Telemedicine App Source Code for Web/Mobile App: Launch Your Own Telemedicine App Within 60 Days

10 months ago

When it comes to telemedicine software (for web and mobile), we noticed that there is a lot of effort and time needed to complete a single project.

The reason is the custom app development.

We are not saying that creating a custom app is not a good practice but the thing is, it can cost you money, time, and countless efforts.

As a result, we are providing a telemedicine app source code for both mobile and web applications.

It comes up with customization options and ideal integration with other software like EHR/EMR, HIS, LIS, etc.

You can also perform remote patient monitoring by integrating it with IoT or wearable devices.

To get a better understanding, the following are real-screen images of it along with links to its live demo.

1. Super admin

Telemedicine app GIF for admin side portal
Live demo of admin panel

In which –


Password: Admin@123 

OTP (2-factor auth code): 123456

2. Healthcare professional

Telemedicine app provider side GIF

3. Patient

Telemedicine app patient side GIF
Live demo for patient and provider

Here - the username and password are auto-filled.

(Note: The demo we provided is a telemedicine web app. But we have also launched a mobile version of it. So, as per your need, you can either acquire both or individually.)

An Overview of Our Telemedicine App Source Code

It is pre-written code that you can customize on top of the base as per your needs or launch directly in the market.

For both cases, one thing is common – you’ll not need to reinvent the wheel.

In other words, you can skip 80% of the discovery, documentation, UI/UX, and development process.

The most important thing about our telemedicine source code is, that we have performed usability, QA, and penetration testing on it.

And we repeat those tests every year.

Besides, it is also compliant with the data privacy and security laws like HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA.

How Many Features are There in Our Telemedicine App Source Code?

There is no doubt that telemedicine is rapidly growing.

And to build a competitive edge in the market, it’s more important than ever to focus on a futuristic approach.

So, by combining our healthcare-specific business, technical, and compliance expertise, we came up with the below feature that will work beyond 2030!

Let’s explore it with real-screen images.

Features for the healthcare provider: 

  • Doctor profile
  • Easily access to the patient’ data
  • ePrescription
  • Appointment management system
  • Appointment reminder
  • Medical and sick notes
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Patient appointment history
  • Easy billing feature
  • Payment history
  • Technical support

Telemedicine source code features for the patients:

  • User profile
  • Patients can describe the problems
  • Direct messages to the medical professional
  • Share important information or documents with the doctor
  • Medication tracker and reminder
  • Appointment booking and reminding
  • Easy payment options
  • Review and feedback
  • Appointment history
  • Technical support

Features for master admin:

  • Insightful dashboard
  • Manage patient profile
  • Manage healthcare providers profile
  • Appointment management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Track earnings
  • Manage the availability of the platform
  • Add, view, and manage virtual care services 
  • Set digital records
  • See all the feedback to improve the app and service quality
  • View all the transaction information

Who Can Use Our Telemedicine App Source Code?

Our telemedicine app source code comes up with full flexibility.

Meaning, that you can use it as a doctor, nurse, clinician, or for hospitals and large-scale healthcare organizations.

Following are some of the healthcare areas where you can use our telemedicine app source code.

  • Dentists
  • Nutrition professionals
  • Dermatologists
  • Vets
  • Dietitians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Cardiologist
  • Optometrist

Where Can We Use the Telemedicine Software Source Code?

The telemedicine app source code can assist medical professionals most beneficially due to its future-proof features and ease of access.

The app source code can help – clinics, hospitals, medical management, pediatric treatment, medical emergency, virtual treatment, and chronic disease management.

In addition, integrating other software, such as EHR/EMR, with telemedicine app source code can easily expand the usage of the telemedicine source code.

Can We Integrate Other Software with Telemedicine App Source Code?

Why not?

We have developed the telemedicine app source code that can easily integrate with the EHR/EMR software, LIS, HIS, etc.

The integration can make it easier for medical professionals to understand the patient's condition.

For example, if we integrate the PS Suite EMR with the telemedicine software source code, it can help the medical professional in the below way.

  • Easy billing submission
  • An efficient way to track the patient bill
  • No issues with multiple client billing
  • Quickly deal with government-insured
  • Third-party billing option
  • Patient data access 

Overall, the integration of PS Suite EMR can ease the billing process of healthcare professionals.

Aside from the PS Suite EMR, the EMR/EHR software listed below can be integrated with the telemedicine app source code to provide additional benefits.

  • Oscar EMR
  • MED e-care
  • Cerner
  • Point Click Care

What are the Advantages of Using Telemedicine Software Source Code? 

In a sentence, it’s time, money, and effort-saving.

  • To build a custom telemedicine app, you need a large capital to invest and time-to-window but with our telemedicine app source code, you can reduce time-to-market and cost by up to 90%.
  • You can customize the features as per your requirements.
  • The integration of EHR/EMR with the app source code expands the use cases. 

We Put Healthcare Ideas Into Action with Our Healthcare IT & Business Expertise

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So, let us know your interest. We will help you with our experts, expertise and experience.

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