Develop a Healthcare Staffing App Like to Address Healthcare Labour Shortage

3 months ago

[Note: We do not duplicate any app. We define a unique feature set, unique workflow and unique user experience.]

According to Statistics Canada, job openings for nurses have increased significantly, but many positions remain vacant. 

The most popular job portal - Indeed - revealed that nursing job postings receive very fewer clicks as compared to other job postings. Even, we saw it on Jooble.

This suggests a growing labour shortage in the healthcare industry. 

However, there are a few organizations that are leveraging technology to address the healthcare labour shortage. 

One such an organization is BookJane. 

BookJane is helping healthcare entities fill staff shifts on short notice with its innovative healthcare staffing platform or BookJane App

If you’re planning to develop a healthcare staffing app like BookJane, this blog will help you in multiple ways. 

About BookJane App and recent investment they seized from Revera Senior Care

Let’s start with, 

BookJane Company Information: 

BookJane has been very active and successful in the healthcare industry since 2016. 

During their initial days, they were providing a platform for the highest quality of in-home care. 

They later evolved so greatly that they are now the largest network of caregivers in the entire North America. 

They are working very closely with retirement homes, long-term care homes, hospitals, child care centres and agencies. 

BookJane Platform or BookJane App: 

BookJane is solving one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry - labour shortage - using technology. 

All licensed caregivers register themselves on the app. From the app, they can accept a shift added or requested by healthcare entities. 

Caregivers can access all details of the shift such as date, time, location before accepting it. 

The BookJane app works like Uber. But here, healthcare facilities have the ability to select their preferred caregivers for shifts. 

So, ultimately, it is the gig economy for healthcare professionals! 

Caregivers get steady work because of the BookJane’s extensive partnership with 700 healthcare facilities and agencies across North America. 

Agencies can also leverage the BookJane platform by easily finding open shifts and filling it with the team they have. 

BookJane is most useful to care facilities. 

Whenever they are in need of caregivers, they can add shift details and fill shifts in very short notice. 

This way, care facilities can increase their shift fulfillment rates by 90%. 

Revera Senior Care investing $1 million in BookJane: 

Revera is a very prominent name in the healthcare industry. 

With their 50,000 employees, Revera Long Term Care is providing exceptional care and services to seniors across Canada, the USA and the UK. 

Recently, Revera Senior Care invested $1 million in BookJane through its Innovators in Aging Program.

A major challenge associated with an app like BookJane

BookJane app works in the gig economy and meeting demand with sufficient supply has been the major challenge for all on-demand apps. 

You always need to make sure that there are enough caregivers registered on your platform and ready to accept shifts to actually help care facilities fill shifts effortlessly. 

Otherwise, they will feel the same you feel when you want to book an Uber ride but the app shows ‘no ride available in your area!’ 

Features to add in the healthcare staffing  app 

In every on-demand app, there are 2 app modules - one for users and one for service providers or gig workers. 

(Here, users are healthcare facilities and service providers are caregivers.)

User App Features: 

  • Signup/ Login 
  • Profile 
  • Jobs/Shifts Listing 
  • Jobs/Shifts Listing Status 
  • Jobs/Shifts Listing History 
  • Jobs/Shifts Management 
  • Chat/Call 
  • Caregivers’ Profile Access 
  • Reviews/Feedback 

Service Provider App Features: 

  • Signup/ Login 
  • Profile 
  • Available Jobs/Shifts 
  • Shifts /Jobs Details 
  • Navigation to Shift Location 
  • Payment 
  • Chat/Call 
  • Reviews/Feedback 
  • Job/Payment History 

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