Grocery delivery near me or Walmart online grocery – experience matters!

6 months ago

Both bicycle manufacturers and private jet manufacturers discuss the same thing in the board meetings - how to provide good customer experience!

Positive customer experience always helps you retain customers. For businesses with high customer footprints such as supermarkets, the customer experience influences the customer’s purchase intent severely.

To take customer experience to another level, grocery stores and supermarkets are adopting technologies and promoting innovation on a large scale.

In fact, the billion-dollar company - Uber - which has introduced a successful ‘on-demand’ business model recently announced to launch a grocery delivery service in Canada after acquiring Postmates for $2.65 billion. [ Techcrunch ]

You will get stunned to know the number of people who are actively looking for online grocery choices in Canada.

After knowing the (estimated) Google search volume of top online grocery related keywords in Canada, you will start calling online grocery delivery the real future, not just the trend!

What people are searching on Google? How many people are searching for it per month?
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This is the reason why you aren’t their choice.

The idea of online grocery delivery isn’t new, so is your way to deliver the customer experience.

You should upgrade your customer experience delivery model. Gone are the days when customers were only looking for affordable items. They are now more concerned for convenience than affordability.

We help all businesses to heighten their customer experience delivery model by utilizing cutting edge technologies and deploying innovation at the core.

To be customers’ first choice, think like Walmart Online Grocery.

Let us make you think like Walmart!

  • Why would customers order groceries online?

1. Convenience

2. Quality

3. Price

4. Entertainment

5. Product

  • How can I address these customer requirements?

1. Convenience:

Build a mobile app, improve the design of the website, actualize easy online payment.

2. Quality:

Let customers validate the quality of the products with reviews.

3. Price:

Discounts, promotions, price comparisons, coupons.

4. Entertainment:

Getting recipe recommendations based on the bought groceries, videos of recipes and promotions for new products.

5. Product:

Better categorization of products, intelligently recommending products.

(Majority) People buying milk buy diapers too. How top supermarkets leverage such buying patterns for remarkable customer experience?

People buy groceries according to their real-life character and characteristics. For instance, if a mother visits a supermarket or orders groceries online, there are possibilities that she would buy milk and diapers together.

Knowing such buying patterns help supermarkets to offer a personalized experience to the customers - they do not need to search again for the diaper after buying milk. This is called real convenience!

However, identifying buying patterns is a daunting task. Top supermarkets use complex data analysis techniques to identify buying patterns out of the large data they have collected. They also build advanced online grocery app which is equipped with an intelligent recommendation engine.

Is it really only an app that makes a supermarket deliver a remarkable experience?

Considering the success of Walmart online grocery app, you might be already planning to develop a grocery app to offer a remarkable user experience.

If you are planning so, you are on the right track. However, you need more than just an app to reach the destination as planned!

  • The app workflow - that drives the customer journey forward - should be your most important consideration. Defining app workflow is the practice of identifying which app page comes after which app page and how all app pages drive the customer journey. Arranging app pages in a disorganized way dramatically affects the app performance, user journey and user experience.
  • The proper IT infrastructure at your grocery store is also a crucial need. Without it, your ground teams cannot process orders efficiently. IT infrastructure includes uninterrupted internet, security solutions, storage options, mobile/computer hardware and VoIP & FoIP solutions.

We are the nerve centre of all IT services and solutions. We not only develop the grocery app but design the app workflow and build & manage the entire IT infrastructure to facilitate you to deliver the ultimate user experience in a true manner.

Grocery shopping is a journey and people hate to take these routes on the grocery shopping app.

The reason for the success of Walmart online grocery app is nothing more than the way the app works. The grocery app should work in such a way that it should forward the customer journey in small fractions that connect with each other at the end of the journey and delight the customer.

You should avoid making these three blunders that affect the customer journey.

  • Don’t wait to reveal the delivery charges on the checkout window. Reveal whether you are offering paid delivery in the early stages of the customer journey. This will build trust.
  • Don’t showcase unnecessary items to the customers. This will boost up their thrill of shopping.
  • Don’t be biased toward a product. Promote transparency by letting customers compare the prices of different products.

Is the fear of failure stopping you? There is a kill switch to get out of the market, safely without losing money - after validating the idea.

After reading so far, if you are thrilled to build the online grocery app but the fear of failure is stopping you, we’ve got a kill switch for you. This kill switch is called MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Minimum Viable Product is the basic version of the app with just enough features to test the market or validate the idea. If your app idea will work, you can scale it up and if it won’t work, you can get out of the market without losing money as the cost of MVP app development is very affordable.

We hope our efforts put in this blog will help you thrive in the grocery business. We are ending this blog with a few questions which you should answer yourself to discover your true potential in terms of technology and business!

  • Why can’t I be the next Walmart online grocery when this blog tells me everything it takes to be a top supermarket?
  • Why should I not develop a full-fledged app before the MVP version?
  • What are the features I should add in the MVP version of the grocery app?
  • Why should my app work on AI and machine learning technologies?
  • How should I create the workflow of the app?
  • How can I aim to improve the efficiency of the ground teams with the grocery app?
  • How can I utilize the app to provide good customer experience to the customers who visit the store?
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