An Ontario-based healthcare-focused organization approached us with the requirement of carrying out PIA in order to first find and then solve all privacy vulnerabilities. They were working on the project of a telemedicine product that needed to be free from all privacy issues.


: Healthcare


: Ontario, Canada


: 2-10


: 2021



  • 01
    Experienced Canadian PIA Experts Only
  • 02
    PIA Consultation, Execution and Documentation
  • 03
    Privacy Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • 04
    Assistance to Development Team

Objectives & Problem Statements

  • The client was looking for only Canada-based experienced PIA experts who have prior experience executing PIA and follow Canadian standards of quality.
  • The client wanted to not only execute PIA but be aware of PIA and document the process and outcome of the PIA for any future needs.
  • Once all privacy gaps are known, the PIA expert must suggest workable solutions with long-term strategies to fill all privacy gaps effectively.
  • The client wanted to make a technical implementation eliminating privacy issues of the telemedicine project easy for his development team.

The Action Plan

  • PIA auditors determined if the client’s project involves the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.
  • We later gathered important information about the project such as stakeholders & key players and how & in which cases their personal information will be collected, used and disclosed. To understand clearly, we analyzed the business process diagrams and personal information flows.
  • With the help of data gathered in the last step, we identified the requirements of applicable privacy laws, potential risks and how it affects privacy. We found out different workable ways or solutions to eliminate all risks. To implement those solutions, we also helped the development team.
  • We prepared a PIA report by documenting all privacy risks found during PIA and recommended solutions.

  • 01
    Preliminary Analysis
  • 02
    Project Analysis
  • 03
    Privacy Analysis
  • 04
    PIA Report
  • 01
    Known Privacy Issues
  • 02
    Solved Privacy Issues
  • 03
    Well-prepared PIA Report
  • 04
    Peace of Mind

The Outcome

  • The organization found all privacy vulnerabilities its project had.
  • The organization implemented solutions to eliminate all privacy vulnerabilities successfully.
  • The organization now has well-prepared documentation of all privacy issues and solutions which is recommended by Privacy Commissioners to keep.
  • Most importantly, the organization is now not prone to privacy glitches or data breaches.

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