Hire AWS Developers for Your Healthcare Project: Roles, Skills, Hiring Models Explained

2 months ago

One thing is sure.

You cannot think of game-changing healthcare digital solutions without the adoption of the cloud.

When it comes to the cloud, the only absolute answer is AWS! 

However, companies lacking native cloud expertise do not take long to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of cloud technologies. 

What makes their approach toward the cloud more fragile is the new complex tools and concepts associated with cloud deployments such as Docker, containerization, Kubernetes, serverless, and infrastructure as a code.  

One of the most practical ways to win over the cloud complexities is to fill your internal knowledge gap by hiring AWS developers or AWS experts from an IT company. 

So to help you hire AWS developers for your healthcare project from 1% of the talent, let us represent our healthcare AWS developers as part of your project rescue plan. 

Hire AWS Developers for Your Healthcare Project: How to First Prepare Yourself?

The crucial element is not hiring, but getting ready for hiring.

So, to get ready to hire talented AWS developers, you must do an internal assessment and prepare a short-term and long-term plan. 

  • Do an internal assessment and be clear with your requirements 
  • Be clear with your budget 
  • Be specific about the skillset you are looking for in AWS developers 
  • List out the short-term and long-term goals you are planning to achieve with AWS developers 
  • Know where new resources will fit into your project and overall culture 
  • Set KPIs 
  • List out interview questions 
  • Be clear with NDA 

So, once you are clear from your side, you can move on to the next step. 

How to Hire Our Healthcare AWS Experts for your mHealth Project?

We don’t build castles in the air. We follow the process - which makes things straightforward for our AWS experts and you too. 

Step #1: Discovery call 

We’ll have virtual calls with you to know your requirements and the scope of the project. This call is very crucial as it helps us to understand your vision. 

Step #2: Internal assessment 

We do an internal assessment to find out the best possible available AWS developers who can easily align with your vision and healthcare project scope. 

Step #3: Interview 

We then will share resumes and past work samples of selected resources for you to screen, filter out, and select for one-on-one interviews.

Step #4:  Sign NDA 

Once you select the resource to work with, we sign an NDA at the company level. We will also sign an NDA at the resource level to ensure the highest level of confidentiality. 

Step #5: Knowledge transfer 

We organize one or multiple sessions to help our resources understand the project technologies, deliverables, and other cloud concepts you have been working with for your project. 

Step #6: Onboarding 

You can now onboard the hired resource for your project. Now onwards, the resource is completely managed by you. However, we regularly assess his/her performance based on your reviews and set KPIs. 

Where Do Our Healthcare AWS Developers Add Value to Your Project?

You can consider these as their roles and responsibilities. 

  • Optimizing how AWS is being used in your organization 
  • Writing code for data storage 
  • Building and configuring the mobile hub
  • Overseeing the configuration of several features 
  • Using CloudFormation to Write Infrastructure as a Code 
  • Migrating the cloud infrastructure 
  • Deploying the application using tools such as Puppet, Ansible
  • Implementing the DevOps lifecycle 
  • Applying the concept of containerization using Docker
  • Implementing serverless  
  • Setting up the monitoring infrastructure 

Skills of Our AWS Developers that You Will Be Most Proud Of 

Apart from their technical knowledge, they are healthcare masterminds.

Their additional healthcare-specific IT and non-IT knowledge bring unimaginable benefits to your project. 

  • Our AWS developers are healthcare-specific. 
  • They know the ins and outs of healthcare. 
  • They have experience in the North American health tech market. 
  • They are well aware of clinical protocols and clinical workflows. 
  • They acknowledge the gravity of compliance. 
  • Dealing with HL7, HIPAA is a piece of cake for them. 
  • They have worked on complex health tech projects. 
  • They work with North American standards and innovation.

The Cherry On the Cake? Our AWS Developers Have Worked in a DevOps Culture and They Love It!

DevOps is the first choice of all project managers as it facilitates faster code development and deployment.

Chances are you might also be executing your healthcare project in a DevOps culture. 

If so, you will not regret hiring our AWS developers as they have vast experience in working in DevOps environments for its Deploy, Operate, and Monitor phases. 

As discussed, our AWS developers have hands-on experience in working with DevOps tools that are used to deploy, operate, and monitor applications on the cloud. 

These tools include Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, etc. 

Hiring Models Explained to Hire Our AWS Experts in North America

This matters the most. Because hiring an AWS developer on the wrong hiring model will not work for either of us.

It would waste your money and our resources.

Thus, let us help you hire AWS developers on the most suitable hiring model. 

Hiring model #1: Project-scope based 

Here, you will be charged fixed money for the entire project. If you are not sure of the project timeline, you must go for this model. 

Hiring model #2: Hourly-based 

Under this model, you will need to pay a fixed hourly rate for the number of hours you utilize the resources on your project. The important thing here is the tracking of hours. 

Hiring model #3: Fixed monthly fee 

This is the most simplified hiring model. You will need to pay a fixed monthly fee for a resource. The best part is that you can utilize the resources as per your needs without worrying about hours.  

To know it in more detail - Healthcare IT staff augmentation models explained 

Let Us Leave You with a Thought We Believe In

“You don’t have to hire candidates. You have to hire a mindset, approach, skills, thought process, and most importantly a character!”