Backup and Security Management

Assure Well-Planned Steps Before, During, and After the Data Crisis

When a data crisis hits - due to a cyber-attack or just a wrong user click - each second costs thousands of dollars. Remote workstations fan the flame. Our disaster recovery plan along with RPA-enabled data backup service makes in-house & remote teams play wild but safe with data.

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Whether you are lacking an in-house dedicated workforce for the daily full machine online/offline backup or lacking a disaster recovery plan, fill those gaps with our data engineers and tailored disaster recovery plan.

Recover Lost Data or Shield Data Like Never Before


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Why should you consider the Backup and Disaster Recovery service?


The way power outage affects your life, data-loss affects your business!

Data backup service ensures that you always have an extra copy of the data if the original copy gets deleted during business operations, software upgrades or due to cyber-attack & physical damage.

Whereas the disaster recovery plan establishes steps to quickly restore apps, data, IT resources after an outage.

SyS Creations Backup & Disaster Recovery Service Offerings s

Our 30 years of combined experience makes us aware of the challenges a business can encounter. We curated the data recovery service offerings with the highest state of awareness so that we can solve every single data-related challenge of small, medium and even large scale businesses.


Online & Offline Backup

Automated/Manual Daily Backup

G-Suite/Office 365/Full Machine Backup

Servers/NAS/VM/Endpoints Backup

Data Storage Infrastructure Setup/Support


Cloud Backup

Automated/Manual Daily Backup

Backup Storage Infrastructure Setup

Reporting & Notification

Hybrid Cloud Backup


Disaster Recovery

15-Minute Recovery Plan

Support Remote Sites/Multiple Clouds

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Web-based Control


Centralized Management

Dedicated Online Portal

Check Device and Backup Health

Automated Actions/Tasks

Personalized Alerts

Reasons to Count on Us

We work with both SMEs and large enterprises. Both of them experience almost the same data backup challenges but at different scales which requires a different delivery approach for the same data backup solution. We’ve mastered multi-model solution delivery to help all businesses regardless of their business position.

Long-Serving Team

We’ve been in the industry for more than 6 years and restored many millions of files for the cloud and bare-metal storage infrastructure.

A True Business Partner

We’re always ready to go beyond the contract norms to serve you in a better way. This fuels our business relationship and ensures better results.

Strategic SOP

We plan an SOP with mutual understanding. With a well-planned SOP, we always have a checklist for any data-crisis to mitigate it easily.

Pay For Done Work Only

We don’t charge for work. We charge for done work only. You also do not need to pay us if our efforts do not transform into good results.


What is the difference between data backup and disaster recovery?
Data backup is the basic practice of storing a copy of data in the same storage location or a new storage location. In the case of a data-loss event, we can easily restore data as we already have a copy of it.

On the other hand, disaster recovery is a process with multiple steps that we need to follow in the case of the data-loss event to restore the full data in the shortest possible time while not affecting the business operations.
Have you previously offered your service to any company?
We accommodate a dedicated team of data engineers who have restored many files and also offer ongoing data-related services such as data backup, data recovery, data security to many SMEs and even large enterprises across North America.
We recently lost all of the data from servers. Can you help us to restore it?
We deploy the best tools and practice to quickly restore your lost data. We also have the expertise in restoring bare-metal server data to the cloud and cloud data to the bare-metal server.
How do you deliver your service?
You can either hire our data engineers before the data-loss event or after it. If you hire us before the data crisis, we eliminate it before it hits you and if you hire us after the data-crisis, we first clear the mess and then make sure you won’t face similar problems in future.
We also provide ongoing service to offload your everyday worries related to the data.
What is your RPA-enabled data backup service?
In it, there is no human intervention. A software-based robot activates itself on a fixed time, takes backup of all files, prepares the report and keeps the system administrator updated.
How can I never lose data?
One need to follow the 3-2-1 rule - keep 3 copies of your files, store it on 2 types of storage infrastructure, with 1 copy stored offsite.
Is it important to test the disaster recovery steps?
Absolutely. Like the navy performs mock drills to identify their lacking abilities, you should test the disaster recovery plan to find out its effectiveness. We suggest testing it once in three months. To test it, you need to create a fake data-loss environment and execute the recovery plan while measuring its success.
Where do you serve?
We’re headquartered in Burlington, Ontario and we serve in entire Canada regardless of the industry.

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