Teledermatology: How Remote Skin Care is Changing Canada’s Healthcare

7 days ago

Teledermatology has become a well-known name in the e-health and telemedicine fields.

The teledermatology market size in 2021 is predicted to grow to USD 44.86 billion by 2027, with a stunning CAGR of 24.3%.

Telemedicine dermatology is being considered in every community, particularly among ethnic and racial minorities, and is expanding beyond the pre-existing social determinants of health inequality. 

Shaping Canadian skincare through remote tech magic

Teledermatology has been established as a viable, dependable, and acceptable dermatological care option for patients in Canada. 

The Rise of Teledermatology

Teledermatology supports both patients and primary care doctors. 

With the current dermatologist scarcity and limited access to dermatologists in many rural or impoverished regions, teledermatology considerably reduces wait times 

It provides more predictable patient access and lowers patient costs.

Furthermore, teledermatology, which is frequently organized through patients' primary care providers, provides more opportunities for physician collaboration and medical education. 

It also expedites more urgent, complex medical problems through diagnostic investigations, medical therapy, and surgery.

  • Increased access
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Improved patient satisfaction

Teledermatology has earned significant traction in Canada due to the above factors.

What Is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology uses digital technology to allow patients and dermatologists to consult with each other remotely.

Teledermatology specialized care is often offered in two ways:

1. Store-and-forward communications

2. Live-interactive video communications

Real-time teledermatology involves a live video consultation with the patient, whereas, in store-and-forward teledermatology, the patient's images are transmitted to the teleconsultant as the first step. 

The consultant then provides a relevant plan of action for diagnosis or management. 

Hybrid teledermatology is a combination of "real-time" and "store-and-forward" teledermatology. 

Mobile-teledermatology is the term used to describe teledermatology performed utilizing mobile phones. 

What Benefits Does Teledermatology Offer?  

1. Care continuity

Teledermatology services enable patients to continue their follow-ups and appointments with their current providers while also selecting a new doctor to address their problems. 

Teledermatology services at healthcare organizations or facilities enable patients to have remote monitoring dermatological access from the comfort of their own homes while continuing to get care. 

As a result, the continuity of treatment between patients and providers is improved. 

2. Efficiency of Teledermatology Services

Teledermatology services enable physicians and healthcare professionals to provide precise and effective care without requiring in-person visits. 

Online dermatological consultations are an effective health service with diagnostic rates of up to 80%. ECare systems boost the survival rate of intensive care patients by 26%. 

Teledermatology saves time and money by allowing doctors to give quality care to patients remotely.

3. Ensures Better Homecare Services

Telehomecare, often known as home telehealth, is treating patients with chronic ailments in remote locations such as their homes. 

Telehomecare for dermatology is critical for treating skin diseases and crural ulcers. It necessitates regular follow-up appointments. 

Teledermatology services can reduce the costs involved with these follow-up sessions and visits, resulting in improved homecare services for patients. 

4. Ensures better homecare services

Telehomecare, often known as home telehealth, is treating patients with chronic ailments in remote locations such as their homes. 

Telehomecare for dermatology is critical for treating skin diseases and crural ulcers. It necessitates regular follow-up appointments. 

5. Reduces Time

Teledermatology platforms are well-known for saving time for both healthcare providers and patients. 

Patient access and scheduling flexibility are critical considerations in providing satisfactory treatment delivery. 

6  Data-Driven Insights

Teledermatology apps can collect and analyze patient data, offering significant insights for better treatment outcomes and care.

Why Should You Build a Teledermatology App? Now or Never

Telemedicine as an industry had an unusual boost in 2020 and 2021, as the COVID-19 epidemic disrupted the usual in-person healthcare stream. 

In several European countries, nearly half of clinicians had remote consultations using telemedicine in 2020, and the figure is expected to rise further. 

The number and size of teledermatology enterprises have grown dramatically in recent years, but there is still plenty of room for new entrants. 

So, if you've developed an interest in providing your services through teledermatology apps and want to join this growing field, now is the time to do so.

Let SySCreations Build Your Teledermatology App: A Reliable Partner

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company, focusing exclusively on healthcare IT solutions.

We recently developed a captivating dermatological app that encourages customers to improve their regular skincare practices using our client's DNA interpretation service. 

We also understand how to design HIPAA-compliant apps in this domain. 

Finally, we understand the demands of businesses and leaders producing cutting-edge technology like healthcare apps.

4 Aspects We Consider in Teledermatology App Development

1. Visual examination

Patients must be able to take images of their skin. 

While some skin disorders will not require additional hardware beyond the built-in smartphone camera, a comprehensive teledermatology app should be compatible with a mobile dermoscopy. 

These can be basic lenses or Bluetooth-powered gadgets that allow the user to capture detailed sub-dermal images. 

Patients will be able to transfer high-resolution photos directly to their dermatologist via the app, using a store-and-forward (SAF) strategy.

2. Self-assessment

Visual patterns of common skin disorders are relatively well characterized. 

This gives you the opportunity to create an app that allows patients to self-assess their skin condition before consulting a professional. 

Such self-assessment is frequently guided by a diagnosis decision tree, which we commonly use for clients in various medical professions.

3. Consultation with a Specialist

Patients will soon want to communicate with a dermatologist via video conference or chat, just as they would with any other telehealth application. 

SyS Creations collaborates with services such as Twilio and Agora to enable safe, low-latency video communication between providers and patients. By combining these services, we can provide continuous high-quality calls even in bad network conditions. Teledermatology virtual check-ins and e-visits can be implemented immediately or scheduled ahead of time.

4. Remote Treatment Tracking

While a patient is receiving remote treatment for a skin issue, the dermatologist will want to receive photographs as updates. 

These updates may include photographs as well as extra questionnaires to assist the specialist in assessing the patient's current condition. 

We'll collaborate with you to create an app that allows patients to submit timely updates while also making them feel well cared for.

Regardless of the capabilities of the mobile teledermatology software, it is critical to protect the patient's information in accordance with HIPAA rules. 

We develop dermatology applications for Android, iOS, and the web.

Features of Our Teledermatology App

  • Secure Video Conferencing
  • File Upload
  • Appointment Management
  • Billing and Payments
  • Prescription Management
  • Multi-Platform Accessibility
  • Customization Options
  • Patient and Provider Support
  • AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Your Teledermatology App

Remote consultations are just the beginning. 

Teledermatology apps are getting smarter with AI, offering:

  • Faster Triage: Patients get initial guidance through the app until they see a dermatologist.
  • AI-Assisted Diagnosis: Machine learning helps doctors diagnose skin conditions remotely, improving efficiency and potentially catching issues earlier.

Building a winning telederm app? Partner with experts. 

Our team combines AI and healthcare knowledge to deliver powerful solutions that fit your needs and budget.

What Sets SyS Creations Apart

Dermatologists should focus on delivering world class healthcare – not technology. 

SyS Creations architected a system that uses the most appropriate technology for a world that requires high-security, interoperability, and usability - without requiring a full-time development team to support and maintain it. 

We're a team of 50+ app developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance specialists, and QA engineers who build secure, dynamic and engaging mobile health applications.

Let’s work together. Tell us what you’re looking for and how we can help!