Assisted Living Software Development: Offer Personal & Medication Assistance in the True Sense

2 years ago

Assisted living facilities are helping enormously to older adults with their personal and medical assistant needs. 

However, running an assisted living facility is full of roadblocks.

For instance, it needs streamlined – scheduling and communication management workflows in order to focus on the quality of care experience.

But with assisted living software development, one can sidestep all these time-consuming and costly roadblocks with ease.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the assisted living software.

The need for the assisted living software development

Being health tech professionals, we are fully aware of the hardships in assisted living facilities.

Because we frequently get in touch with the caregivers of the living facilities.

And here are some of the difficulties they are confronted with in their ecosystem.

  • Staff burnout
  • Tough competition
  • Data management is a headache
  • Not able to focus on the residents' modern needs
  • Poor staff scheduling management

As a consequence, it is poorly shattering the care experience of the residents and the overall ROI of the facilities.

Thus, it’s crucial for assisted living facilities to implement a software solution to stay always on top in terms of care solutions and ROI.

Assisted living software development: How does it help the facilities offer painless care solutions?

Assisted living facilities offer a number of personal and medical care solutions such as,

  • Personal care, including dressing and bathing
  • Monitoring of medication
  • Emergency care
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Social and recreational activities

Using the software, facilities can effortlessly manage all the critical aspects of the care solutions from staffing scheduling to administrative management hassle-free.

As a result, it gives benefits such as,

#1. Improves care outcomes:

Assisted living software backs the caregivers to focus more on the care experience.

For instance,

  • Faster and secure access to residents’ medical data
  • Can explore the task that needs to be done
  • Can create personalized care plans
  • Real-time notifications for the medication schedules

#2. Streamlines the workflow of the care providers:

A poor workflow results in deficient care outcomes and burnout of the caregivers. Using the software, facilities can effortlessly address those concerns without adding any complexity.

For instance,

  • Assign the task as per the residents’ needs
  • Real-time tracking of the care providers
  • Can automate the repetitive tasks
  • Efficient and error-free documentation management
  • Establish the work priority 
  • Eliminate the manual data entry and errors

#3. Enhance the productivity of facilities:

Assisted living software facilitates the productivity of facilities by allowing them to focus more on the residents’ related care responsibilities.

For instance,

  • It reduces the administrative paperwork.
  • Faster, easy and secure data management
  • Eliminates the time-consuming inventory management
  • Enhances the supply chain management processes
  • Access the data at any time, from anywhere

#4. Reduces operational and overhead costs:

The software enables the caregivers to avoid manual tasks and other repetitive operational activities which initially helps lower the cost of the assisted living facilities.

  • Faster residents admission procedure
  • Efficient staff scheduling solution
  • Manage all the financial transactions with ease

#5. Helps to attract more residents:

Assisted living software development backs the facilities to offer a pleasing quality of care experienced by letting them provide a resident-centred care approach.

This way, it assists them to attract more residents which initially enriches the ROI along with creating a strong market presence.

Features of the assisted living software development that gives desired outcomes

#1. Profile of the residents:

  • Admission information
  • Contact details including family contacts
  • Food habits and interest
  • Medication details
  • Allergies and medical records

#2. Employee or caregivers data:

  • Contact details
  • Qualification details
  • Shift information
  • Performance and reports

#3. Report to analyze the progress:

  • Progress report of the residents
  • Residents' exercise activities reports
  • Care outcomes report
  • Track earning and expenses
  • Emergency or medical conditions reports

#4. Staff scheduling:

  • Assign tasks as per the residents’ care needs
  • Track and analyze the various task
  • Real-time notifications to the caregivers
  • Cancel or rearrange the staffing needs

#5. Other common features:

  • Care planning
  • Billing and invoicing
  • The payroll of the caregivers
  • Insurance management
  • Technical support

Frequently asked questions of assisted living facilities owners

As a healthcare IT company, we have faced a lot of questions regarding assisted living software development and the following are some of the common ones.

Question-1: What to choose Custom or pre-built software?

It completely depends on your needs and investment capital.

But as health tech experts, we suggest custom assisted living software development.

But why?

  • You are the complete owner of the software
  • More flexibility, scalability, and transparency
  • Software code ownership
  • High ROI on a long-term basis
  • Can avoid the bugs and errors
  • No need to follow the usage guidelines
  • Development as per your needs
  • Fully compliant software

Question-2: What to look for in the assisted living software?

Here are some critical aspects that you must consider for custom development solutions.

  • Interactive user interface
  • Fully compliance with the data privacy laws
  • Has advanced compatibility
  • Scalability and flexibility in terms of performance and usage
  • Future-ready tech stack
  • Easy to use
  • Possibilities for the integration with other health tech systems
  • Feature set

Question-3: Is it important to choose healthcare-specific developers?

Undeniably, Yes!!!

Because non-healthcare-specific developers lack the understanding of the assisted living standards and their challenges.

In fact, they aren’t aware of the consequences of the compliance laws.

Thus, you must hire a healthcare-specific developer who understands every ins and outs of the assisted living facilities.

So, if you want to improve the quality of care, ensure operational efficiency and lower the burnout of the caregivers, know how we can become your technical, business and compliance partner for the same.

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