Emerging telehealth services to expand healthcare industry trends

4 years ago

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of telehealth and telemedicine. 

Just like the rollercoaster ride the healthcare industry among every other sector of the economy has been facing several ups and downs.

Amidst this pandemic the health is the major concern and the combination of technology in providing healthcare services is the need of an hour.

However, It’s all about the revolutionary changes that occur with innovation in technology. 

O yes!  The emerging technological trends in telehealth and telemedicine makes it more overwhelming for patients. 

1. Outpatient Visits Rebound

The frequent visits to doctors which were made from outpatients were increasing rapidly even before the advent of the virus.

The appointments with physicians from their regular patients saw a downfall after the spread of the virus as the fear of getting infected from the virus is reducing their frequency to consult a doctor in- person.

The routine check-ups with the dermatologists, and other primary care doctors were visited more often before the verge of this pandemic,  while on the other hand the visits made to the cardiologists were quite lower.

As this visit showed a downfall in the beginning of COVID-19. This virus can be considered as one of the main reasons behind the popularity and success of telemedicine apps and services.  

Though the use of telemedicine apps also declined gradually after the month of April.

It is still continuously growing and developing new innovations to deliver health along with best technology.

Some experts are of the opinion that Telemedicine apps provide the best results when a patient needs to get treated for its mental health problems and where there arises no physical needs of the doctors in performing any surgery.

2. CMS Expands Telehealth Services

CMS aka Centers for medicare and medicaid services. CMS has been playing a pivotal role in taking the telehealth industry to the next level.

The agency also officially announced that 11 new telehealth services will be deployed which will include cardiac and pulmonary rehab.

Hell Yes! You heard it right… These services are a step towards reimbursing the medicare which were not fully operational during the pandemic.

Even the physicians will be getting healthy income if they render their services on such a platform.

This agency is also providing funds and support to State Medicaid and Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP) agencies for further expansion of this telehealth industry.

Medicare will take crucial care for the payment of 144 Telehealth services along with other new 11 services which are being delivered continuously during the verge of a pandemic.  

Oh No!  The emergency time period which was expected earlier to get over by 2nd of
October got stretched again for 90 days.

This period has been well prepared by CMS as in the initial phase of this pandemic the  convenience and frequency of installation and uninstallation of telemedicine apps promoted its use and became easily accessible for all the users. 

Even the process of installing a telemedicine app developed few necessary changes in the mid of the summer when everyone got completely locked.

At the time of lockdowns, the dependency and use of telehealth apps kept on increasing. 

Even CMS revealed that more than 34.5 million services got provided to Medicaid and CHIP scions between the lockdown period by telehealth. 

This rapid increase in the use of telehealth apps showed skyrocketing and positive results making it the most booming industry when all the industries faced a shakedown.

It developed a rapid increase among its users with new registrations over 2600 when compared with the previous year.

Adults between the age-groups of 19-64 years experienced most of the medicaid telehealth services along with few changes in its adaptation because of the age and other constraints.

The health conscious individuals began to use telehealth apps in the initial phase but then later on they did not feel any need to continue using it. 

That’s when the use of telehealth apps declined.

3. Virtual Pain Care gets high marks 

The pandemic might have boosted the use of telehealth apps but these apps were also used earlier in the Pre-pandemic period.

The chronic patients and mental health patients got highly satisfied among all the categories of the patients with the use of telemedicine apps.

Even new options are emerging as the patients are provided with an option to pay visits to their physicians or to have a visit in-person  or telehealth visits through AV platforms or by smart devices for their treatments and regular check-ups. 

Approximately, 1400 patients choose telehealth followed by around 2,950 virtual visits in the duration of 7 months declared in a report made by mHEalth intelligence. 

Patients who opted for virtual visits saved around crucial time evading all the waiting time and travelling time to make a visit to the doctor.

The data and services provided by Telehealth can reveal what kind of popularity is being enjoyed by the people with an ease and at the comfort of their homes.

The big giant wave of technology can thrash or bloom the businesses it just needs a right projection to surf through the challenges.

Similarly health with technology is like bread with butter for this year.

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