Benefits of RPA: Business Benefits + Employee Benefits

4 years ago

Robotic process automation (RPA) sounds futuristic and costly as the word ‘automation’ associates with it.

But remember, it is the very lightweight software-based automation, not the automation you grow up watching in sci-fi films!

It automates any business work and enhances business efficiency, productivity & ultimately profitability.

Unfortunately, this is what everyone claims except the guy who actually needs RPA for business.

That’s why let’s validate, will RPA actually help your employees and your business on the ground level?

To present a clear view, I am dividing the RPA benefits in ‘Business Benefits’ and ‘Employee Benefits’.

Benefits of RPA (Business Benefits)

1. Cost Saving

Without RPA
With RPA
You are paying a high wage to the employees for performing the single task for only 8-9 hours daily.You are paying a fixed annual licencing fee for a single RPA robot for performing multiple tasks 24/7.

2. Fastest Service Delivery

Without RPA
With RPA
Needless to say that a human takes more time to perform a task and often delays the delivery. He can also never estimate the precise required time to complete the task.A robot not only completes the task much faster but it also estimates the required time precisely and finishes the task within it. So, no delayed delivery!

3. Easy to Hire, Train and Maintain

Without RPA
With RPA
Almost 50% of company revenue goes into the HR budget and it is later spent on employee hiring, training and management.A one-time development cost is the hiring cost. No training required. And you need to manage it only if it shows errors.

4. Easy to Assign a New Task

Without RPA
With RPA
Before giving the new task to an employee, you need to train him and monitor him doing the task, yet no accuracy guaranteed.With only a few changes in an RPA bot, it is ready to perform a new task automatically, with high accuracy.

5. Useful Insights/Data

Without RPA
With RPA
Employees already delaying delivery further delays it if they record task details. And if they record, fail to record properly.It is a smart software robot that stores all task information in an organized manner. Authorized persons can anytime access it.

Benefits of RPA (Employee Benefits)

Disclaimer: Employee benefits are ultimately business benefits. But since automation affects employees prior to affecting businesses, it is worth discussing.

6. Less Burdened Staff

Without RPA
With RPA
Staff is always on the edge following deadlines, assuring accuracy and performing same tedious & repetitive tasks.RPA robot performs labour-intensive parts of the job and leaves light-weight tasks for the staff, making them less burdened.

7. Upskilling made easy!

Without RPA
With RPA
Employees engaged in repetitive tasks can not use their intelligence in strategic tasks and do not have time for upskilling.Less-burdened employees can utilize their skills in strategic tasks & upskill themselves that help the company too.

8. More Human Interaction & Knowledge Sharing

Without RPA
With RPA
They come to the workplace, lead boring tasks to completion (anyhow) and leave for home. They are humans but work like robots!They utilize their intelligence, make strategic decisions, learn new things and share with team members. Because they have robots as slaves to complete tasks!

Yes, it is a myth that automation is eating up jobs. It actually builds a skilled workforce by adding up time for them!

But sadly, it will take time for people to understand this fact!

Meanwhile, you can prepare your organization for future market revolution - automation!

In case you are wondering,

Cost of Robotic Process Automation

Two factors that influence the cost are the type of RPA robot and development cost.

An attended robot that requires human mediation: $1300 a year as UIPath licensing cost

An unattended robot that runs by itself: $8000 a year as UIPath licensing cost

Talking about development cost, RPA developers generally charge around $40 per hour.

At the end of the day, automation costs you around 70% less than the amount you’re paying your staff for performing the tasks that robots can easily perform!

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