Want to Build Successful NHS Appointment App? Don’t Follow the Footsteps of NHS Digital

2 years ago

The conclusion of the blog.

Experience and convenience count in digital healthcare services!

A quick overview of the NHS appointment app

The NHS launched its app on 31 December 2018.

The aim was to provide comprehensive support to the UK people in accessing the NHS service in a time-sensitive and efficient manner.

Since then, it has now more than 22 million users.

NHS Digital App

Its features include –

  • Securely access a range of NHS services at any time, anywhere
  • Get NHS COVID pass
  • Guidance for the COVID-19
  • Search for GP and book or cancel the GP appointment
  • Users can explore the available medicine and can repeat the prescription
  • Secure access to the health records 
  • Register for the organ donation decision
  • Allows to know how the NHS appointment app uses your data

We understand that you may be wondering why you should not follow in the footsteps of an appointment app that already has 22 million users.

Here is an explanation.

The NHS app failed to deliver the true value! 

Numbers don’t lie. But it also doesn’t define success every time.

No doubt, the NHS digital entered the market with a solid vision but the lack of execution becomes the prior reason for its downfall.

They think that a digital health service is just about launching an app with attractive features. But in reality, the scenario is entirely different. 

It is all about how you deliver the care experience and peace of mind to the patient.

This is where the NHS appointment app failed.

Don’t believe it? Here is proof.

1. App Store Ratings

NHS app ratings on App Store

2. Google Store Ratings

NHS app ratings on Google Play Store

The response of patients speaks everything.

But we dig deep down into its reviews in order to help you avoid the same mistakes that the NHS appointment booking app has done.

  • Patients don’t have complete access to their own health records
  • Lack of HL7 and FHIR standards.
  • The registration process is full of headache
  • Wait, wait and only wait for the appointment gets confirmed
  • Patients with chronic conditions suffered the most with the NHS appointment app

Let us show you a screenshot of one of the user's review.

NHS appointment app review

Meaning, if you want to build a successful NHS appointment app, you must need to focus on the three major aspects –

  • The business strategy that grabs the attention of the users
  • The technology of the app must be futuristic and powerful
  • Secure patients' data storage and exchange

Top-notch tips to build an NHS appointment app that performs up to the mark

1. Business strategy

When it comes to digital healthcare services, features play a significant role.

The NHS app has some common features which you can add to your appointment app. However, to deliver more value, you must go for the unique features.

For instance,

  • Nearby pharmacy store
  • Online prescription note
  • Order medicine from an online pharmacy
  • Full access to the patient data
  • In-app messaging with the GP or healthcare entities
  • Medication reminder

2. Powerful technology

The performance of the NHS booking app is the deciding factor.

But why?

We have read almost 50+ reviews and 90% of the criticism was all about technical issues and lack of user experience.

So, it’s essential to focus on the tech stack of your app.

Here is what you need to do.

  • Go for MVP (Low capital, less development time, can build user-friendly app)
  • Go for Native (High capital, the separate codebase for iOS & Android, high performance)
  • Go for Cross-platform (High capital, the single codebase for iOS & Android, high transparency)

3. Secure patient data

Patient data is critical.

Hence, your app should have a protective shield against cybercriminals.

To do so, the NHS appointment app must comply with data privacy laws.

What’s more, it should have the ability to fetch or exchange patient data seamlessly as per the HL7 and FHIR standards.

This is how you can deliver the experience and convenience with ease.

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