy and then manage the IT infrastructure so that you cannot misfire any business opportunity.

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Why should you consider managed IT services?

Lack of expertise and costly workforce influence the IT transformation journey and even day-to-day IT operations of businesses. Here is where a managed IT services provider (MSP) plays its role. An MSP works with an aim to let businesses derive operational and financial benefits.

With MSP, a hospital can focus more on rapid patient care rather than IT operations which results in shorter waiting times. A manufacturing unit can scale down IT infrastructure during the holiday season to save IT costs and scale up again to meet demand.

IT Managed Services Offerings

Insightful consultation, winnable strategy, validated infrastructure, sophisticated operations, and consistent maintenance are five pillars of our IT managed services.

IT Infrastructure

We not only assess & architect IT infrastructure, but we make a foundation with a combined strong association of hardware, software, development, test, backup, disaster recovery, monitor, control & support.

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Server Management

Attain unmatched IT uptime & availability with rapid detection, remediation & ongoing maintenance of bare-metal & cloud servers. 15 mins response to errors is not our promise but it is our way of working.

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A network is the means of global reach & collaboration. Be it enterprise Wi-Fi network or wired network with VPN & network monitoring capabilities, we design, deploy & sustain the network infrastructure.

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Proactive IT Consultation

On the Internet, you don’t get personalized solutions to your IT problems. But our experts are qualified to solve IT complexity while keeping your budget & characteristics of your business in mind.

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On-Demand IT Service

Let us serve you on-demand. If you have IT requirements for a limited period of time, hire our dedicated team with a pay-as-you-go model. We'll be available 24/7, but serve you on-demand to save your spending.

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Data Centre & Storage

Keep pace with growing demands. Whether you are planning to modernize your current data centre or deploy a fresh one, we can help you transform, build & manage the data centre, optimized for the cloud.

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Backup & Recovery

High data availability is crucial for business continuity. We remotely backup data, created by remote & branch offices & store it securely. Disaster recovery planning neutralizes negative events’ effects.

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Endpoint Management

Endpoints were the cause of 70% successful breaches. Thus, we not only install, configure & maintain the endpoints but ensure endpoint security on desktop, laptops, smartphones, POS, tablets & servers.

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Our Technology Partners

We form a results-oriented partnership with industry leaders. Our versatile partnership model enables our clients to deploy both premium and affordable IT hardware and software solutions while meeting their budget requirements.

Reasons to Count on Us

We understand the IT pain. Thus our offerings in managed IT services are extensive. We do not compete with our competitors. But we definitely amplify your IT reach so that you can get a competitive edge and seize the rarest market opportunities.



We generate a bill on a fixed interval with no hidden and extra charges. Throughout the term, you have to pay the decided amount.



You aren’t tied to policies that restrict your moves. With time and circumstances, you can change focus service and engagement model.

Notable Vendors


We’ve tied up with industry-leaders including Google and Microsoft to let you run your business with modern IT technologies.

One-Stop Support


In the case of error or query, our dedicated support team quickly provides remote support or on-premises support.


By directly contacting us, you can hire our dedicated IT consultant. However, to serve you with the most suitable consultant, we encourage you to share more about your requirements and goals. We accommodate many IT consultants with diverse backgrounds and experience.

Our security specialists scan your network and find out the vulnerabilities. They later eliminate these vulnerabilities with the multi-layer security mechanism.

Big data, cloud technology, secure collaboration, IoT devices, AR & VR technology, paperless process and telemedicine are the future trends in the Healthcare IT industry.

Rather than hiring people for each different support service, you have SyS Creations for all your IT support needs. A proven technique, helping many organizations to save more than 25% on their network, server, VoIP settings and database bugs.

Depending on your requirements, we either solve your queries on the phone or even fly to your door. For instance, we fly to your place if your need is installing and maintaining internal & external networks, and we assist you on the phone if you want to troubleshoot network error.

We take responsibility for our work. We even take responsibility for the work our partnered vendors have done for you. Meaning, you have to contact us for any support you want.

We keep the server, virus definitions, and client OS up-to-date and only install enterprise-class Antivirus in all systems.

We allow only corporate provided devices to connect to the network. Personal devices should be on the segmented network with restricted access.

Personal devices, even with restricted access, must have some sort of Antivirus installed to connect to your network.

Disable RDP port to access the server directly. It should be accessible through client VPN to network and then use the RDP connection to the server.

Disable not required services on the server.

Follow best practices by Vendor.

Since Windows 7 now only gets limited support and security updates, move to Windows 10 as soon as you can.

Keep Network Firewall software up-to-date.

If the Intrusion Prevention System has a built-in firewall, keep its signature definitions up-to-date.

Keep windows firewall on with updated Antivirus and OS.

Have a backup of all systems and keep it offsite and connect to the network only when doing the backup and then disconnect from any network access from locally or remotely. Yes, we do this in our organization.

Our thoughts & opinions

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