Healthcare IT Staffing in Canada: Fill Healthcare IT Skill Gap in Your Organization Instantly

6 months ago

“Healthcare staffing is no longer about hiring only medical experts and nurses”.

We are an Ontario-based healthcare IT company, we comprehend how the Canadian healthcare industry needs experienced IT staff to ensure continuity of care and tech-enabled quality care. 

Thus, here are the major things that we offer as healthcare IT staffing solutions in Canada.

  • Providing a talented and experienced healthcare IT team as per the business requirements 
  • We have a highly-qualified healthcare compliance specialists too  
  • Expert team of healthcare IT professionals who can meet your business goals

Why choose us?

Because when it comes to healthcare IT, it’s the only thing we have been doing for over 8+ years.

In other words, we chose to be a healthcare-specific IT company against all odds. 

Discover how we can help you with our healthcare IT staffing solutions.

Our Top-Notch Healthcare IT Staffing Solutions in Canada

As a healthcare IT company, we consistently focus on delivering the most profitable healthcare IT solutions that suit healthcare business needs.

To accomplish that, below are our healthcare IT staffing services to fill your internal skill gap instantly. 

1. Managed IT services (Server engineers and network engineers):

Managed IT services

With our managed IT services, you can simply focus on your core business without worrying about IT crises.

  • We create robust IT infrastructure with our workable approach that satisfies your IT needs.
  • Store your valuable business data with our server management solution which includes server – setup, update, monitoring, and virtualization.
  • We provide complete networking solutions from design to deployment and technical support.
  • With our IT consultation services get the immaculate solutions for your IT needs that complete your business vision.
  • Our experienced and dedicated IT team is capable enough to complete your on-demand IT requirements in the given time.
  • With our data backup and recovery solution, you don’t need to worry about data crises.
  • We offer endpoint security management services with next-generation firewalls, endpoint protection, and antivirus management.

2. Cloud managed services (Cloud computing experts):

Cloud management services

We provide outstanding cloud deployment, migration, operation, and maintenance with our comprehensive cloud management solution.

  • With our cloud infrastructure services, get reliable hardware and software for your computing requirements.
  • Access, manage, and transfer your business big data seamlessly, with our cloud networking solution delivered by our healthcare cloud experts.
  • We offer cloud deployment services that simply allow you to build cloud infrastructure, host data, and deploy it to the cloud.
  • Get the ultimate enterprise application management solution to monitor, control, track, and survey, software and hardware mechanisms.
  • We offer definitive cloud – migration, backup, and security experts to speed up your cloud deployment, migration, and support tasks.

3. Healthcare-managed security services (Cyber security experts):

Healthcare managed security services

With our managed security solution, get the complete compliance audit and stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

  • Enhance your data security with our next-generation firewall IPS
  • Secure identity and access management
  • Get ultimate visibility and security solutions to monitor user activities, data usage, threats, and affected networks.
  • With our security assessment, identify your needed security and uncover lacking compliance.
  • We offer email and web security services that keep you away from spam and viruses with fast and secure access.
  • We provide work-from-home security as well as security awareness training to enlighten your staff members about security threats and meet compliance.

4. VoIP and collaboration (VoIP experts):

VoIP and collaboration

With our VoIP and collaboration services – enhance your productivity, achieve more streamlined workflows, and reduce hardware costs.

  • Get a VoIP phone system that gives you scalability to communicate with your all branches.
  • We integrate third-party collaboration tools such as – Cisco WebEx, Cisco Jabber, and Microsoft Teams to help you ease your workflows.
  • Make your meetings more interactive and effective with video conferencing services.
  • We provide a digital fax system that simply allows you to send and receive faxes over the Internet.

5. Healthcare technology (Web/App developers, business analysts, compliance specialists, and QA engineers):

Healthcare technology services

We help the healthcare industry to provide more efficient and rapid medical services with our healthcare IT expertise and experts.

  • We offer white-label, custom, clone, and source code healthcare app development services that completely meet every compliance requirement.
  • Get the digital healthcare experience with our healthcare AR/VR development services.
  • We provide compliance consultants to protect your patients' data privacy as per the HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA compliance laws.
  • We offer EHR/EMR integration experts that help healthcare organizations deliver a quality care experience.
  • Securely access, manage, record, and share crucial patient data remotely with our mobile computing services.

6. Robotic process automation (RPA developers):

Robotic process automation

Improve your employee productivity and reduce workforce expenses with our optimum RPA solutions.

  • We provide attended, unattended, and hybrid automation experts who help you manage your workflows by putting in zero effort.
  • Identify the scope of automation for your healthcare business with our RPA consultants.  

Discover Case Studies that Demonstrate the Success we’ve Delivered to our Clients

As a healthcare-focused IT company, we always focus on the outcome-driven approach that helps us deliver the most influential healthcare IT solutions that enable our clients to dominate their competitors.

Here are some of the case studies that will help you feel confident about our healthcare IT staffing solutions. 

What are the Benefits of Healthcare IT Staffing?

Healthcare IT staffing enables healthcare entities to focus on business with more flexibility and scalability.

Apart from that, it provides benefits such as,

  • Helps you find highly qualified and skilled healthcare IT experts
  • Reduces hiring costs
  • Lower operating and facility costs
  • Reduces administrative and management burdens
  • Fill the skill gaps and meet your operational goals within days
  • No training required
  • More reliability and around-the-clock support

Before Hiring Us, Know What Drives Us and What Makes Us Better than the Rest

Our motto is to simplify the healthcare industry workflow with futuristic yet simple healthcare IT solutions.

We are purpose-driven people who find passion in healthcare and who positively desire to change the healthcare IT industry.

So, our healthcare IT passion is our driving force. 

For us, every healthcare business is unique. Thus, we constantly focus on delivering the most promising healthcare IT solutions for them. 

With our experienced and dedicated healthcare IT team, we count on results, rather than doubts to create a smarter and scalable healthcare IT environment.

We might be not the best IT company, but we’re the best healthcare IT company in Canada.

What our clients find most useful is our healthcare understanding!