Build Clinical Trial Recruitment App to Make Clinical Recruitment Process 5X Faster and Free from Phone Calls

3 months ago

Let’s start this blog with some common concerns in medical research recruitment.

The Primary Challenges in the Clinical Trial Recruitment and Retention

When it comes to clinical trial recruitment and retention, it is the most challenging aspect for healthcare professionals.

Clinical trial recruitment challenges

These challenges arise due to,

  • Inadequate patient or participant retention
  • Less effective trial approaches by the medical staff
  • Lack of awareness among the participants about the clinical trial
  • The volunteers are not qualified enough for the trial
  • Lack of follow-up support
  • Not offering virtual visit solutions or instant care 

As a result, clinical trial sites struggle with achieving their recruitment and medical research goals.

For that reason,

  • 85% of clinical trials fail to retain enough volunteers
  • 80% of clinical trials fail to finish in the desired time 
  • 50% of sites enroll one or no patients in their clinical study
  • 40% of the total USA pharmaceutical clinical trials investment goes toward recruitment (Almost $1.89 Billion)
  • 30% of patients drop out of the clinical trial

So, how can you improve clinical trial recruitment?

Well, with our comprehensive market research, we discovered that a clinical trial team must adopt the approaches that make the trial process easier and more engaging for the patients.

To do so, a clinical trial recruitment app or tools is the superior solution.

With the help of a clinical trial app, you can simply deliver peace of mind to your clinical trial participants.

As a result, it directly enables you to improve the overall volunteers' recruitment and retention approaches.

So, how can an app crack those primary issues? Let’s discover it in detail.

How Can You Improve Volunteer Recruitment with a Clinical Trial Recruitment App or Tool?

As smartphones are always with the participants, the clinical trial tools allow you to communicate with them in real-time, regarding the clinical trial process, interview delays, retention trials, and many more.

Besides, explore the use cases of the app in the clinical trial recruitment or retention process.

Benefits of the clinical trial recruitment app

1. Fast and convenient registration process for the patients

The clinical trial app simplifies the enrollment process with some frequently asked questions (chatbots) about the recruitment and clinical trial process.

As a result, patients don’t have to communicate with the medical team regarding the clinical trial queries by either calling them or writing emails.

2. Speeds up the interview process

The clinical trial app enables the medical team to conduct the interview with the participants without any complexity.

Also, the app reminds volunteers about the interview timing by sending the notification via SMS and email.

In addition to this, you can set the interactive interview question for the participants that enables you to speed up the pre-screening process.

3. Improves patient engagement with study awareness programs

As we said earlier, most of the participants quit the clinical trial due to a lack of awareness regarding the program.

For that reason, you can offer a study program by sharing some of the essential information in the app. 

With that, volunteers will understand the importance of your clinical trial program which makes your clinical trial recruitment process more efficient.

4. Send reminders for recruitment or next-stage processes

Give the SMS or email notification to the participants about the interview, screening process, next recruitment stage, and medication by using the clinical trial tool.

You can also send the messages in bulk or in a personalized manner as per the participants' performance.

As a result, it saves you valuable time and enables you to focus on the other key recruitment tasks.

5. Integrate medical records of the participants to improve the overall clinical trial outcomes

To perform an effective clinical trial, understanding the patient's historic medical condition is the most important task.

Integration of the participants' medical records (EHR/EMR) with the clinical trial app, helps you to analyze the participants' health records and potential risks. 

With that data, you can create more appropriate clinical trial approaches to improve the overall study outcomes.

6. Wearable device integration to analyze the participants' health conditions in real-time

By integrating wearable technology with the clinical trial recruitment app, medical staff can understand the patient's medical condition in real time during the onboarding phase itself.

With that, the clinical trial team can determine the eligibility of participants based on their real-time health condition in a very early stage of the recruitment.

7. Telemedicine or virtual care solution to attract more participants

So far, it is one of the essential aspects that not many clinical trial teams are offering.

Sometimes, volunteers are not able to travel to your clinical sites or they just want to avoid the long travel time for the clinical treatment.

In both cases, you can offer telemedicine services by using the clinical trial recruitment tools. It saves the patients valuable time and overall traveling expenses.

8. Eliminate the manual data entry which improves the data accuracy

In clinical recruitment, entering the participants' several health-related data into the healthcare system consumes valuable time for the clinical team.

Furthermore, because of the manual data entry, there is a high possibility of medical errors.

But using the clinical trial recruitment app, there is no need to worry about medical errors as it automatically fetches and enters the patient's medical records into the EMR/EHR or clinical trial management system.

What is the Future of the Apps in Clinical Trial Recruitment?

Now you have a clear understanding of how clinical trial apps can simplify and improve your participants' recruitment process.

It enables you to focus on the patient's engagement and clinical trial strategies rather than the tedious recruitment process which is the primary reason behind the less effective clinical trial approaches.

Furthermore, clinical trial tools make communication between the medical team and participants more efficient which reduces the overall investment in clinical research.

As a result, clinical trial teams can achieve their research and recruitment process goals in the given time.

For that reason, not only clinical trials but also the entire healthcare industry is adopting this time-saving and cost-effective solution of the apps.

As per a recent survey, ​​"The global virtual clinical trials market size was estimated at 7.8 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2022 to 2030".

Clinical trial market

From the above benefits, we can safely say that the clinical trial recruitment app is going to revolutionize in the upcoming years.

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