Have You Ticked off Items on This Telehealth Marketing Checklist to Increase User Footprints by 50%?

4 years ago

Telehealth app is the best app a person can install on his smartphone!

But there are three problems or challenges all telehealth apps are facing.

Challenge 1: People do not know much about telehealth apps.

Challenge 2: People who know enough about telehealth apps still doubt fees, data privacy and health card coverage.

Challenge 3: People aren’t ready to accept the fact that doctors can provide the same effective treatment on televisits as an in-person visit.

If you successfully solve these three challenges through your marketing campaigns, you will most likely experience a significant boost in the app installation rate.

But that’s another challenge! - To run marketing campaigns so effectively!

However, if we sum up all of these challenges, we can conclude that lack of awareness or education regarding telehealth app is the source of these challenges.

If you educate people regarding everything about the telehealth app, you can easily convert them into users.

The following telehealth marketing checklist only focuses on awareness. Because that’s the only thing, people don’t have about telehealth apps!

Telehealth Marketing Checklist:

Awareness Checklist Level 1 (to solve challenge 1)

❏ Have you identified the potential user group?

❏ Have you identified the level of awareness they have regarding telehealth apps?

❏ Have you identified the problems they are facing?

❏ Have you identified the ways your telehealth app solves their problems?

❏ Have you identified their buying power and buying intent?

❏ Have you identified the right marketing channel to reach your target?

Expert tip: You can reach your target audience through video, blog posts, social media content, white-papers, infographics, eBooks, and contributed articles. Among all of these blog posts, social media content and video are the most effective ways to reach your audience.

Awareness Checklist Level 2 (to solve challenge 2)

❏ Have you identified questions people are having related to telehealth?

❏ Have you identified the best medium to solve their questions?

❏ Have you listed all of their questions with answers on your website?

❏ Have you put extra effort into solving their doubts related to data privacy?

❏ Have you clarified whether your telehealth service is health card covered or not?

❏ Have you solved their doubts related to televisits fees separately?

❏ Does your app have an option for users to talk to customer service executives to solve their doubts instantly?

Expert tip: Rather than hiring a team of customer service executives and pay them a considerable amount integrate the chatbot in the app. The chatbot is capable of answers every question of users instantly and all time.

❏ Has your app been developed so that new users get the tour to major app features or each app window has a separate guide?

❏ Do you release a monthly or weekly newsletter that covers all new doubts of the users?

❏ Do you aim to solve region-wise or user group-wise doubts?

Awareness Checklist Level 3 (to solve challenge 3)

❏ Have you listed out the concerns people have about virtual treatment?

❏ Have you made people aware of the app features doctors have to provide quality care?

❏ Have you made people aware of the healthcare conditions your app can provide treatment for?

❏ Have you listed the short reviews of other users on your website?

❏ Have you listed the long success stories of televisits on your website?

❏ Have you made people aware of the best doctors registered on your telehealth app?

❏ Have you made people aware of the doctor’s onboarding process?

❏ Have you made people aware of how easy it is to talk to a doctor through your app compared to an in-house visit?

❏ Do you make people aware of the number of people who get themselves treated using your telehealth app?

Telehealth App Marketing Best Practices / Strategies

The checklist we discussed itself is handy. However, there are some best practices which are advisable to follow to double the results.

  • In addition to updating the app, you should also keep your website updated.
  • Not only your app but your website should also be SEO friendly.
  • Through all of your marketing channels, try to divert the audience to the app itself.
  • You should keep a separate FAQ section that addresses users’ questions related to data privacy, televisit fees and their health card coverage.
  • In addition to attracting users to use your app, you should also attract doctors to register on your platform.
  • To solve doctors’ doubts, do not rely on chatbots. Instead, hire a professional customer service team.
  • You should update your local listing and boost your Google presence.
  • Always focus on easing the user journey. If a user can solve his problems through your app with minimal effort, time and money, he will bring more 5 users to your app!

We make the best marketing asset ready for you: HIPAA compliant and health cards covered telehealth app.

  • Is this app secure and trustworthy?
  • Does this app cover my health card?

These are the first two things users take into account before moving to your app.

The most crucial things for the success of a telehealth app’s success are HIPAA compliance and health card coverage.

After investing more than 4000 hours of Canada’s best app developers and designs, we have developed the white-label telehealth app, HIPAA compliant. We can easily be customized to provide local health cards-covered telehealth service.

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