Telehealth on the Go: A Mobile App for Canadian Men’s Health

2 weeks ago

Clinicians are constantly striving to offer the best treatment for their patients, but this is difficult when patients avoid visiting their healthcare provider. 

Avoiding medical care is a serious issue that affects a large proportion of men. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), men's health is declining as a result of this. 

Men are more likely to develop health problems and are less likely to receive the necessary medical care.

According to the World Health Organization, men are disproportionately affected by preventable health disorders and die five years younger than women. 

Although there are undoubtedly a variety of variables contributing to men's shorter life spans, avoiding the doctor has been identified as one.

Why Do Men Avoid Doctors?

1. Inconvenience

  • Men find the commute, waiting times, and administrative tasks at the doctor's office inconvenient.
  • They often prioritize serious illnesses over routine check-ups and preventive care.
  • Taking time off work for appointments is seen as a significant commitment, deterring them from seeking non-urgent care.

2. Social Barriers and Masculinity

  • Norms and Stereotypes: Societal expectations often discourage men from showing vulnerability or seeking medical help.
  • Stigma: Fear of appearing weak or embarrassed by health concerns is common.
  • Impact: These norms can lead to delayed care and poorer health outcomes.

Need for a Digital Health Platform for Men

The recent development of technology has resulted in the rise of digital clinics, which have substantially reinvented healthcare. 

Men all over the world can now receive treatment for hair loss, sexual health, heart disease, skin problems, and erectile dysfunction from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the inconvenience and stress of visiting a medical center. 

With most men feeling uncomfortable attending medical facilities for some of these ailments, telehealth treatment plays an important role for men who may be hesitant to seek direct attention from a doctor in a hospital setting. 

It also allows patients to notice health problems early and get treatment before they worsen. 

Why Men Are Preferring Telehealth Mobile Apps

1. Privacy

Conventional medical clinics provide clinicians a better chance of diagnosing a patient in a one-on-one setting. Telehealth apps provide additional privacy to patients, who may feel uncomfortable owing to male-targeted diseases. 

It removes the possibility of running into someone you know who knows what you're doing in such a hospital. 

Even while patients are still required to provide their medical history to their virtual doctor at Mobile Clinic, this information is maintained in a highly secure virtual file. 

They can also meet with doctors or have their health tested wherever and whenever they want.

2. Hassle-free

Digital health clinics provide patients with the most convenient solution from the comfort of their own homes. This means that a patient does not have to leave your home to receive treatment. 

Patients' test samples are collected at their doorsteps and transported to the hospital for assessment. 

Patients save time and effort by not having to travel for medical care at a diagnostic clinic. 

3. Economical

The majority of health kits are sold at a discount in healthcare pharmacies. 

Furthermore, because most treatments are performed virtually, medical practitioners would not be required to rent facilities to see their patients, resulting in lower operating costs. 

Furthermore, because doctors and patients have minimal contact during virtual medical exams, medical fees are less expensive than in traditional institutions.

SyS Creations: Redefining Men's Health

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company.

We develop cutting-edge telehealth platforms tailored to meet the unique needs of men's health.

We're a team of 50+ app developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance specialists, and QA engineers.  

Starting from scratch, we work with you to create a refined final product, ensuring you meet market demands and bridge the gap in men’s health.

Features We Integrate: Most Frequently Requested by Our Clients

1. Visit Scheduling

  • Online and offline appointments, therapy sessions, and so on can be scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled.
  • Reminders for upcoming appointments.
  • Physician referrals are processed automatically.

2. Doctor-patient Communication

  • Patient questionnaires should be completed prior to their appointment.
  • Secure video chat for online appointments.
  • Text conversation and file sharing between doctors and patients are available instantly.
  • An ML-powered voice recognition program that automatically converts speech to text transcripts.
  • Appointment recording and chat history keeping.

3. Treatment Planning

  • In-app access to patient profiles and medical records.
  • Create a telehealth visit summary using a template.
  • Treatment and medication plans can be created either using a template or manually.
  • E-prescribing medicines.

4. Disease Management

  • A daily symptom tracker is provided to doctors for further evaluation.
  • Patient vitals are collected using either smart medical devices or manual entry.
  • Medication intake logs with reminders.
  • Nutrition and physical activity journal.
  • Patient vitals are collected using either smart medical devices or manual entry.

5. Analytics

  • AI-powered analysis of patient health data, resulting in real-time insights for more accurate diagnoses and individualized treatment strategies.
  • Dashboards showing patients' health status based on visit data, symptoms, and vitals assessments.
  • Alerts in the event of abnormal patient vitals or symptoms.

6. Patient Knowledge Base

  • A knowledge resource containing self-help information such as disease-specific literature, food recommendations, and pre-and post-visit instructions.
  • General and disease-specific physical and mental activities (audio, video, and image formats). 
  • AI-powered chatbots provide personalized recommendations for educational content.
  • AR/VR-assisted immersive learning helps patients better grasp their diseases.

7. Billing and Insurance

  • Payments are processed instantly via the connected payment gateways. Multiple payment options are supported (including bank transfers, cards, and web/mobile wallets). 
  • Access to benefit explanations.
  • Patient eligibility and insurance verification (for medical personnel).
  • Patient access to personal insurance information (for healthcare provider-owned apps).

8. Security and Compliance

  • End-to-end data encryption.
  • Accessing and managing telehealth applications depending on roles. 
  • Multi-factor authentication for telemedicine app users.
  • HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, and PCI DSS compliance.
  • Data interchange based on HL7, FHIR, DICOM, ICD-10, CPT, and XDS/XDS-I standards.
  • Blockchain technology allows for the safe and immutable storage of patient medical records.

Find the Perfect Solution with SyS Creations

We offer two options to match the exact stage of your telehealth startup

Option1-White Label Apps

Do you want a proven out-of-box solution?

  • Launch your telehealth app today
  • Cost-effective model
  • Start small & scale up
  • Minimal running costs 

Option2- Custom App

Do you want integrations, new features or a unique user experience?

  • Support for third-party service/software integrations and new feature development
  • Custom telehealth apps
  • Low development and running costs
  • Launch new features fast

Building Solutions that Make Healthcare Accessible: SyS Creations for Everyone

Investing in the development of telehealth software or apps for men's health can be incredibly advantageous to you or the healthcare facility you serve. 

If you are interested in discovering more about men's health-oriented software and apps, as well as the features that can help you in more ways than one, then contact SyS Creations for a free consultation. 

With over 10 years of expertise and competent people on our team, we are capable of offering rapid and long-term healthcare IT solutions.

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