VoIP for Pharmacy Solution: How Do We Offer You a Premium Phone System at Affordable Price?

2 years ago

Scalability, security, and flexibility! The solid 3 pillars on which we as a health-tech company guarantee the best solutions for your pharmacy’s phone system. 

Now coming straight to the point, 

Why should you invest in a VoIP phone system for your pharmacy with us?

The Voice over Internet Protocol phone system is fast taking over your traditional telephony systems in healthcare. 

Just reading this blog will help you discover how flexible and cost-effective the cloud-based phone systems for pharmacies can be with us.  

  • Availability

VoIP phone system only needs internet. We have helped numerous pharmacies in big cities and rural areas with their phone bills by switching them to VoIP pharmacy phone systems. 

All you have to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest from setting up the phone instrument to advanced features and integrations (IVR systems) designed for your pharmacy.

  • Maintenance and tech fees 

There is no additional hardware to install, maintain, or upgrade with virtual telephony systems. We keep an eye out that your VoIP system is automatically updated with the most recent version of features and will never experience problems due to out-of-date equipment.

And in case you encounter some technical issue we are just a call away. Or if needed our expert officials can drop by whenever you need. 

  • Custom workflow and installation 

As if all the above wasn’t enough, depending upon your pharmacy’s business needs and operational workflows, we design an implementation schedule and plan the routes. 

As we get your setup up and running as soon as possible, and if you have some strict deadlines. No need to worry! We have a skedaddled installation option ready with us. 

  • Compliance 

We have in-house compliance specialists who will provide you guidance to adhere to HIPAA, PIPEDA and PHIPA rules as your VoIP pharmacy phone system may store or record customers’ ePHI information. 

So, you do not have to pay a hefty sum to a compliance consultant from outside. Saving thousands of dollars. 

Asking the right questions

Before we begin the whole VoIP setup process for your pharmacy, we always make sure to address these questions

1. What is the size of your pharmacy? (Requirement of minute based or unlimited plan)

2. What cluster of devices will you be using or need? (Depending on the compatibility of the plan you may need VoIP accessibility on mobile devices/ SIP hard phones/ softphones)

3. Do you have one or multiple pharmacies and locations? (How many contact telephone numbers do you need to port in or add?)

4. How to configure call queue, routing, and voicemails? (we decide based on your activation diagram before deploying it)

VoIP solves problems of pharmacies and pharmacists for good

The problems you will say NO to with our VoIP pharmacy phone system setup service. 

  • Additional administrative staff 

Your pharmacy or pharmacies won’t need extra people doing the same job. With the VoIP phone system setup that we execute, different locations and phones can be managed by one single individual.

  • Pent-up expenses 

Switching to VoIP can save 80% of the communication costs. For pharmacy businesses, VoIP solutions eliminate the need to choose between excellent services and cost-effectiveness.

  • Communication delays 

You do not want to leave your customers unsatisfied with your services. Since it is internet-based customers, physicians’ offices, or your vendors will never hear a busy tone. 

You are always within reach in case of emergencies by answering phone calls from anywhere. Not just the telephonic conversation, the SMS system can also do wonders for your pharmacy’s prescription refill department.

  • Unnecessary business hassle

We are quite connected within the healthcare industry. With our almost decade-long existence we have built quite good connections with healthcare service providers. Getting you the best of deals from companies on your behalf. 

How we helped a Canada-based pharmacy handle growing VoIP demand without extending the budget

We were approached by a pharmaceutical company. They wanted to upgrade their business calling within budget. 

With the requirement of providing affordable, centralized, and scalable VoIP solutions connecting all their sites in such a way that the affordability remains the same even if they plan to expand in the future. 

Additionally, they required an hour and person-based routing for quick delivery service. 

Just so you know. We never back out from a challenge!

As soon as we got in touch with the client and understood all of their requirements. We sent out our teams to different sites for scouting to collect real-time data. 

Sounds quite like a spec-ops mission… Not exactly! But it wasn’t even less than that. 

After the assessment, we put forward multiple execution plans to the client from which we decided the most suitable one. Yes! We believe in teamwork. 

Using our exclusive knowledge, contacts, and experience of working in the healthcare industry, 

we dealt with and got everything arranged and executed on behalf of the client. 

And since 2016 the client has been paying the same amount for VoIP pharmacy phone systems even after expanding the staffing to 15 folds. 

The client does make regular calls to us. But not regarding problems, instead of maintaining the relationship that we built with them. 

To get further detailed insight into how we accomplished the task and roadmaps we used, check out the whole client success story in our case study section.