How to Onboard Patients 5X Faster & With Zero Paperwork?

2 years ago

Let’s face the reality. 

You must be wasting lots of time and resources just to onboard the patients. 

And in return, you neither deliver your patients a smooth patient onboarding experience nor save time, effort and paperwork for you and your team. 

In other words, the way you are onboarding your patients is terribly wrong. 

If you believe the same, we have a remarkable tech-enabled solution for you to onboard patients 5X faster and with no paperwork & manual data entry

But first, we need to address current challenges with the patient onboarding process. 

The problems with the current patients onboarding process 

Healthcare entities are notorious for adopting technologies very lately. And when they adopt technologies, they prefer to adopt basic ones which do not add up clinical values. 

Because of such a casual approach toward technology adoption, healthcare entities tend to deliver care in a way that consumes the extra time of both patients and healthcare providers. 

For instance, in several clinics and major hospitals across Canada, patients have to call the front desk and ask for an appointment. 

Here, the patient is wasting time in discussion with front desk staff and the hospital is wasting their resources. 

Instead, if they adopt a basic online appointment booking app, patients would be able to book appointments with a few clicks without talking to anyone and hospitals or clinics can smoothen the first step of patient onboarding very successfully. 

So, the first problem with the current onboarding process is, 

  • Higher dependency on human conversation

Patients always need to talk to the front desk staff of the clinic or hospital to successfully go through the patient onboarding process and meet the doctor.   

Such human conversation is crucial in healthcare. But higher dependency on the human conversation to complete a process faster always results in errors, frustration and time wastage. 

  • Too much paperwork and manual data entry 

When a patient visits the clinic, the front desk staff asks him every personal and demographic detail which they later add into the system or patient portal. 

After that, the staff shares hard copies of several patient intake forms with patients which patients need to fill out while waiting in the queue. 

Once the patients submit the filled-out forms, the front desk staff needs to scan those forms and upload each to the system.  

Imagine the manual and tedious work both patients and front desk staff have to do here! 

  • Long wait time in the uncomfortable waiting room 

Well, it is a fact that there is a very high wait time in the Canadian healthcare system. But it is also very uncomfortable for patients to sit in the waiting room while they are ill and have to be in environments full of pain and chaos. 

So, now when we know the challenges with the current patient onboarding process, let us reveal the solution - the virtual waiting room! 

The solution is a virtual waiting room to onboard patients faster with zero paperwork

What is it? - Well, a virtual waiting room is deployed in the form of either a mobile or web app. Or, it can even be integrated with your website. 

It allows patients to virtually check in to the clinic or hospital from home, parking space and even while travelling to the clinic.

Here is how it works? - A patient opens the virtual waiting room app. He then virtually checks into the clinic and joins the virtual waitlist and waits outside in his car. 

When his turn arrives to see the doctor, he gets notified with the complete information of the doctor’s name and room number where he is supposed to meet the doctor.  

Outcome? - It allows the patients to virtually check-in even before reaching the clinic. So, by the time he reaches the clinic, he is on the top of the waitlist. 

This way, he does not need to wait in the crowded waiting room of the clinic and or if needs to wait, he can wait in his car parked in the parking space outside of the clinic or hospital. 

How does virtual waiting room make patients onboarding 5X faster and paperless?

Let’s list out each problem we discussed earlier and how a virtual waiting room (VWR) solves each problem. 

Problem #1: Higher dependency on human conversation

Solution with VWR: 

Virtual waiting room (VWR) app equipped with appointment booking feature facilitates patients to book an appointment with a doctor with just 3-4 clicks and without calling anyone. 

The first step of patient onboarding just got simplified! 

Problem #2: Too much paperwork and manual data entry 

Solution with VWR: 

Patients can create their profiles online by adding all of their personal and demographic data. So, there is no need for front desk staff to ask for patient information and manually add it into the system. 

Additionally, patients can fill out patient intake forms online through their mobile phones. 

The outcome would be no need for scanning filled-out patient forms and uploading them to a hospital system. Because the app itself shares it with the patient portal or any hospital system. 

Problem #3: Long wait time in the uncomfortable waiting room

Solution with VWR: 

With a virtual waiting room, the patients now do not have any compulsion to wait only in the clinic’s waiting room. 

They can virtually join the waiting list from parking, from home or while on their way to the clinic. And when a doctor is available for them, they receive the notification. 

This is the best way to offer convenience to patients while they wait to be seen by a doctor! 

Isn’t this something you are looking for? If yes, we can help you technically achieve and deploy it 

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company, serving only the healthcare industry. 

Why is it a big deal? Because being industry-specific is the only way to solve all challenges of that industry. 

Especially in healthcare, specific knowledge is very crucial. Have you heard of a doctor treating both eyes and teeth? Never! Doctors have specialized knowledge. 

Same way, we are specialized in only healthcare IT. 

Our developers, designers, business analysts and compliance specialists have only been working on healthcare IT projects since the first day of their professional careers. 

With our mastership in healthcare document automation and building a virtual waiting room, we not only help you in onboarding patients faster but also in saving crucial clinical time and delivering a remarkable experience to users. 

So, let’s have a productive and solution-oriented discussion.