We Grow 1 Year, Our Expertise Grows 10 Years – Sharing Business Journey on 5th Anniversary!

4 years ago

We don’t remember the day we started the company, we only remember the day we started playing with fire - IT - for the betterment of Canadian businesses!

From the ‘new kid to the block’ to ‘Canada’s one of the top IT management and consulting firms’, we emerged so well - from the ashes. Over the years, we become so intelligently tough that our intelligence has now the answer to every IT challenge.

Today, when we are celebrating our 5th anniversary, the thoughts of the journey we travelled so far are constantly leaping to our minds. On this special day, we are celebrating the efforts our team has put for our business associates and the remarkable outcome they have gained.

The Way SyS Creations Emerged - A Founder Story

Our founder moved to Canada in 2011 at the age of 17 to follow his passion for IT and soon started working with Canadian entrepreneurs on a contract basis. He has worked in the space of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and is a firm believer in leveraging technology.

We admire entrepreneurs, recognize the need for innovation and welcome change as an opportunity to do things differently. Profound experience and flaming passion translated into an urge to uplifting the practices which were ages old and calling for new approaches. This led us to the foundation of SyS Creations in 2015.

The Way SyS Creations Thrived - A Success Story

When the intention is right, the invention is on the other side!

Many geniuses contributed to achieving this height in business processes. However, there are many oversights that are unanswered. We leveraged technologies and took IT to the next level so that the IT empowers businesses to add work and not the worry.

We curated an extensive service set that speeds up the IT adoption practice for businesses while reducing their efforts for vendor management and budget planning.

Regardless of the scale at what businesses are performing, we aim to let them derive financial and operational benefits.

By bringing the cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, RPA within the business boundaries, we have been facilitating enterprises to achieve high productivity, reduce human errors, and free up overburdened staff while getting high ROI and keeping TCO low.

So far, we’ve saved more than 10,000 productivity hours and delivered 89% more system uptime. These numbers depict the success of our business associates. And that’s what our success is!

The Way SyS Creations Helped - The COVID-19 Story

The coronavirus outbreak has created havoc in Canada, especially in Canadian long-term care home facilities. The staff working in LTC homes and healthcare centres was overwhelmed. It was heartbreaking to see our seniors dying all alone.

During such an unsettled situation, we worked closely with many healthcare facilities as well as long-term care homes. We first discovered that the lack of technology adoption was stopping LTC homes from providing quality care to residents and then created a new telemedicine solution and service set that fixed those loopholes with top-notch technologies.

Telemedicine solution deployment, network setup, network support, telemedicine hardware support are some of the game-changing services we offered LTC homes during the pandemic which made them reduce paperwork & administrative burden, free up staff and put more time on senior care. The ultimate outcome was rapid, remote and quality senior care!

On a concluding note, we would like to acknowledge the expertise of every team member which pushed us 10-years ahead in just one year. You are one of the reasons why Canadian industries are flourishing. Happy 5th anniversary of IT innovation and human intelligence!