How SyS Creations has modernized the COVID-19 testing facility in Canada, deployed by the authorities?

4 years ago

The novel coronavirus which has been classified as the pandemic by the World Health Organization is now testing the capabilities of superpowers. The virus which initially took around 97 days to spread among 100,000 people, took just 12 days to spread among 200,000 people from 100,000.

Considering the terrible ways how it influences the global economy and day-to-day life of billions of people, an editor of the New York Times has quoted the coronavirus outbreak as the biggest story since 9/11. Not only this but Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel said that coronavirus is Germany’s biggest challenge since world war 2.

Talking about the coronavirus outbreak in Canada, the confirmed coronavirus cases have reached 690 as of 18 March 2020. To contain coronavirus, the government of Canada is taking many strict measures and it is anticipated that positive results of these measures will start popping up in upcoming weeks.

Strict measures taken in Canada to prevent COVID-19 spread

Donald Trump tweet on Coronavirus

Though these are very significant measures, authorities are still months away from fully containing the coronavirus outbreak. One of the major reasons behind this is the challenges authorities are facing to test the samples and keep infected citizens away from other citizens.

However, recently we, SyS Creations, worked with authorities to overcome these challenges very effectively. In this blog, we will share the challenges the government was facing related to the coronavirus outbreak in Canada, how we have provided them with the solutions for those problems, and what is the outcome.

A Canadian COVID-19 testing facility now has IT infrastructure set up and configured by SyS Creations to combat coronavirus

The challenges authorities were facing to test coronavirus samples in Canada:

The following graph clearly depicts that coronavirus cases in Canada are increasing rapidly and authorities have so far struggled to flatten the graph.

Change in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Canada from previous day

Though travel restrictions reduced the number of imported cases, authorities were facing other challenges to control the local coronavirus spread. These challenges include:

  • The first and major challenge authorities were facing was all about a lack of precautionary steps to keep the infected or even patients with the coronavirus symptoms away from other citizens. This was a very notable challenge as infected or even patients with coronavirus symptoms can spread the virus rapidly if they visit the hospital where medical staff is treating other citizens for different diseases. However, authorities have overcome this challenge by building a coronavirus care and testing centre on an open ground.
  • But there were many other challenges associated with the smooth operations of that coronavirus care and testing center. And the majority of those challenges were related to the IT infrastructure. They lacked the IT resources to store and share data. They also lacked the healthcare and collaboration software in their computers. And to work with computer software and to share & save data, they required the Internet and firewall.

The IT solution SyS Creations has provided within 2 days to combat the coronavirus outbreak in Canada

As soon as the management of that coronavirus testing facility shared their requirements, we formed a team of experts as we had only a time window of 2 days to set up the whole IT infrastructure for them.

⇢ Day 1:

Our team of experts visited the ground where they have built the coronavirus testing facility and drafted the blueprint. The blueprint included the number of computers to set up & EMR as well as collaboration software to install in, Internet connection, firewall & its deployment, routing, and guest network. We later confirmed the blueprint with the management team of that testing facility before deployment.

⇢ Day 2:

We started the deployment of the IT infrastructure. We first set up the computers (equipped with all necessary software) and other hardware like printers and webcams. Later, our network engineers and security experts established an Internet connection and installed a firewall for data security. They also actualized the guest network to enable any visitor to use the Internet. At last, we validated the working of each software & hardware device and handed it over to brave Canadian healthcare professionals.

The outcome of our deployed IT infrastructure for coronavirus testing facility in Canada

We accomplished a challenging task within the deadline with the highest ever accuracy. Thus, the healthcare professionals working in that coronavirus testing facility have been deriving many benefits.

  • Results of all coronavirus sample tests can be stored and shared easily and securely.
  • Authorized users can painlessly access the information of the patients and their test results.
  • Nurses, doctors, physicians, lab technicians, and government authorities can carry out conference calls as we have installed Zoom video conferring software in computers.
  • Any visitor visiting that facility can access the internet through a guest network.

In the nutshell:

This is a tough time for the entire humanity. We are fighting a war against an invisible enemy. Though we will soon seize the victory, we have to take all precautionary steps and leave no stone unturned to overcome the challenges our healthcare professionals and government are experiencing to contain the virus.

We offered the solution to modernize the COVID-19 testing facility in Canada with an ambition to help not only Canadians but the entire humanity. We strongly believe that if we put technology to good use, we can flatten the curve within weeks and fully contain the coronavirus within months, globally!

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