How to Build Sleep Tracker App like SleepIQ? [A Comprehensive Guide]

2 years ago

“An average person spends one-third of their life in sleep”.

We all have experienced how quality sleep can help us in our daily life.

Getting enough sleep can help you feel better, improve your mental health, increase your energy, and keep a wide smile on your face all day.

But how to improve the quality of your sleep?

“The insights”!

For that, SleepIQ has built a sleep tracker app that allows users to track and analyze their daily sleep to achieve a better experience of sleep.

So, what is the concept of SleepIQ? And, how does it work?

Let’s discover!

What is SleepIQ?

To give the sleep insights, SleepIQ is providing the “sleep number 360 smart bed” that examines the user's sleep throughout the night.

Then the sleep tracker app comes into action!

It gathers the data from the smart bed and allows users to analyze their quality of sleep with valuable insights.

Apart from that, SleepIQ offers products like – mattresses, bed accessories, pillows, furniture and other sleep-related solutions on their eCommerce store.

How does SleepIQ work?

SleepIQ uses advanced IoT technology to measure biometrics such as heart rate and breathing rate during sleep.

It also measures sleep duration, body movements and bed exit time.

In other words, it focuses on the – when you sleep, how long you sleep and how well you sleep.

From that data, it provides a sleep number that shows the quality of sleep.

It guides the users to improve their sleep and wellness with daily suggestions based on their sleep numbers.

Overall, SleepIQ believes – “Every sleep factor affects the quality of sleep”.

What are the features of the SleepIQ app?


1. Personalized sleep report

The sleep tracker app gives users personalized sleep insights that allow users to understand and maintain their sleep quality.

2. Sleep session overview 

It gives insightful information about – time to fall asleep, restful sleep, restless sleep and bed exit time.

3. Biometrics

It includes the average – heart rate, HRV and breathing rate throughout the night.

4. Daily report snapshots

The snapshot includes –the duration of sleep, the efficiency of sleep and timing of the sleep.

5. Daily tips for better sleep

To improve sleep quality, it offers daily tips based on users' daily sleep data that directly affect their wellbeing and health.

6. Enjoy your smart bed

It allows full access to smart bed control. In which users can adjust – firmness and comfort each side of the bed, sleep number setting and most importantly snoring!

7. Dashboard

In the dashboard, the user can see the monthly sleep report and the wellness report.

8. Integrate other health and wellness apps

Other health and wellness apps, such as Fitbit and MapMyFitness, can be used with SleepIQ.

What are the benefits of using SleepIQ?

“Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep.”

SleepIQ uses the latest IoT technologies to help users obtain better sleep with benefits such as,

  • SleepIQ will notify the user if they have forgotten their sleep time.
  • It allows users to track their sleep records.
  • Users can adjust the bed comfort as per their requirements.
  • It suggests the trending topics of how to get better sleep.
  • SleepIQ gives daily tips to improve sleep based on the user's sleep score.
  • The user can schedule and monitor their sleep.
  • Massive amount of articles that help to improve the quality of sleep.

Want more information related to the sleep tracker app?

Let’s see!

Top 3 similar apps you must study to build a sleep tracker app 

To build an app like SleepIQ, it’s important to look out for the other sleep tracker app that is currently leading the market to understand what they are doing in right and wrong ways.

And here they are.

1. SleepScore


Rating: 4.3 

SleepScore is one of the most popular and advanced sleep tracker apps.

It gives unique features like sleep goals, relaxing sound and insightful sleep data.

SleepScore gives free features such as – sleep tracker, sound, alarm, goals, sanctuary, reminder, check-up, history, and daily sleep score.

Premium features include – Sleep coach, challenges, doctor report and data visualization.

This way, it follows the freemium business model. 

2. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Rating: 4.7

Sleep Cycle is known for the all in one solution for better sleep quality.

The most interesting fact about the Sleep Cycle is that it analyzes every sleep activity which includes snoring, coughing and even sleep talking.

Overall, it analyzes the sleep patterns and then gives every possible solution to improve the quality of sleep.

It gives free features such as – sleep cycle, sleep statistics, daily reports and integration to apple health.

Sleep Cycle offers premium features such as – a sound recorder, sleep stories, relaxation guides, compare the data, heart rate monitoring, data export, trends, sleep notes.

3. Pillow


Rating: 4.3

It is one of the top-rated sleep trackers for the Apple watches and iPhones.

Pillow app is known for the smart alarm system that wakes up by analyzing sleep patterns.

Apart from that, it gives free features like – track sleep and heart rate cycle, audio recordings, optimal bedtimes, personalized insights, sleep tips, customizable alarms, track moods, sleep stories, motivational quotes, and discovers how the notes affect the sleep quality.

In premium features – unlimited sleep analysis, sleep trends, full access to all sleep aids, heart rate analysis, comparison, data exports, and wake-up melodies by analyzing your sleep quality.

In other words, Pillow provides some extra features in one place.

So, how to build a sleep tracker app?

Know how we can help you to build an app like SleepIQ

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