Hire Developers for Healthcare Startups, Hospitals & Businesses (Healthcare-Specific & Most Affordable in North America)

1 month ago

We don’t want to start this blog with a boring introduction.

But, we want to let you know that you're in the right place for the concern you have regarding hiring healthcare IT staff for your healthcare startup, hospital, and enterprise.

As we’re a healthcare-specific IT company, and we've been performing healthcare IT solutions for over 7+ years for healthcare professionals, startups, enterprises, organizations, clinics, and government agencies.

Why Should You Hire Developers for Healthcare Startups Who Are Healthcare-Specific Like Us?

If you’re running a healthcare startup, non-healthcare developers are not going to walk the extra mile for you as they aren’t friendly with the intense healthcare IT environment and its complexity.

In the true sense, it’s like driving a truck on the highway full of roadblocks with no spare wheels. Means, if the tire goes flat, you’re done!

If you want to avoid this rage, you must hire developers for healthcare startups who completely comprehend every ins and outs of the healthcare industry.

We’re a full-fledged healthcare IT company equipped with technical, business, and compliance experts so that you can get everything under the same roof without walking any extra miles.

Here are some of the reasons that showcase why you should hire our healthcare IT staff for your healthcare startup, hospital, and enterprise.

  • Completely understands patient and care providers' requirements
  • Knows how to make ingenious healthcare IT products that can dominate the market
  • Can decode any basic and complex errors in the development process
  • Knows how to overcome the health tech complexity
  • Mastership in developing fully compliant health tech solutions
  • Only performing health tech products since the start of their career

Okay, What are the Roles and Responsibilities Our Healthcare IT Staff Will Play in Your Healthcare Startup, Enterprise, and Hospital?

What makes us special from the rest is our approach to health tech development.

We don’t believe in doing coding all the time.

This means, we also put our healthcare IT passion and dedication to decoding healthcare business and compliance concerns.

So, if you hire our developers for healthcare startups, here are the development responsibilities of our dedicated healthcare IT team.

1. Ultimate Expertise in the Development

We believe in creating an experience and that’s the reason we offer dedicated developers for front and back-end development so you can build powerful health tech solutions for your startup.

#Responsibilities of our front-end developers:

  • Client-side development with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Ensuring the alignment of the front-end design
  • Understanding user experience requirements and implementing a sufficient development procedure for that
  • Optimizing the user interface to maximize efficiency
  • Working with the other team members such as back-end developers, graphic designers, and UX designers to ensure that the development is consistent or not
  • Determining the structure and design of the front-end development
  • Enhance the user experience by developing an interactive user interface
  • Clean and reusable code for future purpose
  • Utilizing the markup language
  • Maintaining the brand consistency throughout the design along with the speed and scalability
  • Maintenance of the server-side HTML and CSS

#Responsibilities of back-end developers:

  • Development and maintenance of all server-side network components
  • Creating strong back-end elements
  • Integrating data storage and protection solutions
  • Developing secure protocols
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Our developers write a clean, testable, usable, and efficient codebase
  • Efficient debugging of the entire back-end 
  • Integration of other web applications and APIs to make the back-end more powerful and efficient

2. Health Tech Development as per the Compliance Laws

For healthcare startups, enterprises, and hospitals, patient data security is the most important aspect.

If the health tech solutions lack data security protocols as per the compliance laws, there is a high possibility of patient data breaches which results in hefty fines.

To help you avoid that, our developers make sure that there are no vulnerabilities in your digital health tech solutions that might put patient financial, medical, and personal data at risk.

In addition to this, they conduct vulnerability tests in every stage of the development journey to construct the health tech solutions as per the compliance laws.

3. Efficient Cloud Computing Management

We offer comprehensive cloud-side solutions to manage resources and their performance more effectively.

So, explore the responsibilities of our healthcare IT staff in cloud management.

  • Resource management for load balancing, storage, backups, deployment, and capacity
  • On-time audit for a backup system
  • Developing a data flow of the system so they can easily track the data movement
  • Vendor lock-in awareness and solutions
  • Monitoring scalability capabilities and capacity planning 
  • Identifying and decoding errors
  • Creating a robust and reliable system with cloud testing and validation

4. Comprehensive API Development and Implementation

Our developer’s team can easily deal with complex and tedious communication troubles as they have a mastership in RESTful APIs and API communication.

  • Development and management of new APIs
  • Deploying APIs into the system as per the communication and security requirements
  • Changes and optimizing APIs to improve connectivity and scalability
  • Managing API lifecycle, version control, and keys
  • Monitor API behavior and gather performance information to make it more efficient
  • Decoding troubleshooting in APIs

5. Reliable Database Development

We build a scalable and reliable database for healthcare startups, hospitals, clinics, and organizations so they can get faster and more accurate data to make suitable decisions.

Explore the day-to-day responsibilities of database developers.

  • Development of a faster and more secure database 
  • Identifying the exact needs of the database and implementing the adequate strategy for that
  • Monitoring and optimizing the database for better performance
  • Provide users with permission and access to the database
  • Troubleshooting and fixing all the database issues daily

Explore the Success Stories to Know How We Scale Up Healthcare Startups', Hospitals, and LTC Home Goals

We build experience for patients and care providers so that healthcare startups can boost their productivity and overall ROI.

Case study:#1

We always focus on the solutions rather than the problems.

Because of this strong mindset, we built an affordable and scalable HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA-compliant telemedicine app for an Ontario-based healthcare startup during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore the entire case study: Built a compliant telemedicine app during COVID-19

Case study:#2

What counts in an LTC home is a continuous quality care experience.

However, Ontario-based LTC home was struggling with the time-consuming workflows.

So, with our robust healthcare IT solutions, we almost reduced administrative workflows by 63%.

Explore the entire case study: LTC virtual healthcare solutions

Case study:#3

In a pharmaceutical company, streamlining communication is important to improve productivity.

But, one of our clients was struggling with the interrupted calling system.'

So, with our VoIP solutions, we built a smart calling route to make communication flexible and uninterrupted within the pharmaceutical system.

Explore the entire case study: VoIP for Healthcare

So, if you want to develop robust, flexible, affordable, and scalable health tech products, hire our developers for your healthcare startup, hospital, and enterprise along with the healthcare IT staff!