Build Custom Lab Test Booking App with Patient Portal & LIS Integration

2 months ago

Reaching a streamlined workflow is a headache for the laboratories.

And lab test booking is the prior cause behind the poor run of the laboratory management system.

A refreshing start is needed for the laboratories to focus more on the patients' needs.

So, this blog is a roadmap of how a lab test booking app or laboratory online booking system can help with the same.

What is a Lab Test Booking App?

The lab patient portal is the superior way to facilitate the laboratory ecosystem's workflow and enhance the patient care experience. 

It enables patients to book an online appointment, communicate with the lab assistant, and access their lab report details anytime, anywhere.

In simple terms, patients can avoid all the laboratory time-consuming hassles such as documentation and waiting room with ease.

On the other hand, laboratories can schedule the lab test appointment and store the data in the LIS without any complexity.

The most significant part here is that it allows laboratories to prepare for the lab testing which initially aids them to eliminate unnecessary workflows.

It is so helpful and potentially game-changing that developing and developed countries leverage it.

How Does the Laboratory Online Booking System Work?

Let’s understand it with a quick example.

A patient named Maya wants an appointment for a blood test.

Following is the process that she needs to go through in the lab patient portal app.

Step 1: Maya opens the app from her mobile phone.

Step 2: She can explore the nearby laboratories in the app.

Step 3: After selecting the laboratory, Maya booked an appointment for the blood test report.

Step 4: The administration staff schedules the lab test and the system automatically sends the confirmation message to Maya.

Step 5: After getting the lab result, Maya can easily access that data from her mobile.

Result-Driven Benefits of the Lab Patient Portal App

The lab test booking app not only helps patients but also assists the laboratories to provide a better care experience and reduce the work burden of the staff.

  • Enhance communication between laboratory staff and patients
  • Patients can easily connect with the lab assistant for any query
  • Streamlined the administration and scheduling workflows for the laboratory system
  • Greater focus on patient care outcomes
  • Helps to optimize the laboratory management system
  • Patients can access lab results hassle-free
  • Reduces the operational cost of the laboratory
  • Saves time for both patients and the laboratory management system
  • Allows laboratory staff to send the data into the LIS (Laboratory Information System)
  • Streamlines lab test scheduling

Features that Enhance the Efficiency of the Lab Ecosystem

Feature-rich lab test booking apps are important to make most of the tasks easier, more efficient, and faster.

#Features for the Patients:

  • Dashboard 
  • Search nearby labs
  • Choose and book the tests
  • Connect with the lab assistance over chat, voice, or video call
  • Access the lab results easily and securely
  • Appointment reminder
  • Secure payment options
  • Ratings and feedback
  • Technical support

#Features for the Receptionists (Staff):

  • Respond to the lab test queries
  • Confirm or reject the appointment
  • Manage patient portal
  • Manage patient data
  • Register or remove the patients' profile
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Technical support

#Features for the Admin Panel:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Manage patient
  • Manage lab staff role
  • Reports and analytics
  • Earning reports
  • Dispute management 
  • Analytics 

The Importance of the LIS Integration with the Lab Patient Portal 

Integration is the key to empowering any healthcare ecosystem.

LIS integration with the lab test booking app has enormous potential to lift up the workflow of the laboratories.

Let’s understand with a quick overview.

Without integration:

  • Need to do manual data entry
  • High possibility of medical errors
  • The procedure is time-consuming for the lab staff
  • Inefficient and time-consuming workflow 
  • Increases the operational costs
  • Inadequate communication

With integration:

  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry
  • Reduction in human errors
  • Ensures the operational efficiency in the laboratory
  • Reduces the work burden of the staff
  • It enables the lab staff to focus on other key responsibilities.
  • Enhance the communication and workflows
  • Reduces the operational costs associated with data entry
  • Saves valuable time

Top 3 Canadian Healthcare Facilities that are Offering Online Lab Test Booking

To help you better understand the lab patient portal, we have mentioned the leading healthcare facilities offering online lab test booking solutions.

#1. Interior Health:

  • Book lab tests online and over the phone
  • Offers sample container to let the patient avoid the lab visits
  • Find nearby laboratories
  • Access the result with ease
  • Learn about your testing results

#2. McGill University Health Center:

  • Book lab tests online and 
  • Over the phone
  • Choose the nearest test center

#3. LifeLabs:

  • Find a location
  • Book a lab visit online and over the call
  • Book a home visit
  • Check-in online
  • Access the lab results

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