Best Dock Alternative to Manage Your Tasks Securely with Less Frustration & Highest ROI

1 month ago

No doubt, Dock Health is a great product.

And we admire its strong mission to remove the clinical and administrative hassle by offering its HIPAA-compliant task management software.

However, like every pre-built software, it delivers value – but in specific cases!

When should you consider Dock Health?

Situation-1: If you’re an individual practitioner with limited requirements.

Dock Health follows a pay-per-user pricing model which starts from $15/month/user.

And this type of pricing model is perfect for individual practitioners.

Because large-scale organizations have internal and external teams.

And to fulfill their requirements, they need to pay extra for each user which never gives a high ROI in the long term.

Situation-2: You are comfortable with limited features.

Like every SaaS product, Dock Health also follows the “pay extra for add-ons”.

For example, if you have a small team and you purchase its basic plan ($15/month/user), you’ll not be able to configure the tasks as per your requirements.

And to configure the tasks, you have to pay $25/month/user!

Situation 3: You don’t have long-term needs.

If your idea is to use Dock Health for a few months then it is the best option for you.

As it allows you to use its HIPAA-compliant tasks management software for nominal pricing.

But if you have a long-term vision, it’s not the best option to consider.

Because it's hard to achieve your clinical and high ROI goals with limitations in customization and workflows.

So, if you have these above situations then – there is no need to go for any Dock alternatives.

But if you have unique branding and workflow requirements along with a long-term vision, then we have the best Dock Health alternative.

Our white-label HIPAA-compliant task management software!

A few points that make it one of the best Dock alternatives in 2023

  • It has no-code capabilities.

There is no need to stick with the same workflows.

You can configure the product as per your requirements.

  • It’s HIPAA-compliant.

Whether it's task management or communication with patients and team members, everything is HIPAA-compliant.

  • No monthly or yearly pricing model.

You just need to pay a one-time licensing fee and get the ultimate transparency with lifetime usage rights.

  • An unlimited number of users can access it.

No hidden costs. Add users as many as you want.

  • Customize it as per your unique branding and workflow requirements

If you want to customize the product, our in-house healthcare-specific development team is ready to help you.

For that, you will need to pay a nominal development fee (as per the number of hours our team will spend on customization).

  • Multi-user architecture

Means, there is a separate web portal available for patients and internal and external team members so that they can manage their tasks efficiently.

In case you are wondering, here are the real-world screenshots of it.

to do list

Use cases of our white-label HIPAA-compliant task management software

  • Medication tracker

You can create a custom medication checklist or template in just minutes and share it with the patients and their caregivers.

And it has a multi-layer architecture, both patients and their caregivers can manage the medication tracker from a separate portal.

  • Daily checks

You can create a daily checklist and share it with your internal and external team members.

This allows them to view and perform daily tasks without missing out.

  • Set automatic reminders

This is something that makes our platform the best Dock health alternative.

You can set a reminder for each task with your own content.

This helps you and your team members not miss out the important tasks whether it's related to clinical or administrative tasks.

  • Patient activities and follow-ups

You can create a task list for a patient's daily and weekly activities and can share it with their care providers.

This allows care providers to take necessary actions on a timely basis.

In fact, patients can also view their activity tasks from the dashboard.

  • Patient onboarding and discharge

You can easily create and share complete task lists of patient onboarding to the discharge – for both clinical and administrative tasks.

  • Inventory and asset management

You can manage everything related to your inventory and asset management in a collaborative manner.

In which your team members can – update the stock status, manage quantity, etc.

How to acquire our best Dock alternative?

It takes only 6 steps to make your healthcare task management faster, secure, and more reliable with the best ROI!

Step-1: Fill up the contact form.

Step-2: We’ll reach out to you within 3 to 6 hours and set the time for the live demo.

Step-3: We’ll give you a live demo of the product along with its costs.

Step-4: If it suits you, we’ll hear your customization requirements.

Step-5: Our in-house design, development, QA and compliance team will customize the product.

Step-6: Once it is done, we’ll host the software on your server and share the lifetime usage rights.

(And this entire customization process takes us a maximum of 60 business working days.)

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