Boost your Pharmacy Revenue with Medication Adherence Solutions

1 year ago

Medication is the most preferred treatment intervention.

The success depends on the patients consuming their medicines as per the prescribed regimen.

Medication adherence is difficult to obtain with patients taking multiple medications i.e., multimorbidity.

Non-adherence might be intentional or non-intentional, as many factors contribute to the individual’s compliance with a medication regimen.

However, interaction with a health professional is vital, for understanding the reason for non-adherence and promoting adherence.

What is Medication Adherence?

Medication adherence is when a patient takes their prescription drug

  • On-time
  • Correct dosage
  • Till the prescribed time

If they don’t then, the drug won’t work as it should. 

There can be many reasons why a patient might not take a drug correctly — or at all. 

Our medication adherence solutions help in addressing all these issues.

Our Medication Adherence Solutions Benefits Your Patients and Pharmacy

Patient outcomes are important. 

Hence, our solution is a simple, affordable, and practical way to track the patients’ medication adherence while improving your pharmacy management.

For patients:

  • Build a closer relationship with your patients with communication tools
  • Increase the number of filled prescriptions with prescription refill reminders 
  • Improve patient convenience by providing mobile delivery

For your pharmacy:

  • Identify, target, and counsel patients who fall behind the quality measure of medication adherence
  • Data and reports to share with your pharmacy partners
  • Easy data sorting and filtering
  • Seamless communication with the pharmacy partners and patients
  • Get data to check the patient drug interactions

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How can you Increase Revenue through Our Medication Adherence Solution?

The majority of patients tend to forget their medication timings along with refilling their prescriptions and medicines.

With our solution, you’ll be able to send notifications and alerts to the patient about

  • Order refill
  • Prescription refill
  • Prescription renewal

As there’s a drug shortage in the country, partnering with International Pharmacies is the best choice to get the required drugs in a short span.

You will be able to manage all your pharmacy partners with the features that we have added to our solution.

Moreover, you will be able to send, trace, and track the medication package.

The Extensive Features of Our Medication Adherence Solution

1. Automated Refills

With this feature, the software can automatically initiate prescription refills based on predefined criteria or customer preferences. 

It streamlines the refill process by eliminating the need for manual intervention.

2. Automated Refill Order Reminders

The software automatically sends reminders to customers when it's time for them to refill their prescriptions. 

It helps ensure that customers don't run out of medication and encourages timely refills.

3. Automated Prescription Renewal Reminders

Similar to refill order reminders, this feature sends automated reminders to customers when their prescriptions are due for renewal. 

It helps patients stay on top of their medication needs and facilitates timely prescription renewals.

4. Limited Medicines Visibility

This feature restricts the visibility of certain medications within the software. 

It may be used to comply with privacy regulations or limit access to certain sensitive or controlled substances.

5. Automated order placement in the international partner software

This feature automates the process of placing orders in the software used by international partner pharmacies. It simplifies the ordering process and ensures smooth coordination with international partners.

6. Order sets for specific requirements

This feature allows the creation of predefined order sets tailored to specific requirements. 

It simplifies the ordering process by grouping commonly prescribed medications or medical supplies, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

7. Unlimited number of partner pharmacies

This feature allows the software to collaborate with multiple partner pharmacies without imposing a limit on the number of partners. 

It supports scalability and flexibility in working with a diverse network of pharmacy providers.

8. Customizable discount rates for each partner pharmacy

This feature enables the pharmacy to set customizable discount rates for different partner pharmacies. 

It facilitates negotiations and agreements based on specific partnerships, allowing for flexibility in pricing and promotions.

9. Automated emails and SMS updates to patients

This feature enables the software to send automated emails and notifications to customers, providing updates on prescription status, refill reminders, order confirmations, or other important information from the pharmacy.

How can you Get our Medication Adherence Software for Your Pharmacy Business?

We follow a very simple onboarding process.

Step 1:

Fill up the contact form

Step 2:

Our team will reach out to you within 2 business days

Step 3:

We will give you a demo of our powerful base

Step 4:

We will listen to your customization needs

Step 5:

Our team will customize the solution according to your requirements

Step 6:

We will perform a QA test and deliver the solution to you within 60 business days.