PointClickCare Valuation Raises to Whopping $5B: How is it Transforming Canadian Healthcare?

2 years ago

PointClickCare is making a significant impact on the lives of millions.

It is constructing the future of Canadian healthcare with its strong commitment to improving the lives of patients, care providers and families.

Because of its visionary mindset, PointClickCare is now Canada’s best-managed company with a whopping valuation of $5B!

A meaningful impact in the true sense

Formed in 2000 with fewer than 20 employees, PointClickCare now has more than 2000+ employees!

PointClickCare assists the care teams of senior care facilities, nursing homes, and home health agencies to improve their care area by allowing them to focus on patient care without any hassle.

Therefore, more than 26000+ care providers are making the patient’s healthcare journey affordable and convenient using PointClickCare solutions.

In addition to this, it enriches the important area of the senior care business such as,

  • Transitions of care
  • Financial health
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Fostering innovation

PointClickCare offers more than just a solution!

What makes PointClickCare special from the rest is that it delivers the experience rather than trading just a tech solution.

For instance,

It is helping care settings to harness the power of data in order to explore the meaningful insights that assist them in making outcome-driven decisions for patients, care providers and businesses.

Furthermore, it streamlines the workflow and communication in the senior care ecosystem so that the care team can enhance the quality of residents' experience efficiently and effectively.

Robust and outcome-driven solutions that facilitate the PointClickCare valuation

PointClickCare is providing a solid base to enhance collaboration, communication and coordination in the care setting that positively impacts the care outcomes of the patients.

So, let’s take a closer look at those solutions.

Solution-#1: Skilled Nursing

1. Skilled nursing core platform

2. Business intelligence

  • Care, market and performance insights
  • (IPC) Infection Prevention & Control

3. Care coordination

  • Automated care and integrated messaging
  • Streamlined and secure connection

4. Care delivery

  • Medication, nutrition and practitioner management
  • Point of Care and skin & wound care

5. Financial management

  • CRM
  • Document manager
  • Invoicing and account management

Solution-#2: Senior Living

1. Senior living core platform

2. Business intelligence

  • IPC

3. Care coordination

  • Automated care messaging and secure conversations

4. Care delivery

  • Medication, nutrition and practitioner management
  • Point of care
  • Skin and wound care
  • IPC and companion

5. Financial management

Solution-#3: Home Health Care

1. Home health care platform

  • Mobile integrated care delivery

Solution-#4: Acute care

1. PAC network management

  • Enhanced transition
  • Easily develop and maintain network

Solution-#5: Life Sciences

  • Real-world data
  • Early warning signs, find remedies and evaluate treatment choices

Solution-#6: ​​Continuing Care Retirement Communities

  • Analytics
  • CRM
  • Payment portal 

Solution-#7: LTC Pharmacy Solutions

  • Grow and retain more customers
  • eMar and QuickMAR
  • Integrated medication management

Solution-#8: Group Home and Behavioral Health Providers

  • Simplifies medication management
  • Integrated with the pharmacy partners
  • Reduces errors and improves the safety of the patients
PointClickCare success

PointClickCare reviews that give reasons to pick its solutions

We have done comprehensive market research on PointClickCare.

After analyzing the review of it, we can safely say that PointClickCare is driving digital healthcare for the senior care settings.

Here is a glimpse of its reviews.

  • Enables the care team to spend more time with residents
  • Faster and easily accessible tech solution that helps in retaining the best staff
  • Lowers the burnout of the care providers
  • Automated workflows that reduce the work burden and manual errors
  • Strengthens the network relationships
  • Streamlined and accurate data exchange and communication
  • Helps to conquer the market presence
  • Improves the quality of care experience for the residents
  • Allows to focus on the other key responsibilities rather than being stuck in the regular workflow
  • Cloud-based automation that improves the financial health of the care settings
  • Faster, accurate and real-time data access

This is how PointClickCare valuation achieved the mark of the massive $5B.

Things that make PointClickCare North America’s best comprehensive care collaboration network

PointClickCare believes that value-based care is going to steer the future of care delivery as it entirely focuses on the improving quality of care outcomes.

Thus, it offers value-based care modest that results in,

  • Lowers cost for patients and residents
  • Higher care efficiency and satisfaction rates for care providers
  • Strengthens the cost control

We have the art of empowering the healthcare industry, called health tech knowledge

As a healthcare IT company, we believe that continuous innovation is the lone path to fixing the broken leg of the healthcare system.

PointClickCare has been doing the same thing for the past 22 years.

But there are still massive amounts of loopholes which are restricting the healing progress of the healthcare ecosystem.

Means, the door is open to doing something epic like PointClickCare or maybe even more.

So, if you hold a strong mindset to change the healthcare system, let’s make a great impact together!