How to Improve Payment Experience with These 3 Healthcare Payment App Ideas?

7 months ago

If you are a healthcare professional or entrepreneur, this blog is for you.

Because in the next 3 minutes, we’ll show you how you can solve one of the biggest challenges in healthcare with just an app!

And as a reward, we are going to reveal some business ideas to make a huge profit from the healthcare payment app.

Why Does the Healthcare Industry Need a Digital Payment Solution?

There are over 150,000 hospitals in the world. And countless clinics!

And each of them is facing one big issue – healthcare payment processing.

Because it is the most complex and challenging part that our industry is facing.

And there are multiple reasons behind it.

1. Patients pay in different ways 

Unlike retail transactions, patients typically don’t make payments at the point of care.

And not every patient does the entire payment in a single time as some can’t afford the burden of their medical bills.

In such cases, they prefer monthly payments for some time.

Therefore, it sometimes takes months for healthcare providers to collect all the payments from their patients.

This long procedure also impacts the receiving time of payment percentage from the healthcare payers.

Overall, it poorly impacts the time, money, and resources of healthcare organizations as well as the payers.

But with a healthcare payment app, you can speed up this entire procedure without compromising data security.

2. Tracking payment status is time-consuming, frustrating and costlier for healthcare organizations

Patients pay their medical bills in multiple ways.

Therefore, their payments go through multiple channels.

This makes it difficult for the healthcare organization to manage their bills, insurance, and other payment-related activities.

However a healthcare wallet app or online patient payment solution allows both patients and healthcare providers to manage all payment operations from a single place.

This helps you in freeing up your staff while at the same time – saving time and money.

3. Continues reliance on the manual process resulting in medical errors

While every other industry is adopting electronic payments, our healthcare industry is still performing the same old-age manual practices.

For example, collecting the payments over the call!

Such type of manual process only costs a valuable fortune to healthcare organizations because of –

  • Medical errors
  • A repetitive and tedious process which results in burnout of staff
  • Delay in payments
  • Missed discounts 
  • Increase operational time and costs

However a healthcare payment app comes up with speed, high operational efficiency, and top-class accuracy that simply gives peace of mind to the patients and their care providers.

Because it allows you to integrate the app directly into other health tech systems such as – EMR/EHR, HIS, Billing software, ERP, etc.

4. Poor and real-time insights

Due to the manual practices and tons of paperwork, it’s next to impossible to get real-time insights into each healthcare payment operation.

This results in a poor patient experience and satisfaction along with restricting you from making a smarter decision.

However, with online healthcare payment solutions, you can easily make the data work for you!

It not only allows you to get real-time insights but also helps you make a smart decision that simply helps you, your patients, your staff, and your overall healthcare organization.

Three Ideas for Healthcare Payment Apps to Simplify Payment Processes with High Efficiency and Accuracy

The healthcare wallet app is an innovative tech solution that brings –

  • Financial peace of mind for patients
  • Faster cash in door for a healthcare organization
  • Less frustration for the healthcare and administrative staff
  • High-level of security and compliance

And here are 3 innovative ideas to make a healthcare payment app work for you.

1. Build Your Own Healthcare Payment App

As we said earlier – achieving a seamless payment process is one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry.

By developing a healthcare wallet app or platform, you can easily target healthcare organizations such as –

  • Small, medium, and large hospitals
  • Clinics 
  • Pharmacy stores
  • Veterinary 
Healthcare payment app

How you can help patients?

  • Multiple options for online payment
  • Pay-by-text 
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Discounts to boost payments 
  • Patient loans
  • Payment reminders 
  • Consolidated billing statements
  • Digital wallet 

How you can help healthcare providers?

  • Patient billing
  • Payment plans
  • Send payment reminders via SMS or email
  • Claim management
  • Payer payments
  • One bill option
  • Auto payment collection
  • Reporting and analytics

2. Integrate Payment API into Your Existing Healthcare App

A payment API, also known as a payment gateway or payment processing API is used to integrate a payment solution into existing applications.

Healthcare payment API

It comes up with complete flexibility in designing, implementing, and security through customization options.

For example, a healthcare organization receives payment in various ways. 

Thus, they require a payment system that –

  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Allows to set both one-time and recurring payments
  • Gives flexibility over accepting payments from various devices

Meaning, a payment API simplifies all your payment processes with better convenience and flexibility.

However, it’s important to choose the right payment API to offer faster, more efficient, and secure payment processing.

And for that, look for the aspects shown in the below image.

API selection requirements

What you need to do is – hire healthcare-specific IT experts to integrate payment API into your healthcare app or software.

3. Develop a Healthcare Payment API

This is far away one of the best business ideas.

Because if you look around, there is no healthcare-specific payment API available in the market.

All you will see are – general payment APIs that fit into every industry.

For example, Stripe!

It's a payment processing API that supports every form of digital payment.

However, it's not HIPAA-compliant API.

Not only Stripe but there is no HIPAA-compliant payment API in the market.

So, there is always a threat of cyber-attacks if you integrate an API that is not HIPAA-compliant.

Moreover, they cannot fulfill the complex requirements of the healthcare industry.

For that reason, developing a healthcare-specific API is the best opportunity for you.

By developing a healthcare payment API, you can uncover so many business opportunities.

You can start a payment API-as-a-service that is specifically designed for the healthcare industry.

And to generate revenue from it, you can monetize it in 4 different ways.

  • Subscription-based pricing model
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Point-based pricing model
  • Transaction fees

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